2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Elite Men’s Teams Begin Play On July 3 With “The Cage Goes All Out”, “On The Hop Nation/Lacrossewear”, “Brine Elite” And “The Big Green Herd” As Favorites


2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout

The Cage Goes All Out

Key Players: Nick Ossello (Notre Dame), Billy Ward (Syracuse), Tyler German (UVa), Rhody Heller (UVa), Isaac Bock (Penn), Ryan LaPlante (DU), Greg Coholan (UVa), Tanner Ottenbreit (UVa), Peter McCartney (Syracuse), Sean Cannizaro (DU), Zed Williams (UVa)
Team Preview: The 2013 Vail Shootout Champions intend to go All Out again in 2014, with help from Vaught Oil and The Cage Sports (a Colorado born-and-bred lacrosse/hockey store in Grand Junction – http://www.cagesportsco.com). The team’s double-overtime win in the Championship game last year was pretty great lacrosse, and All Out—dressed by The Cage— has once again put together a core group of Colorado natives who each bring a teammate or two from their current college teams (all now honorary Coloradoans!). A rag-tag bunch who have serious fire power when they get serious. All in, All Out!

On the Hop Nation/Lacrossewear

Coaches/Organizers: Paul Landaiche Jr., Clark Mercer
Key Players: Kevin Massa (Bryant ’16); Deemer Class (Duke ’16); Tanner Scales (Virginia ’16); Sergio Perkovic (Notre Dame ’17)
Team Preview: On the Hop Nation / Lacrossewear is in its fourteenth Vail Shootout and has earned a reputation as one of the premier Men’s Elite teams in the nation. Lacrossewear’s team consistently features many of the most highly skilled players in lacrosse, young men who are leaders on the field, in their classrooms and in their communities. The mission is always to maintain a consistent focus on community involvement and philanthropy in addition to academic and athletic endeavors.

Team Lacrossewear decided back in 2005 to expand the scope and the significance of participation in the Shootout by benefiting the American Cancer Society and organizations committed to finding a cure for breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer; they incorporate pink and purple in their uniforms, colors representing cancer awareness, as a visible reminder of their causes. With your support, they can continue their great efforts both on the field and in their local areas, highlighting the impact that we as individuals can have each day on the lives of others. As a team and with their partner organizations, Team On the Hop Nation / Lacrossewear supports health and social services causes and research through contributing to the American Cancer Society and with exposure in events such as the Vail Shootout. Each year is another step closer to a cure!

We are proud to welcome our title sponsor “On the Hop Nation” who is creating an exciting, all-encompassing new movement in the world of sports. They have developed the ultimate online resource for all things sports-related for the student athlete. The team would also like to thank Lacrossewear founder Bo Lamon for his continued partnership and support and for providing the highest quality apparel in the lacrosse industry. They would also like to recognize Tivoli Brewing Company who remains an important Vail partner and a strong supporter of the lacrosse community and this year’s World Games.

Brine Elite

Team Founder: ENS Matt Keller – USNA 2009
Team Managers: Tom Keller (Williams ’80)
Key Players: Attack: Grant Whiteway (UMass ’15), Ryan Danehy (Dartmouth ’06), Mike Maggio (Lasell ’09)
Midfield: Connor Mooney (UMass ’14), Randy Fraser (Springfield ’90), Andrew Sokol (UMass ’15), Nick Maggio (Merrimack ’12)
Defense: Sam Mayes (Pheiffer ’10), Jordan Hendry (Denver ’10)
Goal: Mike Levin (Brown ’04), Chris Hettler (Colgate ’02)
Team Preview: This year’s Brine Elite squad will look to build on its two straight trips to the final four of the Men’s Elite Division. The rarified air of Vail left the team eager to compete for the title once again. Some of the best players to ever play in the BRINE Elite Summer Lacrosse League make up about half of the roster. The other half has a distinct Colorado flavoring. With this melting pot of lacrosse talent, the team really looks forward to the 4th of July and the Vail Shootout.

Thanks go out to our sponsors for their continued support; BRINE and the BRINE Elite Lacrosse League.

Our thoughts and prayers are always with the people serving to protect our country, especially the members of Riverine Squadron 3, USN.

The Big Green Herd

Coaches/Organizers: Ryan O’Connor, Brad Heritage
Key Players: Trey Wilkes (M, Ohio State, 2009); Kyle Menendez (D, Stevenson, 2011); Mike Novosel (G, Dartmouth, 2010); Sean Doyle (A, Bucknell, 2016)
Team Preview: The Big Green Herd is back again in 2014 determined to overcome the disappointment of coming up just short in last year’s semifinal game. Once again, our team is made up of a strong core of current and former players from Dartmouth College and Bucknell University, rounded out by family and friends, who have excelled at all levels of the game. With an experienced and seasoned defense, led by savvy veterans Ryan O’Connor and Michael DeGuzman, and backstopped by net minder Mike Novosel, goals should be hard to come by for the Herd’s opponents.
Offensively, the BGH has very capable playmakers in attackmen Todd Heritage, Sean Doyle, and Mike Olentine, while the presence of Nick Bonacci, Cam Lee, Kyle Shanahan, and Peter Burke from the midfield stripe should put serious pressure on opposing defenses. Our squad prides itself on making plays on and off the field with respect and high integrity.

The Big Green Herd is powered by Motive Pure and styled by Kind Design. Finally, we’d like to thank the Vail Shootout organizers and staff for their tireless efforts in making this tournament such a huge success.

Adrenaline Tropics

Organizers: Jono Zissi & Maria Brooks
No information was available at press time.

Rocky Mountain Oysters
Coach/Organizer: Logan Bobzien
Key Players: Ben Brown (G, Whittier); Ryan Parietti (A, Penn); Bryce Parietti (A, Denver); Jack Bobzien (A, Denver); Brian Kormondy (M, Delaware); Chace Calkin (M, Denver); Taylor Young (M, Denver); Drew Babb (D, Denver); Mitch Boh (D, Air Force); Ryan Cunningham (D, Loyola)
Team Preview: The RM Oysters are excited once more to be a part of the Vail Tournament. With a mixture of talent from within and without Colorado they are looking to make it the most memorable yet. Ben Brown returns as the anchor in net with a deep, athletic, experienced defense in front of him from DU, Loyola, Air Force, and CSU. The midfielders and attack match the play of the defense and then some. Ryan Parietti, Taylor Young, Chace Calkin, and Brian Kormondy have been playing together since elementary school. Their chemistry on field automatically spreads to the rest of the team. With a smoke machine and mirrors in tow, a fun sponge or two, OX, belly flops, and brooms, no matter what this team will bring the energy and compete over the four days.

Most importantly – we could not be more excited to welcome the competitors from across the World in preparation for the World Games. We hope their experience in Vail is as memorable as ours and keeps them coming back for years to come.

Millennium Chiefs

Key Players: Brendan Caputo (M- Brown), John Baker (D- Colgate), Bailey Tills (M- Brown), Peter Conley (A- Georgetown), Jordan Friedman (LSM- Colgate)
Team Preview: The Millennium Chiefs are back and are a dangerous squad based out of Colorado, and are constructed of D1 and D3 players. The slick attack and devastating midfield will be what carries the Chiefs team. Many of the players are on the same team in college or they have played together since a very young age – the chemistry is going to be scary. Millennium is confident that they are going to make some noise and turn heads this year at the Shootout.

Millennium would like to thank our sponsors Flavors and D H Friedman Properties for their support!

The LOFers

Coach and Organizer: By Committee
Key Players: Pat Berry (Goalie, Saint Leo University), Pat Young (Midfield, UMBC), Matt Obermeyer (Attack, Saint Leo University), Justin Dunn (Defense, Goucher), Tyler Baruch (Midfield, University of Colorado)
Team Preview: Representing the Lacrosse Outreach Foundation (LOF), the LOFers again return to Vail, CO for another run at the title. Will this be the year?

Special thanks to Ted and Nancy Baruch and the rest of the Lacrosse Outreach Foundation, we appreciate all of their support, and appreciate what they have done and continue to do for the lacrosse community in CO.

Jammin’ Salmon

Coach: Justin Porter
Key Players: Alex Love (A – Hobart College), Torin Varn (A – Hofstra), Mike Malave (M – Hofstra), Bobby DeWees (GettysBurg), Brett Neal (D – NYIT), Andrew Newbold (D – Sacred Heart), & Andrew Gvodzen (G – Hofstra)
Team Preview: The Jammin’ Salmon are back, and ready for 2014! This years “school” is a mix of collegiate standouts and the return of some ol’friends to add experience, as the “Fish” look to swim back into title contention!

A high powered attack will provide scoring upfront, with All-American Alex Love, accompanied by Torin Varn & Dalston Day! A tough midfield of 2-Way players will angle their way in-between the lines, with new addition Mike Malave! Defensively, big fins; Andrew Newbold and Brett Neal will anchor the fish down bottom!

Special Thanks to our sponsor Allied Solutions (FL) – thanks TK! Also, thanks to BackCountry Brewery (CO) for their donations/support & last but not least; BreakAway Sports Lacrosse (Jeff Serge) http://www.breakawaylacrosse.com.

Steve French

Coaches: Brian Leistikow & Steve Louro
Key Players: Corey Johnson (Middie, Western New England), Connor Saller (Middie, UNC), Aaron Harris (Defenseman, Western New England), Matt Kramer (Defenseman, DU)
Team Preview: Steve French is back for a 4th year. After three years under the team name Southern Combat Americans, the team is hoping with a new name there will be an added element of success. Made up of guys from Western New England, Hampden Sydney, and other Division 1, 2, 3 and MCLA clubs, Steve French is ready to be better than their teams of the past. A special thanks to our sponsor PGP Benefits.

Motive Pure

Coaches/Organizers: Dylan Davie
Key Players: Blake Knobloch (Jacksonville), Nic Bevaqua (Stevenson), Parker Jackson (USAF), Jack Stebbins (Colgate), Jake Gonzalez (Drexel), Drew Stormo (Dennison), Grey Ritger (Colorado College), Jason Cleary (Washington and Lee).
Team Preview: Team Motive Pure is heading up to Vail with a crew of studs ready to represent the rehydration formula we love. We have a tried and true attack, a stacked midfield and a tight-knit D, which we hope will lead us through some spirited battles. Remember, stay hydrated… Absorb and Conquer.

Warrior X

Coaches and Organizers: Tom Conrad, Craig Haynes
Team Preview: These are Colorado Boys. Warrior X is made up primarily of Arapahoe High School Alumni (Centennial Colorado) who played on the 2009, 2012 and 2013 Colorado State 5A Championship Lacrosse teams. The team is complemented with additional players from other premier Colorado programs of those eras including Cherry Creek, Mountain Vista and Fort Collins Unified. Many of the players have played with or against each other since grade school and continue to play with or against each other for CU, CSU and Northern Colorado. Others are playing for Division II and Division III programs and have brought along some friends most notably from D-III power house Rochester Institute of Technology.

Uniforms designed and produced by Breakaway Sports to honor the Warrior spirit in all Lacrosse Players.

Team Gutman

Organizers: Jeff Begin and Skyler Hopkins
Key Players: Nate Gaudio (G – Middlebury College ’14), Ned Dilisio (D – Middlebury College ’13), Nick Stevens (M – Middlebury College, ’11)
Team Preview: Team Gutman returns to Vail to follow up their heralded 2013 performance of 3-1 overall for a strong 17th place finish and unofficial “Champions of Edwards” title. Between the pipes, they have Nate Gaudio, fresh off a 1st Team All-NESCAC performance in his final year at Middlebury, to anchor the defense. He is joined by former defensive standout Ned Dilisio, and his younger brother Gary Dilisio, whose off-season training regimen has set a new gold standard for all former panthers. Though he was unable to make it this year, Chris Teves will serve as the spiritual leader of the Gutman squad in absentia – his persistence in the face of adversity and “do whatever it takes” attitude will be sorely missed. Fortunately Nick Stevens (Middlebury ’11) has come out of retirement to carry on his legacy in the Midfield. Proudly sporting uniforms featuring the unmistakable grin of their beloved Peter Kohn – the team’s namesake and former Head Coach / Hydration Specialist / Motivational Speaker / Chewing Gum Aficionado / Lead Singer / Railroad Expert – Gutman is proud to continue its tradition at the Vail Shootout and is looking forward to another year of choir practice on the village shuttle. Cheer Boys Cheer!

Prestige Lacrosse Club

Coach and Organizer: Greg Sprenzel
Key Players: Peter DeFinis (Drexel ’02), Ryan Knautz (Adrian ’11), Ben Sataloff (Washington College ’13), Ben Weisz (Colorado ’11)
Team Preview: Nachos, lemon heads and my Dad’s boat…Prestige is back! Our goalies Mitchell Fenton and Michael Grinnell will be our backstop to our defense with James Miller leading the crew. Running midfield and taking our draws this year will be Ben Sataloff and Tyler Padzik. Our attack will be stronger than ever and yes, Ryan Knautz will be healthy this year. Pull up your anchor ’cause we’re leaving dry land.

Rock-it Pocket Pirates

Coaches and Organizers: Kyle Gies, Flip Naumburg
Team Preview: The Rock-it Pocket Pirate Team coordinator Kyle Gies (CSU LSM 2013) explains, “This team is made up of past CSU lacrosse players that wanted to bring together one team for the mid-Summer, 4th of July Vail Lacrosse Shootout.”

This self-proclaimed gang of ship raiders will be led on offense by Cooper Kehoe (CSU First Team MCLA AA 2011), and the lacrosse smart, attack active Austin Fisher (CSU MCLA First team AA 2013). The Pirate offensive movement should get a power boost from Wilkins Desmuke, a prolific high school scorer from Colorado currently playing DI lacrosse in Baltimore as a Blue Jay at Johns Hopkins. The defense will deploy the “All hands on deck” CSU Team Defensive approach, led by the fair-haired Tyler Zabor (CSU 2013), one of the best ever to carry a ’green and gold pole’. First Team 2014 MCLA All-American Defenseman Tim Miaskiewicz (CSU 2014) will provide a solid presence inside and out in the collective effort to keep the ball out of and away from our goal. First Team 2014 MCLA All American Goalie Jack Regan (CSU 2014) and Koltin Fatzinger (CSU 2014) will be anchoring the defense, standing tall at the front of our net.

The Pirates hope to hi-jack a few face offs with former CSU and MCLA standout Dan Warfield (CSU 2013) groveling for balls at the midline X. Matthew Jui (CSU 2012) heads up a list of ’transition’ middies, complimented by the likes of Alex Devlin.

The Pirates want to thank Coach Flip Naumburg, Mike Naumburg, and Rock-it Pocket for helping to make this 2014 Vail Family happen.

The Sharks

Coaches and Organizers: Glenn Meredith, Peter Brown, Murray Keen, Rod Ansell, Phil Ackland
Key Players: John Tokarua, Call Robinson, Keith Nyberg, Callum Mortimer, Ross Hamilton, Brad Sheldon, Andrew Ham, Warren Brown, Tom Vickery, David Gal, Luke Keesing, Stephen Mortimer, Ben Newman, Nigel Morton, Will Pickett, Tom Freeman, Anson Carter, Sam Bullock, Marty Hyde, James Lawerson, Chris Plumb, Matt Fuss, Nathan Stiglich, Alex Brown, Thomas Graham and Matt Diver.
Team Preview: The Sharks are taking a bite out of Vail for the first time and look forward to getting amongst it in the thin air of the beautiful Rockies, a solid mixture of youth of experienced players from all over the place brings a unique style of lax and skill to one of the World’s best tournaments.


New Zealand National Team

Coaches and Organizers: Robert Macaluso, Jim Kaspar, Roger Snow, Jeremy Rualo, Gavin Higgins
Key Players: Andrew Clayton (A- Chapman University), Nick Ravenhall (F/O Oslo Legends), Toby Delamore (M – New England College), Eddie Roberts (M – Oregon State), Jeremy Kinkaid (M- Eastern Cheifz), Alex Pritzlaff (D – Hampden Sydney)
Team Preview: New Zealand is making its first appearance in the Vail Shootout and will be looking to find its form in preparation for the Denver World Games. The team will look to find its groove on offense with a lot of new faces to the team. Team veteran Face/Off Specialist and vocal leader, Nick Ravenhall will look to control the X for his country in what will be his last national team campaign. Leading a group of young guns looking to make their mark are Jeremy Kinkaid (M) and John Clayton (A). Team NZ will look to its veteran defensive unit for leadership anchored by brothers John and Alex Pritzlaff.

Team New Zealand would like to thank all of their fans and supporters with special thanks to Nike Lacrosse, STX and Lids Team Sports for their generous support.

Israel National Team

Coaches and Organizers: Bill Beroza (HC), Jeff Goldberg (AC), Mark Greenberg (AC), Eric Wolf (AC), Pete Ginnegar (AC), Howard Borkan (GM), Jon Barocas (Dir Ops)
Key Players: Matthew Cherry (F – Dickinson, #3), Casey Cittadino (M – Charlotte Hounds #5), Jacob Silberlicht (M – Hobart #7), Lee Coppersmith (M – Florida Launch, #23), Ari Sussman (F – Dartmouth, #33), Noach Miller (F – Vermont, #41)
Team Preview: From one of the lowest points on earth—near the Dead Sea—to one of the highest here in Vail, the Israel men’s national team is getting acclimated to the altitude and making their final preparations for the World Championships. The blue-and-white must trim their roster from 35 down to their final 23-man FIL-regulation squad, with competitions at several key positions. Team Israel boasts some serious firepower on attack (they actually call them “forwards” in the Middle East) with former pro Ari Sussman and company, as well as a smattering of current and former MLL stalwarts at every position. While half the squad is Israel-based, two players in particular – native Israeli prospects Benor Buniel and Yotram Drori—will be gaining immense experience, and you can expect Team Israel to get them, and others from the Jewish State plenty of action.

The Israel Lacrosse Association would like to express a big “Todah Rabah” (thank you!) to EL AL Airlines, STX, Taglit-Birthright, JCC Denver, Rock-it Pocket, Abu-Hassan Restaurant, and countless other dedicated organizations and individuals for their support.

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