NCAA Lacrosse: Princeton Men’s Lacrosse Releases 2014 Schedule Featuring Hofstra, Johns Hopkins, North Carolina, Penn, Villanova, Yale, Brown, Lehigh, Dartmouth, Harvard And Cornell

Princeton Men's Lacrosse

The Princeton men’s lacrosse team will open its 2014 season Feb. 22, when it hosts Hofstra on Sherrerd Field at Class of 1952 Stadium. The Tigers will play 13 regular-season games, four of which will be televised nationally on ESPN networks.
Princeton will play in venues ranging from an NFL stadium – versus Johns Hopkins in the Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic – and a high school – versus Cornell in the “Battle of Bethpage” at Long Island’s Bethpage High. The game against Hopkins will mark the eighth straight year that Princeton has played at least one game in an NFL stadium; the Cornell game will mark the first time since 1995 that Princeton will play a game at a high school.

Princeton Men's Lacrosse 2014 Schedule

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