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Lacrosse Profiles: Former Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse All-American LSM Rorke Denver Wrote “Damn Few: Making The Modern SEAL Warrior”; Former Head Of Basic And Advanced Navy SEAL Training

 Former Syracuse men’s lacrosse All-American and current Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Rorke Denver

Former Syracuse men’s lacrosse All-American and Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Rorke Denver was a long-stick midfielder at Syracuse. Denver received honorable mention All-America laurels as a senior in 1996. He was a member of the 1993 and 1995 Orange national championship teams and captained the squad his senior season.
Rorke Denver trains the men who become Navy SEALs–the most creative problem solvers on the modern battlefield, ideal warriors for the kinds of wars America is fighting now. With his years of action-packed mission experience and a top training role, Lieutenant Commander Denver understands exactly how tomorrow’s soldiers are recruited, sculpted, motivated, and deployed.
Now, Denver takes you inside his personal story and the fascinating, demanding SEAL training program he now oversees. He recounts his experience evolving from a young SEAL hopeful pushing his way through Hell Week, into a warrior engaging in dangerous stealth missions across the globe, and finally into a lieutenant commander directing the indoctrination, requalification programs, and the “Hero or Zero” missions his SEALs undertake.
From his own SEAL training and missions overseas, Denver details how the SEALs’ creative operations became front and center in America’s War on Terror-and how they are altering warfare everywhere. In fourteen years as a SEAL officer, Rorke Denver tangled with drug lords in Latin America, stood up to violent mobs in Liberia, and battled terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan. Leading 200 commando missions, he earned the Bronze Star with V for valor. He has also served as flag aide to the admiral in charge and spent the past four years as executive officer of the Navy Special Warfare Center’s Advanced Training Command in Coronado, California, directing all phases of the basic and advanced training that prepare men for war in SEAL teams. He recently starred in the film Act of Valor. He is married and has two daughters.

Former Syracuse Men's Lacrosse LSM All-American Rorke Denver played from 1993-96.

Former Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse LSM All-American Rorke Denver played from 1993-96

Lacrosse Books: “Lacrosse: The Ancient Game” Presents The Culture And History Of The Game

"The reason why we wanted to put this book out was that it's very important for the newcomers to the game to understand the culture and history of the game," publisher and co-author Jim Calder said to a crowd in the museum that included, among others, US Lacrosse employees, members of the Johns Hopkins' men's and women's lacrosse teams and Georgetown coach Dave Urick, who coached Calder as a player in the 1970s at Hobart. The 95-page book includes an informative and easily digestible 24-page version of the oral tradition of "the Creator's Game," provided by Jacobs, a Faithkeeper and member of the Cayuga Nation, part of the Six Nations Confederacy. Another section of the book explores the growth and change of the game after European contact, and the final section provides insight on 'The Stickmaker' and the relationship and ritual of the stick.Throughout, the book includes brilliant, original illustrations by David Craig, one of Canada's premier illustrators, and Arnold Jacobs, an Onondaga Nation Hereditary Chief, that provide an effective visual context.Throughout, the book includes brilliant, original illustrations by David Craig, one of Canada's premier illustrators, and Arnold Jacobs, an Onondaga Nation Hereditary Chief, that provide an effective visual context.

Throughout, the book includes brilliant, original illustrations by David Craig, one of Canada's premier illustrators, and Arnold Jacobs, an Onondaga Nation Hereditary Chief, that provide an effective visual context.

NCAA Men’s Lacrosse: Duke Men’s Lacrosse To Release Commemorative Book “Last Team Standing” Which Chronicles Duke’s 2010 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship Run

Last Team Standing, a 68-page, full-color commemorative book chronicling Duke's thrilling run to the 2010 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship, will be made available for public sale beginning Saturday, November 13.

The book will be available for $10 on campus at the Gothic Bookshop, Duke Team Store and University Store, online at www.shopdukestores.duke.edu or by calling 1-800-VIA-DUKE during business hours Monday through Friday.

“Last Team Standing was our motto for the 2010 season, and it serves as the perfect title for this championship project,” Duke head coach John Danowski said.  “We hope our fans and supporters will enjoy this book – we feel it is a terrific summary of what was truly an incredible season.”

The soft cover publication features game summaries, feature stories and behind-the-scenes photos of the Blue Devils, who compiled a 16-4 record on the year and defeated Notre Dame, 6-5 in overtime, to claim the program’s first national title.

For more:   http://www.goduke.com/ViewArticle.dbml?&ATCLID=205029254&DB_OEM_ID=4200

Books About Lacrosse: “It’s Not About The Truth: The Untold Story Of The Duke Lacrosse Case And The Lives It Shattered” By Don Yaeger With Mike Pressler

Mike Pressler walked into the bottom floor meeting room of the Murray Building and, as he had done hundreds of times over a sixteen-year career at Duke University, prepared to address his men's lacrosse team. Forty-six players sat in theater-style chairs, all eyes riveted forward. It was 4:35 P.M. on Wednesday, April 5, 2006. The program's darkest hour had arrived in an unexpected and explosive announcement. Pressler, a three-time ACC Coach of the Year, informed his team that its season was canceled and he had "resigned," effective immediately. While his words reverberated off the walls, hysteria erupted. Players cried, confused over a course of events that had spun wildly out of control. What began as an off-campus team party with two hired strippers had accelerated into a rape investigation -- one that exposed prosecutorial misconduct, shoddy police work, an administration's rush to judgment, and the media's disregard for the facts -- dividing both a prestigious university and the city of Durham. Wiping away tears, Pressler demonstrated the steely resolve that helped him win more than two hundred games. For the next thirty minutes, Pressler put his personal situation aside and encouraged his players to stick together. He also made a bold promise: "One day, we will get a chance to tell the world the truth. One day." This is that day. Pressler, who has not done an interview since the saga began, has handed his private diary from those three weeks to New York Times bestselling author Don Yaeger, exposing vivid details, including the day Pressler was fired, when the coach asked Athletic Director Joe Alleva why the school "wasn't willing to wait for the truth" to come out. "It's not about the truth anymore," Alleva said to the coach in a signature moment that said it all. In addition to Pressler, Yaeger interviewed more than seventy-five key figures intimately involved in the case. The result is a tale that defies logic. "It is tough to be one of fifty people who believed a story when fifty million people believed something else," Pressler said. "This wasn't about the truth to many of the others involved. My story is all about the truth." By Don Yaeger With Mike Pressler Threshold Editions, June 2007 Hardcover, 336 pages