NCAA Lacrosse: Lacrosse Magazine Women’s Div I Rankings Features #1 North Carolina Followed By Maryland, Syracuse, Northwestern And Duke

NCAA Women's Lacrosse

NCAA Women

Who’s Hot?
Boston College (+6): It’s early, so adjustments are going to be common at this point as we transition from preseason expectations to on-field results. The Eagles travelled to South Bend, Ind. and served as a not particularly welcome wagon for the Atlantic Coast Conference against Notre Dame, taking a 15-10 win. With few other teams in the second half playing, it made for a big leap this week.
Who’s Not?
Notre Dame (-5): See above
Virginia (-3): Two weeks and two losses for the Cavaliers, who stood pat last week at their preseason ranking after a narrow loss to Northwestern, but slipped this week after Loyola came into Charlottesville and handed them a four goal loss. Things don’t get any easier this week with a visit from No. 3 Syracuse.
Who’s New?
Nobody yet. Louisville dominated Detroit 18-1 and is definitely in the mix, but since no teams ranked below Notre Dame (which came in at No. 11) lost, it’s hard to argue putting them in just yet. Next week should see some potential shuffling.
Dropped Out?
Nobody. As mentioned, few of the second half were playing this week, and those that did either won or lost to another ranked team that makes it hard to argue a case for dropping out of the rankings.

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