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“Lacrosse Magazine” Editor Matt DaSilva Discusses Selection Of October 2013 Cover And Three Alternatives That “Fell To The Cutting Room Floor”

Lacrosse Magazine Oct 2013 Covers That Didn't Make The Cut

Questions I hear often as the editor (Matt DaSilva) of Lacrosse Magazine: How do you pick your covers? And how do you pick who makes the cover?
The answer to those questions vary from month to month. After each edition drops, I’ll use this space to share some insight into the cover that made it, as well as the alternatives that were axed before press, starting with the October issue.
This special Sports Science and Safety edition went in-depth on the scientific and human elements of concussions, ACL injuries and other lacrosse-related health and safety matters under the microscope here at US Lacrosse. There’s a lot we like about the cover we chose (at right). Thanks to the g28raphic design talents of Gabriella O’Brien, we were able to merge a Body Wars-like stock image of an anatomical figure with a lacrosse action shot. We liked that the head (concussion) and knee (ACL) were in the foreground, and we thought this image best illustrated the premise that as science has evolved, so has our understanding of its role in our sport’s safekeeping.

Lacrosse Magazine Covers That Weren't 2The first alternative featured an X-ray-like illustration from behind with an emphasis on the brain and spinal cord. We blurred the masthead as an effect, representing the blurry vision that could come as a side effect of a concussion. Ultimately, we figured, this image focused almost too much on the brain and did not address other areas at risk of injury in lacrosse — like the knees, chest, ankles and hands. (Did you know the thumb is the most commonly injured digit in lacrosse?)

Lacrosse Magazine October 2013 Cover

Lacrosse Magazine October 2013 Cover

The second alternative features Brad Ross, whose bout with persistent post-concussion syndrome anchors the Sports Science and Safety package, and the powerful quote Corey McLaughlin used to lead the story: “I’m 28 years old, and I’m worried about long-term brain issues.” It certainly grabs you, but it felt more like a public service announcement than a cover.

The third alternative was the best of several options where we depicted high and blind-side hits in men’s lacrosse — the biggest offenders in causing concussions. It’s a great photo by Kevin Tucker from the 2012 NCAA tournament game between Maryland and Lehigh. But would it be fair to single out one team or one player and make it or him the poster child of foul play? That did not seem right, especially since we do not know what consequences came of this particular hit.

What do you think? Did we make the right choice? Sound off in the comments. We are gluttons for punishment.

For more: http://www.laxmagazine.com/blogs/author/dasilva/10.10.13_at_10.10_a.m._by_Matt_DaSilva

“Lacrosse Magazine” March 2013 Issue Released Featuring 2013 U.S. Women’s National Lacrosse Team, Lehigh And High School Lacrosse Preview

Lacrosse Magazine March 2013 Issue

COVER STORY: A Journey Begins
Katie Schwarzmann is the youngest player on the 2013 U.S. Women’s World Cup team which chases another gold this summer.
Hawkish Rhetoric
The game has changed at Lehigh, where one of the original member schools in the NCAA has finally grown up in the land of Division I.
High School Preview
Our 19-page section includes national preseason top 25 rankings, regional top 10s, and features on top seniors Cortney Fortunato and Matt Rambo.
Finding Her Voice
Sarah Albrecht is no stranger to the world stage, a role she embraces as one of 10 veterans from 2009 who are back in the fold for the 2013 World Cup.
Everything But the Kitchen Sink
Michelle Tumolo brings big energy and a creative attitude to Syracuse, where she’s hoping for more than a second place finish.

“Lacrosse Magazine” October 2012 Issue Released Featuring National Lacrosse Hall Of Fame Class Of 2012 And MLL Championship Weekend Recap

Lacrosse Magazine October 2012 Issue features Jen Adams and the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame class of 2012, MLL Championship recap, Tatum Coffey 2.0 and a look back at Team USA ‘when they were young’. Is this the greatest Hall of Fame class ever?

“Lacrosse Magazine June 2012” Issue Features Midfielders, Title IX Legislation, And Duke-Virginia Lacrosse Rivalry

COVER STORY: Portrait of a Throwback:  On today’s lacrosse field midfielders often gravitate – or are confined – to one end. You play offense or you play defense. You face off or you grab a long pole to play the wing. But before you declare the two-way, 60-minute midfielder extinct, consider the 2012 U.S. Under-19 men’s national team. By Joel Censer and Corey McLaughlin. Title IX 40th Anniversary:  It has been 40 years since President Richard Nixon signed into law Title IX – the gender equity legislation that has since been a boon to women’s athletics. LM gathered reflections from women across generations. By Clare Lochary. All-Access in Durham: Start slow, finish strong. It has become a rite of spring for Duke and a staple of John Danowski-coached teams. But the 2012 journey was unlike any other. After barely beating Marist, a trip to Charlottesville to face ACC rival and No. 1 Virginia loomed. In one of the sport’s great anomalies, the Blue Devils had won 11 of the last 12 games against Virginia. Would they make it 12 of 13? LM spent three days in Durham embedded with the team to find out. By Matt Forman. There & Back Again: Gina Oliver’s unlikely journey as a lacrosse player took her from Pottstown to Prague. After calling it quits, she settled in as a college coach in Pittsburgh. Now she’s on a comeback trail she hopes will take her north of the border with Team USA in 2013. “The typical lacrosse player comes from middle or upper middle class and has it pretty good,” said Sue Stimmel, who coached Oliver at Ohio State. “Gina is not your typical lacrosse players.” By Clare Lochary. Vision Quest: Michael Crawford wanted his Hampton University classmates to fall in love with the sport he had known since childhood. It turned out to be a his dying wish. Thanks to a bereaved mother who never took no for an answer – and with a helping hand from US Lacrosse – it came together in historic fashion. By Paul White. Your Edge: Learn how to bust up fast breaks with Maryland defender Iliana Sanza and how to start them with Notre Dame goalie and clearing extraordinaire John Kemp. The Scoop: Joe Spallina’s two-a-days as coach of the Stony Brook women and Major League Lacrosse’s Long Island Lizards, aerospace with Michigan’s Trevor Yealy and John Grant Jr.’s kingdom.

“Lacrosse Magazine April 2012” Issue Features Duke Women’s Lacrosse Sr. Attacker Emma Hamm, NLL’s Philadelphia Wings And Harvard Lacrosse

COVER STORY: Magnetic Force Emma Hamm sees things you don’t. After another rash of early-season injuries, Duke needs the Tewaaraton Award candidate’s galvanizing powers more than ever. “She’s so deceptive, which makes her impossible to guard,” said Maryland midfielder Karri Ellen Johnson, who played with Hamm on the gold medal-winning 2007 U.S. Under-19 team. “She’s a force to be reckoned with, and she does it in her own Emma fashion.” By Clare Lochary

Hard Knocks NLL Style The Philadelphia Wings want to be the quintessential American franchise in the National Lacrosse League, but that means reconditioning former NCAA stars in the box lacrosse mold — a pursuit Ned Crotty and Matt Danowski know all too well. By Joel Censer

Commotio Cordis The Feb. 7 passing of 12-year-old Tyler Kopp of Rochester, N.Y., following an injury he sustained while playing lacrosse five days earlier shocked his family and friends, and it saddened the national lacrosse community. We take a look at the rare phenomenon that likely caused it — commotio cordis — and the importance of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), as US Lacrosse responds to this growing safety concern. By Paul Krome

The Big Three Only defending NCAA champion Virginia has as many prospects on the Finland-bound U.S. Under-19 men’s national team as Harvard, which says something about the momentum building in Cambridge. Learn about Stephen Jahelka, Sean Mahon and Daniel Eipp. By Chris R. Vaccaro

Your Edge Denver attackman Mark Matthews shares his Canadian trade secrets on finishing from the right side and Georgetown middie Sophie Thomas shows her split dodge.

“Lacrosse Magazine” Releases February 2012 Cover Featuring Denver Men’s Lacrosse Goalie Jamie Faus, “College Preview” And Preseason Rankings

“Lacrosse Magazine” Releases December 2011 “Online Digital Edition” Featuring “Best Of 2011”, “Person Of The Year: John Paul” Of Michigan Men’s Lacrosse, And 2012 NLL Preview

December 2011 cover is out! Best of 2011 Edition featuring John Paul, the first Michigan men's lacrosse head coach, as person of the year. CLICK ON "WOLVERINE" TO READ ONLINE EDITION.