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“The Changing Climate Of College Recruiting” By Tom Kovic Of Victory Collegiate Consulting

The changing climate of college recruiting

By Tom Kovic

College athletics has changed dramatically over the past 20 years and coaches are under tremendous pressure to achieve two important goals: 1) Win and 2) Drive program revenue upward. The one directly affects the other. Alumni will enthusiastically support a winning team, but the opposite is also true. The changing climate of college athletics has had direct impact on the recruitment of prospective student-athletes and with that, a dramatic shift in organizing and managing student-athlete strategies in registering early and effectively on the radar of college coaches.

Recruitment is essential for college coaches to maximize future team advancement. This is achieved through active cultivation of strong relationships with high school and club coaches, prospects and their families. College coaches use many recruiting tools at their disposal, while abiding by strict NCAA rules and regulations.

Twenty years ago, the majority of prospective student-athletes were simply “found” and the volume of identifiable athletes was very manageable. Nowadays and with the surge of private sport clubs, the college recruiting arena has grown to gothic proportions and with increased competitiveness.

Decades ago, college prospects could comfortably launch their recruiting effort during the junior year in high school. Now, and especially with the increased popularity of verbal offers of athletic scholarships and admission to select, non-scholarship college options, prospects need to kick start the recruiting process as early as the ninth grade.

Fast Forward
A good college coach will offer truthful and honest information regarding the university and the chances the prospect has as a potential team member and a scholarship athlete. He will work diligently to avoid gray areas, especially where it involves athletic scholarship and, in the case of non-scholarship schools, the prospects chances in Admissions. Through the use of skillful contacts, the college coach will attempt to cultivate a relationship that will hopefully result in matching a prospect with his or her institution in a mutually benefiting experience.

Likewise, a productive family effort will be well-planned and impeccably executed. It will involve a team approach that should consist of the following players: parents, prospect, high school/club coach, college advisor, guidance counselor and personal mentor. Each team player will have a specific role to play in order to ensure the prospect’s best chance in navigating the college search with success.

Advance goals should be set with clarity, purpose, and assist in the organizational structure of the recruiting process. The well-prepared approach will, in the end, have the best chance of achieving success.

The Verbal Offer
The verbal commitment is one where a Coach and a prospect agree there is a proper and mutual fit scholastically and athletically with the prospect and the institution. In many cases, there is an offer of athletic aid (scholarship), or in some cases, support by the Coach in admissions. The verbal commitment is a “gentleman’s agreement.” An old fashion handshake where both party’s offer their word to remain committed through either the signing of The National Letter of Intent or offer of admissions.

The verbal offer is “open ended” and a common question that prospects and parents have is “Can we back out of the agreement?” And the answer is yes. That said it is important to realize the flip side of the coin and although it is less likely, college coaches can back out of a verbal commitment, especially if the prospect shows a lack of progress on the field or in the classroom.

Tactical Approach
A knowledgeable consumer will have a clear edge over the general population in the pursuit of the attainment of any worthy product. I believe that the same holds true in the college search and that it is the obligation of the family to make every effort to make a commitment to accumulate pertinent information regarding this process and to execute well-designed plans.

Information is critical to the successful organization of any worthy project. Building a college recruiting information base can begin as early as the middle school years as a family hobby and increasingly grow into a highly organized, disciplined project by the beginning of the sophomore year in high school.

Begin by gathering information on potential college choices, including team and coach profiles, statistics, ranking, and academic standards. Continue to update and maintain selected e-files on your favorite college programs.

The college search for athletes has radically transformed during the past 20 years to a level where prospects need to maintain an accelerated pace with college coaches. It is a process that begins much earlier than most families realize and therefore a proactive approach to organizing early for the college search becomes essential in reaching your college goals.

College recruiting is both exciting and daunting. It requires a disciplined and yet flexible approach, especially when timelines get tight and situations become challenging. Active and regular communication is vital and the successful prospect will build mutually strong and respectful relationships with college coaches in an effort to identify and secure the ideal college match.

Tom Kovic is a former Division I college coach and the current director of Victory Collegiate Consulting, where he provides individual advisement for families in navigating the college recruiting process. For further information visit:

College Lacrosse Recruiting: “5 Essential Steps For College Recruits” By Tom Kovic

5 Essential Steps for College Recruits

By Tom Kovic

If you’re an athlete being recruited by colleges, the process can be stressful and choosing the right school can be difficult. Not only do you have to like the school, but the school has to like you. It may sound simple, but finding the perfect situation can be elusive. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the stress and increase the ease of the recruiting process. Here are 5 essential recruiting steps to help you with your college search.

1. Determine Potential Fits

Everyone has an idea of his or her perfect college experience. Identifying what you’re looking for in a school should be one of your first steps. Self-awareness is a powerful tool, and determining what most appeals to you about the college experience is critically important. Meet with your family to list your criteria—e.g., academic strength, level of athleticism, geographic location, size of undergraduate population. This will help you create your initial college list.

Research a small but equal number of D-I, II and III colleges and their sports programs. Read about each team’s level of success and dig into a few player profiles to evaluate their level of skill and athleticism. Take into account the school’s conference and the strength of their schedule. Finding the right class of competition for your skill level will lead to a more fulfilling college experience.

2. Identify Your Position of Strength

Do you want to use your strength as an athlete to gain an athletic scholarship, or do you want to leverage your athletic ability to get accepted to an academically select institution?

Just over 25 percent of college athletes qualify for athletic scholarships, and the competition is fierce. College coaches use simple strategies when recruiting prospects, and scholarship athletes are typically immediate impact, blue-chip players.

Coaches from certain conferences or divisions (such as the Ivy League) use slightly different formulas for rating potential prospects. The evaluation begins in the classroom, not on the field. Those schools seek academic information (such as transcripts, high school profiles and standardized test scores) to help them compute a rough “admissions index.” Once prospects pass this hurdle, coaches aggressively begin their athletic evaluation.

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3. Know the NCAA Rules and Procedures

Understand and embrace the NCAA’s recruiting rules. Visit the NCAA Resources page to preview the recruiting manuals for each division and devote time to the chapters on recruiting, eligibility and financial aid.


Your high school athletic director can provide you with an easy-to-understand, scaled-down version of the NCAA rules. He or she should also have experience working with former high school athletes who went on to play in college, so feel free to lean on your AD as a resource for information and insight.

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4. See the Big Picture

Your athletic career is only one part of a broader collegiate experience. It’s important to look beyond athletics when assessing schools that can prepare you for your professional field of interest.

Some “non-athletic-scholarship schools” can, in many cases, still offer significant financial assistance. It’s important for you, your family and your high school advisors to clearly understand the role of the college coach in this process and make every effort to develop a sincere and strong working relationship with him or her.

5. Communicate

Once you identify the colleges you are interested in, make an effort to communicate with the right people as early as possible. College coaches have clear restrictions to when and where they may contact recruits and their families, but you and your family may call or email a coach early in the recruiting process, with very few exceptions.

Sending a letter of introduction accompanied by a profile is a great way to begin, but it’s important to follow up regularly with significant updates that have “grip,” such as competition results, statistics and academic updates. If you practice “proactive persistence” with respect, you can a grab a college coach’s attention.

Learn more about how to maximize your communication with college coaches.

Nike/US Lacrosse West Region High School Girls Top 10: #1 Amador Valley, Air Academy, Cherry Creek, Lake Oswego And West Linn

May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014

1. Amador Valley (Calif.), 20-1

As the top seed, the Dons rolled to the North Coast Section Division I title. Amador Valley dominated California (Calif.), 17-4, in the semifinals and then dropped Carondelet (Calif.) in the final, 8-6. It was the second time this season the Dons beat Carondelet this season, winning a 7-6, 5 OT thriller in April.

2. Air Academy (Colo.), 17-2

The Kadets won the Colorado state championship with an 11-10 victory over Cherry Creek (Colo.). McEllen McDonough had a hat trick, while Natalie Berg and Emily Trousil each finished with two goals. Jaycee Davis finished with 17 saves.

3. Cherry Creek (Colo.), 12-7

Cherry Creek fell short of winning its 11th Colorado state title, falling 11-10 to Air Academy in the final. Still, it was an impressive run for the Bruins, who used their playoff experience to make another impressive run. Olivia List had a game-high four goals for the Bruins.

4. Lake Oswego (Ore.), 20-1

The Lakers won their third Oregon state championship in the past four years with a dominant 11-5 victory over defending champion West Linn (Ore.). Madeline Reece led Lake Oswego with three goals, avenging a loss to the Lions in last year’s state final.

5. West Linn (Ore.), 17-2

The Lions fell short in their bid to defend their Oregon State title, falling to rival Lake Oswego in the final. West Linn defeated Lake Oswego, 19-13 in last year’s state final. The teams split their regular season games.

6. St. Ignatius (Calif.), 11-7

The Wildcats closed out the regular season with an 8-6 victory over Carondelet (Calif.). St. Ignatius avenged an earlier 11-7 loss to the Cougars on April 2. All of the Wildcats’ losses were to ranked teams in the West region or out-of-state programs that hover around the national rankings.

7. Carondelet (Calif.), 13-4

The Cougars got by Marin Catholic (Calif.) in the North Coast Section semifinals, 9-6, setting up a second meeting with No. 1 Amador Valley, where they fell just short, 8-6. Still, the Cougars had another impressive season with two of their losses coming against out-of-state powers Bishop Ireton (D.C.) and Milton (Ga.).

8. Marin Catholic (Calif.) 22-3

The Wildcats had their season end in the North Coast section semifinals with a tough, 9-6 loss to Carondelet. Nonetheless, Marin Catholic had another solid campaign, suffering just three losses — falling twice to Carondelet and once to top-ranked Amador Valley.

9. Centaurus (Colo.), 16-2

The Warriors had another impressive campaign earning the top seed in the Colorado state playoffs. However, Centaurus had its season end in the semifinals with a 12-11 loss to perennial power Cherry Creek.

10. Acalanes (Calif.), 16-6

The Dons defended their North Coast section Division 2 title with a 21-9 victory over Piedmont (Calif.). Chloe Landry led Acalanes with seven goals, while Katie Fellner scored five. Acalanes was dominant throughout the playoffs, outscoring its opponents 62-15 in three games.

News and Notes

Air Academy quietly put together one of the most impressive seasons in the West region. Centaurus held the region’s top ranking for several weeks and Chatfield (Colo.) finished the regular season undefeated, but Air Academy simply got better every game. The Kadets were playing their best lacrosse in the playoffs and handed Chatfield its only loss of the season in the semifinals. Air Academy then passed its final test by winning the Colorado state championship with an 11-10 victory over Cherry Creek. McEllen McDonough had a hat trick, while Natalie Berg and Emily Trousil each finished with two goals. Jaycee Davis finished with 17 saves. It was the Kadets third title since 2009. What was even more impressive is that Air Academy lost its leading scorer, Natalie Berg, early in the game with a leg injury.


Amador Valley got over the hump this season, knocking off rival Carondelet, 8-6, to win its second North Coast Section Division I championship in California. The Dons fell to Carondelet in the final the past two seasons. Andrea Arden, Jackie Gilbert and Evan Murphy each had two goals for Amador Valley, which finished the season 22-1. Allie Decar had four saves for the Dons.

Nike/US Lacrosse West Region High School Girls Top 10: #1 Amador Valley, Air Academy, Cherry Creek, Lake Oswego And West Linn

May 20, 2014

May 20, 2014

1. Amador Valley (Calif.), 20-1

The Dons are the top seed in the North Coast Section playoffs and are prohibitive favorite to win the title. Amador Valley took another step toward that goal with 19-8 victory over Monte Vista-Danville (Calif.) in the quarterfinals. The Dons play California (Calif.) in the next round.

2. Air Academy (Colo.), 16-2

The Kadets handed Chatfield (Colo.) its only loss of the season, 22-8, in the Colorado state semifinals. Kaley Holmes led the way with five goals. Air Academy takes on Cherry Creek (Colo.) for the title on May 21.

3. Cherry Creek (Colo.), 12-6

The Bruins are the perennial power in Colorado and advanced to the title game by upsetting top-seeded Cenaturus (Colo.), 12-11 in the semifinals. Cherry Creek plays Air Academy in the final, which they beat in last year’s semifinal en route to the state title.

4. Lake Oswego (Ore.), 16-1

The top-seeded Lakers play Oregon Episcopal (Ore.) in the Oregon state semifinals May 19 after an impressive run through the regular season. Lake Oswego’s only loss this season is to West Linn (Ore.), also a semifinalist. The Lakers won the rematch against West Linn 11-10.

5. West Linn (Ore.), 14-1

The second-seeded Lions are the defending Oregon champions and will play Sunset Metro (Ore.) on May 19 for a spot in the title game once again. West Linn beat Sunset 20-9 in their regular season matchup. The Oregon state title game is scheduled for May 21.

6. St. Ignatius (Calif.) 11-7

The Wildcats closed out the regular season with an 8-6 victory over Carondelet (Calif.). St. Ignatius avenged an earlier 11-7 loss to the Cougars on April 2. All of the Wildcats’ losses were to ranked teams in the West region or out-of-state programs that hover around the national rankings.

7. Carondelet (Calif.), 13-4

The Cougars, the No. 2 seed in the North Coast Section playoffs, knocked off San Ramon Valley (Calif.), 8-4, in the quarterfinals. Carondelet now plays Marin Catholic (Calif.) for a spot in the title game.

8. Marin Catholic (Calif.) 21-2

The Wildcats opened the North Coast Section playoffs. with a 21-7 victory over Dougherty Valley (Calif.) as the third seed. Marin Catholic then escaped Granite Bay (Calif.), 13-12 in the quarterfinals. The Wildcats face Carondelet in the semis.

9. California (Calif.), 15-3

The Grizzlies advanced to the North Coast Section semifinals with a convincing 14-8 victory over Novato (Calif.). California now must contend with No. 1 Amador Valley for a spot in the title game.

10. Centaurus (Colo.), 16-1

The Warriors, the top seed in the Colorado state playoffs, dropped Colorado Academy (Colo.) in the quarterfinals with Ellie Meyer leading the way with five goals. Centaurus then fell to Cherry Creek 12-11 in the semifinals as Olivia Holmes potentially game-tying shot in the post in the final seconds.

News and Notes

Cherry Creek has won six of the past eight state titles in Colorado. So, even after having an up-and-down regular season, the fifth-seeded Bruins were the team no one wanted to face in the playoffs. Those fears were justified as Cherry Creek (12-6) eliminated fourth-seeded Arapahoe (Colo.) and top-seeded Centaurus, 12-11, to reach the title game against Air Academy. Blair Sisk scored the game-winner with just over a minute left in regulation in the Centaurus win. The Kadets have been equally impressive in the postseason as the No. 3 seed and handed No. 2 Chatfield its only loss of the season, 22-8 in the semifinals. Air Academy also has previous success in the state tournament, having won titles in 2009 and 2012. The teams did not play in the regular season. The Bruins have played in the state championship game every year since the league was started in 1998.


Nike/US Lacrosse West Region High School Girls Top 10: #1 Centaurus Followed By Amador Valley, Chatfield, Lake Oswego And West Linn

May 13, 2014

May 13, 2014

1. Centaurus (Colo.), 14-1

The Warriors are the No. 1 seed in the Colorado playoffs and beat Regis Jesuit (Colo.), 17-5, in the second round. Centaurus now takes on Colorado Academy (Colo.) in the quarterfinals as it seeks a second straight trip to the state title game.

2. Amador Valley (Calif.), 19-1

The Dons won their 18th straight victory by knocking off Foothill-Pleasanton (Calif.), 20-4, to win the EBAL. Amador Valley now enters the North Coast Section playoffs as a prohibitive favorite to win a state title as the top seed.

3. Chatfield (Colo.), 15-0

After getting a first-round by as a No. 2 seed in the playoffs, the Chargers ran by Rampart (Colo.), 14-12 in the second round. Chatfield now plays a 13-2 Denver East (Colo.) team in the quarterfinals as it seeks to continue its spectacular run.

4. Lake Oswego (Ore.), 16-1

The Lakers knocked off Oregon City (Ore.), 17-3, to maintain their impressive run. Lake Oswego then closed out the regular season with a 15-0 victory over Lakeridge (Ore.) and appear to be on a collision course for a third meeting with West Linn (Ore.) after splitting the regular season series.

5. West Linn (Ore.), 14-1

The Lions closed out the regular season with an 18-0 victory over St. Mary’s (Ore.). West Linn gears up for the playoffs as it seeks to defend its state championship.

6. St. Ignatius (Calif.) 11-7

The Wildcats closed out the regular season with an 8-6 victory over Carondelet (Calif.). St. Ignatius avenged an earlier 11-7 loss to the Cougars on April 2. All of the Wildcats’ losses were to ranked teams in the West region or out-of-state programs that hover around the national rankings.

7. Carondelet (Calif.), 13-4

After dropping a tight, 8-6 decision to No. 6 St. Ignatius, the Cougars closed out the regular season with a 12-8 victory over a solid California High School (Calif.) team, which entered the game 13-3. Carondelet is the No. 2 seed in the North Coast Section playoffs.

8. Marin Catholic (Calif.) 20-2

The Wildcats opened the week with a 16-6 victory over University High School (Calif.) and was the top seed in the MCAL. Marin Catholic then beat second-seeded Novato (Calif.) 13-6 for the championship. Marin Catholic only losses on the season were to No. 2 Amador Valley and No. 7 Carondelet.

9. Air Academy (Colo.), 13-2

The Kadets are the No. 3 seeds in the Colorado state tournament and earned a first round bye. Air Academy used the time off well by dominating Heritage/Littleton (Colo.), 19-2, in the second round. The Kadets take on a tough No. 6 seed Kent Denver (Colo.) in the quarterfinals, which they beat 9-6 in the regular season opener.

10. Arapahoe (Colo.), 12-3

The Warriors are the fourth seed in the Colorado state playoffs and beat Mullen (Colo.) 14-6 in the second round. Arapahoe advanced to play perennial power and defending champion Cherry Creek (Colo.) in the quarterfinals.


The Colorado playoffs got underway last week and all of the traditional powers advanced to the quarterfinals. Top-seeded Centaurus rolled by Regis Jesuit (Colo.) 17-5 and play Colorado Academy in the quarterfinals. Should Centaurus advance, it would play the winner of Arapahoe/Cherry Creek in the semifinals. Cherry Creek is the defending state champion and appears to be playing its best lacrosse. On the other side of the bracket, second-seeded Chatfield remained undefeated with a hard-fought, 14-12 victory over Rampart. They take on Denver East in the quarterfinals. The winner of that game advances to the semifinals against the winner of No. 3 Air Academy and No. 6 Kent Denver. This is one of the deepest fields in the history of the tournament.


The brackets for the North Coast section playoffs were unveiled and Amador Valley, which is 19-1 on the season, got the top seed in Division I. The Dons got a first round bye and play the winner of Monte Vista (Calif.) and Davis (Calif.) in the second round May 16 or 17. Carondelet got the second seed and will play the winner of San Ramon Valley (Calif.) and Northgate (Calif.) also over the weekend. In Division II, Acalanes (Calif.) (13-6) earned the top seed and plays the winner of Sir Francis Drake (Calif.) and Cardinal Newman (Calif.) in the second round. Piedmont (Calif.) (15-1) is the second seed and will play Bishop O’Dowd (Calif.) (9-9) in the second round.

Nike/US Lacrosse West Region High School Girls Top 10: #1 Centaurus Followed By Amador Valley, Chatfield, Lake Oswego And West Linn

May 6, 2014

May 6, 2014

1. Centaurus (Colo.), 14-1
The Warriors overcame a 9-4 halftime deficit against Arapahoe (Colo.) to pull out a 13-12 victory. Sarah Myers led the way with four goals, while Katherine Burns and Andrea Kim each recorded a hat trick. The Warriors closed out the regular season with a victory over Thunder Ridge (Colo.) and are the top seed for the playoffs.

2. Amador Valley (Calif.), 18-1
The Dons boosted their winning streak to eight games with a 10-9 victory over St. Ignatius (Calif.) and a 18-3 win over California High (Calif.). Amador Valley closes out the regular season May 9 against Foothill-Pleasanton (Calif.).

3. Chatfield (Colo.), 15-0
The Chargers completed the season undefeated with a 16-4 victory over Columbine (Colo.). Rachel Walker led the way with six goals and three assists, while Shelby Piper also had four goals. Chatfield now looks to keep the momentum heading into the playoffs.

4. Lake Oswego (Ore.), 14-1
The Lakers continued their impressive run and handed Washington State rival Lake Sammamish (Wash.) its first loss of the season, 10-7. Lake Oswego followed that up with a 17-1 win over Canby (Ore.). The Lakers have just two regular season games left before the playoffs.

5. West Linn (Ore.), 12-1
The Lions bounced back from their loss to rival Lake Oswego with a solid, 16-5 victory over a tough Oregon City (Ore.) team. West Linn, the defending state champion, has two regular season game remaining before it begins the playoffs.

6. Carondelet (Calif.), 11-5
The Cougars returned to California action with a 19-5 victory over Foothill-Pleasanton. Mia Maloney, Katie Kuptz and Madison Castelein each scored three goals. Carondelet has a big showdown this week with No. 9 St. Ignatius.

7. Marin Catholic (Calif.) 18-2
The Wildcats bounced back from a 16-7 loss to No. 2 Amador Valley with a 16-2 victory over Cardinal Newman (Calif.). Marin Catholic won the MCAL regular-season championship and earned the top seed in the playoffs with a first-round bye

8. Air Academy (Colo.), 13-2
The Kadets closed out the season with victories over Pueblo West (Colo.), Regis Jesuit (Colo.) and Cheyenne Mountain (Colo.). Air Academy now heads to the playoffs with momentum and confidence. They reached the semifinals last season after winning the state title in 2012.

9. St. Ignatius (Calif.) 10-7
The Wildcats have put together another impressive season and three of its losses are to teams on the East Coast that hover around the national rankings. St. Ignatius closes out the regular season May 6 against Carondelet.

10. Boise (Idaho), 10-0
The Braves enter the Top 10 this week with 10 consecutive victories to open the season. Boise has yet to allow more than eight goals in a game and will be the post-season favorite.


Centaurus closed out the regular season undefeated in the state of Colorado and are the top seed in the playoffs. But the Warriors have been battle tested by league foes, which should have them prepared for the postseason. Last week, Centaurus got a huge challenge from Arapahoe before prevailing 13-12. The Warriors trailed by five at the half, they regrouped at the break, put the ball in the sticks of their play makers and outscored Arapahoe 8-4 in the second half. Sarah Myers continued her spectacular season and finished with four goals. Katherine Burns and Andrea Kim also provided offensive support and they finished with three goals each.

Nike/US Lacrosse West Region High School Girls Top 10: #1 Centaurus Followed By Chatfield, Amador Valley, Lake Oswego And West Linn

April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014

1 . Centaurus (Colo.), 12-1
The Warriors rolled over Thomson Valley (Colo.) and Kennedy (Colo.) by a combined score of 28-1. Centaurus has now won seven consecutive game since its only setback of the season – a 9-5 loss to Flint School (D.C.). The Warriors have a big showdown this week with Arapahoe (Colo.), which has only one loss on the season to No. 9 Air Academy (Colo.).

2. Chatfield (Colo.), 14-0
The Chargers have increased their winning streak to 14 games with victories over Cherokee Trail (Colo.) and Dakota Ridge (Colo.). Chatfield then took down traditional power Arapahoe, 19-12, sending the Warriors to just their second loss of the season. The Chargers finish out the regular season April 29 against Columbine.

3. Amador Valley (Calif.), 15-1
The Dons are surging toward the post-season and have extended their winning streak to nine consecutive with wins last week over Livermore (Calif.) and Sacred Heart Prep (Calif.) by a combined score of 44-8. The schedule, however, gets tougher this week with games against Monte Vista (Calif.), Danville (8-4) and Marin Catholic (17-1).

4. Lake Oswego (Ore.), 11-1
The Lakers topped West Linn (Ore.) 11-10 to even the season series at one. Shannon Fender scored the game-winner with 15 seconds remaining. The Lakers have a big out-of-conference game this week against Lake Sammamish (Wash.), which is undefeated.

5. West Linn (Ore.), 11-1
After dropping Lake Oswego 15-11 in their first matchup this season, the Lakers knotted the season series with an 11-10 victory, which snapped West Linn’s 27-game winning streak. The two Oregon powers appear headed for a rubber match in the postseason.

6. Foothill-Santa Ana (Calif.), 12-1
The Knights knocked off Esperanza (Calif.) and Yorba Linda (Calif.) by a combined score of 37-8. Foothill has two big games this week against Los Alamitos and El Dorado before closing out the regular season May 1 against Newport Harbor (Calif.).

7. The Bishop’s School (Calif.), 11-0
The Knight kept their undefeated season going with dominant victories over La Jolla (Calif.), Francis Parker School (Calif.) and La Jolla Christian Day School (Calif.). The Bishop’s School will try to keep the streak going this week with games against Santa Fe Christian (Calif.) and Del Norte (Calif.).

8. Marin Catholic (Calif. ) 17-1
With decisive victories over Cathedral Catholic (Calif.) and Coronado (Calif.), the Wildcats have now reeled off 17-straight wins since a season-opening loss to Carondelet. A big showdown with No. 3 Amador Valley looms this week before Main Catholic finishes out the regular season with a game against Cardinal Newman (Calif.).

9. Air Academy (Colo.), 10-2
The Kadets continued to remain in the hunt for a high seed in the Colorado playoffs with a victory over Rampart (Colo.). Air Academy fell 12-10 in an out-of-conference game to Sacred Heart Academy (N.Y.), but that game will prove valuable for the playoffs as far as being battle-tested.

10. Carondelet (Calif.), 8-3
The Cougars emerged from a 10-day layoff with three games against some of the nation’s top teams. Carondelet dropped close games to Loyola Academy (Ill.), 8-2, and Milton (Ga.) in 9-8 in overtime, before falling 18-7 to D.C.-area power Bishop Ireton (Va.). The Cougars return to in-state action this week against Foothill (Calif.), Pleasanton (Calif.).


Chatfield has continued to put together one of the most impressive seasons of any team on the West Coast. In one of its signature wins, the Chargers took down traditional power Arapahoe last week with Kendra Lanuza leading the way with seven goals and two assists, while Rachael Walker had five goals and five assists. The Chargers are 14-0 and can finish the regular season undefeated if they can beat Columbine (Colo.) on April 29.


Lake Oswego snapped archival West Linn’s 27-game winning streak with an 11-10 victory last week. The victory also avenged a 15-11 loss to the Lions earlier in the season. Shannon Fender got the game-winner with 15 seconds left in regulation. Lake Oswego’s defense came up big by holding West Linn’s top attacker Natalie Byrne to three goals after she scored nine in the previous matchup. Six players scored goals for the Lakers.

“It was an awesome game,” Lake Oswego coach Lauren Anderson said.

The two teams appear headed for another showdown in the playoffs.

Nike/US Lacrosse West Region High School Girls Top 10: #1 Centaurus Followed By Chatfield, West Linn, Foothill-Santa Ana And Bishop’s School

April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

1 . Centaurus (Colo.), 10-1
The Warriors handed Denver East (Colo.) its first loss of the season with a dominant 20-10 victory. Sarah Brown (Colorado commit) led the way with six goals and four assists, while Ellie Meyer had four goals. Katherine Burns, Sarah Meyers and Olivia Holmes each had a hat trick. Centaurus plays Thomson Valley (Colo.) this week.

2. Chatfield (Colo.), 11-0
The Chargers ran their unbeaten streak to 11 games with victories over Ralston Valley, Conifer and Golden by a combined score of 61-19. Chatfield looks to expand one of its best seasons in program history with three games this week, including a tough test against Arapahoe (Colo.), which is 7-1.

3. West Linn (Ore.), 9-0
The Lions continued to roll with victories over Oregon Episcopal (Ore.), 19-6, and Lakeridge (Ore.), 15-4. West Linn faces a rematch this week with last year’s state runner-up Lake Oswego (Colo.), which it handled 15-11 in its prior game this season.

4. Foothill-Santa Ana (Calif.), 10-1
The Knights have not played since suffering its first setback of the season with a 16-15 loss to Corona del Mar (Calif.). Foothill-Santa Ana is back in action this week with a Esperanza and Yorba Linda.

5. The Bishop’s School (Calif.), 8-0
The Knights extended their unbeaten streak to eight games with victories over Santa Fe Christian (Calf.) and Pacific Ridge (Calif.). The Bishop’s School has three games this week, starting with La Jolla (Calif.) and then rematches against Francis Parker (Calif.) and La Jolla Christian Day School (Calif.), both of which they handled earlier in the season.

6. Amador Valley (Calif.), 11-1
The Dons have now won seven consecutive games with a 21-9 victory over Los Alamitos (Calif.) and a 21-2 win over Granada (Calif.). Amador Valley looks to stay on track in the EBAL this week against a challenging matchup with Sacred Heart Prep (Calif.) which is 6-3.

7. Denver East (Colo.), 10-1
The Angels bounced back from their first loss of the season – a 20-10 setback against No. 1 Centaurus – with a victory over rival Kent Denver (Colo.). Erin O’ Shaughnessy led the way with four goals. Denver East plays a non-conference game against Cleveland Heights (Ohio) before taking on perennial power Cherry Creek (Colo.) this week.

8. Marin Catholic (Calif.) 15-1
The Wildcats continue to control their own destiny for a MCAL regular season title with an 18-10 victory over Novato (Calif.). Marin Catholic has back-to-back games this week against Cathedral Catholic (Calif.) and Coronado (Calif.) before a big showdown with Amador Valley.

9. Air Academy (Colo.), 7-1
The Kadets dominated Chaparral (Colo.) and Liberty (Colo.) last week. Air Academy looks to get by Rampart (Colo.) this week, which is riding an eight-game winning streak, and the Sacred Heart Academy (N.Y.).

10. Carondelet (Calif.), 7-3
The Cougars bounced back from a five-overtime loss to Amador Valley with a 17-6 victory over Los Alamitos (Calif.). Carondelet has an intriguing schedule this week with three out-of-state games against Loyola Academy (Ill.), Bishop Ireton (Va.) and Milton (Ga.).


Centaurus has managed to stay atop the rankings with four victories over a seven-day span. The Warriors handed Denver East their first loss of the season with a 20-10 win. This came just five days after getting a scare from upstart Kent Denver before prevailing 12-10. It was Centaurus’ closest game since a 9-5 defeat at the hands of the Flint School in D.C. Sarah Brown led the way for Centaurus with five goals and one assist, while Andrea Kim added three goals. Dani Murray had three goals for Kent Denver.

Nike/US Lacrosse West Region High School Girls Top 10: #1 Foothill-Santa Ana, Chatfield, West Linn, Bishop’s School, Amador Valley And Centauraus

April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014

1. Foothill-Santa Ana (Calif.), 10-1
The Knights remain atop the poll with some impressive victories. Foothill-Santa Ana had three convincing victories last week over Newport Harbor (Calif.), 14-4, Valencia (Calif.), 15-4, and Beckman (Calif.), 18-3. Defense has been the key for the Knights and they’ve continued to get better every game.

Editor’s Note: Foothill-Santa Ana lost its first game of the season on Tuesday, after this piece was written and submitted.

2. Chatfield (Colo.), 8-0
The Chargers remained undefeated by dominating Green Mountain (Colo.) and Mullen (Colo.). Chatfield is on its way to putting together one of the most impressive seasons in program history. The Chargers play three in-state games this week against Conifer (Colo.), Golden (Colo.) and Cherokee Trail (Colo.).

3. West Linn (Ore.), 7-0
The Lions passed their biggest test of the young season with a 15-11 victory over rival Lake Oswego (Ore.). Natalie Byrne led the way with nine goals. West Linn then followed that up with victories over Clackmas (Ore.) and Canby (Ore.), outscoring them by a combined 33-1. The Lions have a tough game this week against Oregon Episcopal (5-1).

4. The Bishop’s School (Calif.) 6-0
The Knights resumed play after a five-day break with a convincing 18-4 victory over La Jolla Country Day School (Calif.) in conference play. The Bishop’s School can continue to crate more separation in the league this week with a game against Pacific Ridge (Calif.), which is 3-5 on the season.

5. Amador Valley (Calif.), 10 -1
The Dons have won five consecutive games, including an impressive 13-11 victory over St. Ignatius (Calif.). Amador Valley followed that up with a thrilling 7-6 victory over Carondelet (Calif.) in five overtimes.

6. Centaurus (Colo.), 9-1
The Warriors won the showdown of the week in Colorado with a convincing 17-9 victory over previously undefeated Air Academy (Colo.). Centaurus pulled way by scoring nine of the game’s final 10 goals. Sarah Brown (Colorado) led the way with five goals. The Warriors followed that up with victories over St. Mary’s Academy (Colo.) and Kent Denver (Colo.).

7. Denver East (Colo.), 8-0
The Angels continued their impressive run to open the season. Denver East remained unbeaten with victories over Thomson Valley (Colo.), 8-7, Kennedy (Colo.), 21-1, and Dakota Ridge (Colo.), 25-6. The Angels have a tough test this week against Colorado Academy (Colo.), which is 7-1.

8. Air Academy (Colo.), 6-1
The Kadets suffered their first loss of the season, 17-9, to rival Centaurus. Air Academy actually took an 8-7 lead midway through the second half before the Warriors put together an impressive rally. Air Academy bounced back with a 16-6 victory over Palmer Ridge (Colo.).

9. Carondelet (Calif.), 7-3
The Cougars knocked off Menlo School (Calif.) 17-7. Maddie Castelein, Corinne Lafayette and Mia Maloney each had three goals. Carondelet then suffered a heart-breaking 7-6 loss to former No. 1 Amador Valley (Calif.). The Cougars look to bounce back with a tough game against Los Alamitos (8-3) this week before hitting the road for some out-of-state competition, including a game against Loyola Academy (Ill.).

10. Los Alamitos (Calif.), 8-3
The Griffins enter the poll on the heals of three-straight victories. Los Alamitos knocked off perennial power La Costa Canyon (Calif.), 12-10, and the picked up a 12-11 victory over Cherry Creek (Colo.). The Griffins got another signature win, 18-13, over Mater Dei (Calif.).


West Linn showed the balance of power has not shifted in Oregon this season. The defending state champions knocked off rival Lake Oswego, 15-11, in a battle of the area’s top programs. It was Lake Oswego’s first loss at home in three years.

Sophomore Natalie Byrne rose to the occasion again scoring nine goals on just 12 shots and adding two assists. She also had six goals in last season’s state championship 19-13 victory over Lake Oswego. Mariah Gatti and Hanna Morford each scored three goals for West Linn, which is 7-0 on the season. Lexi Cheetham and Lilly Newman, each had four goals for Lake Oswego.


Eastside Catholic (Wash.) has one of the most balanced teams in Seattle and have created matchup problems for teams all season. In a 13-5 victory over Seattle Prep last week, Eastside Catholic over came four unanswered goals in the first half to pull away. The Crusaders held Prep scoreless in the second half, while scoring seven goals. Valerie Vachris finished with five goals, while Maddie Banks had four and Tristana Leist added three. Eastside Catholic is now 6-1-1 and will face a big test against undefeated Lakeside (5-0-1) this week.

US Lacrosse Releases “2013 Lacrosse Participation Survey”; Record Total Of 746,000 Players Competed On Organized Teams, A 34% Increase Since 2008

2013 Participation Survey

A record total of 746,859 players competed on organized lacrosse teams in 2013, as reported in the annual US Lacrosse Participation Report released today. The growth rate from last year (722,205) was 3.4 percent and youth participation topped 400,000 for the first time ever. The 403,770 youth participants represent over half of the total playing population and youth participation grew 3.6 percent over 2012. Roughly two-thirds of the youth participants are boys (265,428) and more players came from New York (55,298) than any other state. Lacrosse continues to be the fastest-growing sport at the high school level, and a total of 290,046 players competed in 2013. According to data from the NFHS, from 2008 to 2013, a total of 621 schools added boys’ teams and 588 schools added girls’ teams. Those figures represent a 34 percent increase in the number of boys’ programs and a 36 percent increase in the number of girls’ programs, easily outdistancing other sports in terms of percentage growth. The second-fastest growing sports are water polo (13 percent for boys) and ice hockey (14 percent for girls). Lacrosse is also the fastest-growing NCAA sport, and more than 35,000 players competed on varsity, club or junior college teams in 2013. A staggering 60 new varsity programs were added in 2013, including eight new NCAA Division I programs. US Lacrosse has produced the Participation Report annually since 2001, and over that time span the number of players has grown 194 percent, from 253,901 to 746,859. This survey counts only play on organized teams, and does not count leisure-time play of the sport. The primary source of data for this report is provided by the 67 US Lacrosse regional chapters. Each chapter reports detailed participation at the youth level, and significant data is also obtained from US Lacrosse membership records, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the National Federation of State High School Associations and

2013 US Lacrosse Participation Survey