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Lacrosse On Television: Founder Of ESPN Says ESPN Still Considering Covering “Other Sports, Such As Rugby And Lacrosse”, But NFL And Major League Baseball Still Top Priority

“…Rasmussen still gets suggestions that ESPN should cover other sports, such as rugby and lacrosse…”

Sports fans older than 30 tend to react with a common emotion when they encounter Bill Rasmussen, founder of ESPN: gratitude.

“More than anything, people say, ‘Thank you for ESPN. I can’t imagine my life without it,’” Rasmussen said.

Sports fans younger than 30 are thankful, too, but they literally don’t know life without the 24-hour, all-sports network. ESPN went on the air in 1979 after Rasmussen pushed ahead despite detractors who said it would never work.Rasmussen (is traveling country giving a speech) …titled “Sports, Patriotism and the American Dream.”

An Air Force veteran, Rasmussen is unflinching in his belief that possibilities are endless in the United States.

“There are opportunities in America that no one has anywhere else in the world,” he said. “I’m proud to be an American. Where else could you start ESPN? Where else could Bill Gates create Microsoft? …Country and patriotism get me going.”

Rasmussen still gets suggestions that ESPN should cover other sports, such as rugby and lacrosse.

“When I originally wanted to start a 24-hour sports network, the knee-jerk reaction was, ‘Who watches 24 hours a day?’” Rasmussen said. “The fact is, people want to tune in anytime and see it.”

During the early days of ESPN, the network aired many so-called fringe sports because CBS, NBC and ABC controlled the contracts with the major pro sports. That changed over the years, obviously, as ESPN has rights to televise all major sports.

Rasmussen said it’s hard to predict the future – when ESPN began, the world had yet to encounter the Internet, digital technology or Chad Ochocinco – but he said he believes ESPN will remain a main source for broadcasting the NFL and Major League Baseball.

“The NFL needs ESPN,” he said. “Major League Baseball needs ESPN. They’re paid handsomely, for one thing. It’s great for marketing the sports. I don’t thing you’ll see the pro sports leave ESPN.”

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