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Lacrosse On Television Shows: Princeton Women’s Lacrosse Goalie Jane Randall Is Competing On “America’s Next Top Model”

As a goalie for Princeton University’s women’s lacrosse team, Jane Randall was loaded down with protective

Princeton Women's Lacrosse Goalie Jane Randall

gear in order to thwart a barrage of shots as opponents attempted to score.

When she decided to ditch the bulky getup in favor of the glitzier haute couture as a contestant on this season of “America’s Next Top Model,” Randall opened herself to the realities of high-fashion modeling, which can at times be cutthroat, harsh, and downright mean. And that’s just from the judges. Maybe she should have kept her throat guard.

“I was definitely intimidated by the challenges that go along with the show,” said Randall, a 20-year-old Monkton native and graduate of Roland Park Country School. “But I was definitely excited.”

Princeton Women's Lacrosse Goalie Jane Randall is competing in "America's Next Top Model".

The concept of being judged on beauty as opposed to raw, athletic ability is foreign to the sophomore history major. Her previous experience in front of a camera was senior portraits.

“As a lacrosse goalie, she never felt like she got to express her femininity,” said Randall’s mother, Carol, who works as a part-time nurse. “She definitely was a tomboy growing up, trying to keep up with her [older] brother.”

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