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Orange County High School Lacrosse: Saddleback Valley Unified School District Meeting Attended By 600 Lacrosse Supporters (75% of Total); School Board Undecided On Final Cuts To High School Lacrosse Funding

The Tuesday 3/10/09 SVUSD board meeting went well; although no definite determination; the school board saw, once again, the volume of support that lacrosse generates; of the estimated 800 people in attendance at the school board meeting, 600 were lacrosse supporters (75%; we had them sign in so this figure is accurate).

Will be coordinating with the district staff to work on details.

Thank you!

Tim Redwine

Parent, Trabuco Hills High School Junior Girl



Orange County High School Lacrosse Alert: Email Saddleback Valley Unified School District To Support Lacrosse Programs At El Toro, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, And Trabuco Hills High Schools


To:  SVUSD Board of Directors/ High School Principals

To: Saddleback Valley Unified School District

Ginny Fay Aitkens
Don Sedgwick
Dore J. Gilbert
Nancy W. Kirkpatrick
Suzie R. Swartz
Trevor Geller
SVUSD – High School Principals

Board Members,

It has come to the attention of the Saddleback Valley Community that the status/ and or funding of C.I.F. lacrosse is in jeopardy of being eliminated throughout the Saddleback Valley Unified School District. This will have a devastating effect on hundreds of players, their families, fans, and upcoming lacrosse players.

We are asking you to:
• Not “Eliminate” Lacrosse from the Saddleback Valley Unified School District
• Not “Eliminate” Lacrosse funding from the Saddleback Valley Unified School District

Please consider:
• Lacrosse is considered to be America’s first sport, born of the North American Indian,
• Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing team sports in the United States.
• Lacrosse carries large rosters allowing many HS men and women to participate
• Youth participation in the sport has grown over 500% since 1999 to nearly 250,000
• No sport has grown faster at the high school level over the last 10 years
• There are now an estimated 200,000 high school players.
• Lacrosse is also the fastest-growing sport over the last six years at the NCAA level
• There are more than 500 college club programs, including nearly 200 women’s teams that compete at the US Lacrosse Intercollegiate Associates level, giving many opportunities to lacrosse players
• Many former SVUSD lacrosse students have benefited from scholarships and opportunities to play in college.

Possible Solutions:
• Look for ways to cut expenses within the lacrosse budget (Competitive bids for field lining etc.)
• Take proportionately from each sanctioned sport distributing the budget burden out for the least impact.
• Consider the budget cuts that have impact on the least amount of SVUSD students and families.
• If you are not willing to have the other sports shoulder the budget crunch alongside lacrosse, please continue to sanction C.I.F. lacrosse and allow programs to self fund


The Undersigned



View Current Signatures

LaxPower.com Expands Western U.S. High School Lacrosse Coverage; Among Those To Be Featured Are La Costa Canyon, St. Ignatius Prep And Sante Fe Christian In California And Cherry Creek And Fort Collins In Colorado

As lacrosse grows on the West Coast, many premier players and programs have already had an impact on America’s oldest game. The Western Region offers interesting cross-state games as well as highly-touted Division I players making a name for themselves west of the Mississippi. From key conference games to the Patriot Cup in Texas, the following games are ones not to miss this spring.

Cherry Creek Bruins (CO) vs. Fort Collins Vipers (CO), March 6
The early season match-up for these two Rocky Mountain powerhouses is a must-see game. Cherry Creek is headed by attackman Michael Beimford, an Ohio State recruit, who makes his teammates better. Defensively, the Bruins are in good hands with Zach Arthur, headed to Hobart. The Vipers might have the state’s toughest schedule and will be tested early. With a talented lineup featuring two Division I recruits, the Vipers are ready to make a statement in early March. Junior defender Brett Newman is the premier player at his position in the state of Colorado.
Fort Collins Lambkins (CO) at Highland Park Fighting Scots (TX), March 21

Fort Collins will head south to face one of the most dominant teams in Texas for the Patriot Cup. Highland Park is the defending Texas champion and is reloaded to make another run at a state title. The experienced Scots will rely on their senior leadership to take down one of Colorado’s finest. The Lambkins’ tough schedule continues, as they travel to the Lone Star state for elite competition. Look for a great match-up between Brett Newman of Fort Collins and Kevin Frits of Highland Park.

Mullen Mustangs (CO) at Arapahoe Warriors (CO), April 8

Two of the best teams in Colorado face off in a game slated to be a terrific midseason test. Arapahoe has a new coaching staff but features tons of talent ready to shine in 2009. Attackman Ryan Parietti and midfielders Drew Babb and Eric Law make Araphoe very dangerous offensively. Mullen has eight returning starters and three Division I recruits and will likely cause match-up problems for most teams. Expect this game to be a high-scoring affair.

La Costa Canyon Mavericks (CA) vs. Kent Denver Sun Devils (CO), April 8

The Mavericks, one of West Coast’s elite squads, travel to Denver to play one of Colorado’s finest in the Sun Devils. La Costa Canyon has won three of the last four San Diego Section championships and are favorites again this spring. Defenseman Spencer Peterson, a Duke recruit, will be handed the tough task of covering Sun Devil attackman Frazier Cavness, who’s headed to Dartmouth. Kent Denver has a deep and talented team plus home field advantage.

St. Ignatius Prep Wildcats (CA) at Robert L. Stevenson Pirates (CA), April 13

This big-time Central Coast Section game will be for bragging rights to be the elite team in the area. The Wildcats have always been one of the best teams in California, and this year should be no different with many players headed to Division I programs on the roster. Stevenson returns half of its starting lineup and certainly has the talent to upend St. Ignatius this year. Junior attackman Tyler Allen likely needs a big game for the Pirates to come away victorious. This game may well prove to be one of the best match-ups the Golden State has to offer in ’09.

Kent Denver Sun Devils (CO) vs. Cherry Creek Bruins (CO), April 17

Kent Denver is widely regarded as the top team in the state and will be tested by a talented Cherry Creek team in a game that could turn out to be a preview of the state championship. Armed with one the best midfielders in the state in Patrick Murray, combined with attackman and Dartmouth recruit Frazier Cavness, the Sun Devils will be difficult to beat.

Sante Fe Christian Eagles (CA) vs. Bishop School Knights (CA), May 5

Two of the best players on the West Coast meet in this early May contest. Sante Fe attackman Hayden Schutte has a knack for scoring, as evidenced by his 69 goals last year. The scoring machine faces a Knights squad that features a stiff defense led by defenseman Nick Eggemeyer. The Bishop School does not lack for experience, with 14 seniors and eight returning starters. They have the tools to be an elite team in California. Look for some great individual match-ups and a thrilling battle in Southern California.

Lincoln Cardinals (OR) vs. Bainbridge Island Spartans (WA), May 9

This cross-state match-up pits two of the best teams in their respective states. defending Oregon state champion Lincoln features standout midfielder Peter Baum, a Colgate recruit. With four starters back from last year’s team, the Cardinals should be able to represent Oregon well against one of Washington’s finest. Bainbridge Island is loaded with Division I talent and will look to use its athleticism. Attackman Sam Snow, a Fairfield recruit, is great at creating his own shot and making plays for his teammates. This battle should be entertaining and give people a glimpse of the talent coming from Pacific Northwest teams today.

Curtis Vikings (WA) at Mercer Island Islanders (WA), May 15

Curtis will need a good game plan against Mercer Island, a squad that returns nine seniors from a team that went to the state semifinals last season. The Islanders feature dangerous sharpshooter Daniel Shields at attack. Their defense is young but very talented, with junior netminder Hap Giraud leading the charge. The Vikings are poised to make a run behind midfielder and Maryland recruit Landon Carr. For the Vikings to come out victorious, they will likely need Carr’s supporting cast to step up. This late season match-up will have big implications with the playoffs looming.





Southern California Lacrosse: Saddleback Valley Unified School District To Vote On Eliminating Funding For High School Lacrosse At March 10 Meeting At Mission Viejo High School; Concerned Parents Should Attend And Support Lacrosse!!

missionviejolacrosselogoBeing the newest CIF sport, Lacrosse has topped the budget cut list foreltorolacrosselogo Saddleback Valley Unified School District (SVUSD: El Toro, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Trabuco Hills High Schools).


    Click here to send an e-note to the Board

    or call Superintendent  Steven L. Fish, EdD at (949) 586-1234 x3200


lagunahillslacrosse1To save the school board from making such an ill-advised decision, we must rally all of the lacrosse community and show our strength in numbers at the next SVUSD board meeting (there is no other chance; it will be voted on at that meeting):


Tuesday, March 10, 6:15pm, in the Performing Arts Theatre at Mission Viejo High School (note: this is not the usual meeting place; I presume it was moved in anticipation of a large crowd speaking about cuts; including lacrosse). Arrive by 5:45pm (to fill out speaker cards, preparation, etc).


If the program you’re involved with has a game that night, it is more important for the parents to attend the board meeting.


All of the lacrosse community needs to get involved in this. Although this immediate issue involves four high schools in one district, we need involvement and attendance from all of lacrosse: Capo District, youth lacrosse, private schools, etc.


Prior to the March 10 meeting, emails and letters need to be sent to the district (board members and superintendent). That information will follow in another email.



Although time is short, it may be helpful to form a steering committee to help organize (we did that in 2006 with the initial CIF drive). An ideal committee would include 1 or 2 representative(s) from each program from each school. Please contact me if you’re able to help and are involved with either boys or girls lacrosse at any of the four high schools.


Thank you!

   Tim Redwine

   Parent, Trabuco Hills High School Junior Girl


Southern California Lacrosse Season Opens With 3rd Annual “Knights Challenge JV Lacrosse Tournament” At Foothill High School

Eight Team Began Play Saturday Morning:   Corona Del Mar, Crush JV, Crush Frosh/Soph, El Toro, Marina, Olympian, PV, Tustin, and Victory.  Here are photos from Saturday action:


Crush JV Beat Corona Del Mar In First Game Of Morning (Connor Cummins, Long Pole Defense)

Crush Frosh Soph Played Marina In Early Morning Action

Crush Frosh Soph Played Marina In Early Morning Action

Victory Lacrosse Playing Tustin

Victory Lacrosse Playing Tustin

Crush JV Played A Tough El Toro Lacrosse Squad

Crush JV Played A Tough El Toro Lacrosse Squad

Foothill Lacrosse Ready For A Successful 2009 Season

Foothill Lacrosse Ready For A Successful 2009 Season

College Lacrosse Recruiting: Advice From Victory Collegiate Consulting


College Athletics Recruiting: “Getting Out Of The Gates”


: http://www.victoryrecruiting.com.   


Parents, prospects and coaches often ask me to identify the ideal time a prospect should launch his or her college quest. Although each prospect initiates their recruiting plans at different times, I would say a good date to “get out of presslerthe gates” is January 1 of the junior year. But before you hit the pavement running, let’s run through a simple checklist of pre-launch tasks that will assist you in organizing for an important life decision.




Creating a user friendly organizing system for the college recruiting process will serve as a helpful tool, especially when information begins to pile in from different college coaches. Not only will this system assist you in keeping track of the steady stream of paper and e-traffic, it will act as a great resource for future contacts and important coach-prospect communications. Trust me, coaches will be requesting information (transcripts, high school profile, standardize test results, tax information for financial pre-reads etc.) at about the same time, and the family who develops an efficient access system to this information will navigate the process with more success and with greater confidence.


Create a filing system that provides you with easy access to pertinent information. I suggest storing the following information in your individual college program folders:



·        Updated contact information for coach, assistant coach, financial aid representative etc. Include name, address, e-mail, phone number etc.).

·        Materials the coach has sent (brochures, articles, etc.).

·        Team competition schedule. You should add important events to your calendar and stay updated on the team’s accomplishments, especially before any correspondence with the coach.

·        College catalogs, applications and/or other marketing materials.

·        Updated notes from your phone conversations and meetings with representatives from the school.

·        A list of pertinent questions or follow-up items you need to address for the program. Set aside regular time to review outstanding tasks you have for each college program and list these items on your calendar.

·        Copies of all the information you have provided to the school – your application, the data sheet you may have to fill out for the coach, the last resume you provided etc. By keeping these copies handy, you can easily reproduce them if they are misplaced.









The aim in this stage of college recruiting is to develop a well organized and efficient system that you understand and can work effectively. “Lift off” is the most demanding part of any worthy project and requires the most energy. Prepare well here by developing solid plans and executing them with vigor and you will be well positioned and confident moving forward. Beware of the flip side of the coin!


Executing the Plan


OK. Your plans are complete, well constructed and clearly spelled out in a language everyone understands. Your calendar is updated and you are proud that you have listed everything from the next round of SAT’s to the fall homecoming dance! Now it’s time to take the plunge.


You can have the best organized and most highly detailed approach to the college quest, but it won’t amount to a hill of beans if you lack confidence and the desire and the ability to “execute the plan.” If your strategy is to wait by the phone for the coach to call, in most cases, it’s going to be a long wait. Top prospects will get their fair share of attention, but the majority of athletes will increase their chances in getting on the radar screen of the college coaches by taking a proactive stance and initiating communication with college coaches.  


College coaches are strictly bound by a myriad of NCAA contact and evaluation rules that limit them in initiating contact with prospective student-athletes and their families. What few families realize is that although college coaches may have their “hands tied” to some degree, prospects may initiate contact with the college coaches, early on and with very few exceptions.


Effective communication between the family and the college coach can be critical to the level of support the prospect will receive in the recruiting process. It can make or break a coach’s decision to offer an athletic scholarship or provide that extra “push” in the admission process. If your mission is clear, communication becomes the vehicle to move with definite purpose in your chosen direction. On the other hand, ill-prepared communication can cause confusion and misdirection. Your ship moves, but with a weak rudder.














The college recruiting process is both exciting and potentially overwhelming. It requires a disciplined and yet flexible approach, especially when timelines get tight and situations become challenging. Developing and executing recruiting plans are crucial to success and no different from preparing for a championship game!  Communication with coaches is vital and a proactive effort will only get you on the radar screen faster and more effectively. That being said, the family that approaches the college recruiting process with an organized and proactive effort, will have the best chances in building mutually strong and respectful relationships with college coaches and position themselves best as they navigate the college search.


Tom Kovic is a former Division I college coach and the current director of Victory Collegiate Consulting, where he provides individual advisement for families on college recruiting. Tom is the author of “Reaching for Excellence” An educational guide for college athletics recruiting. For further information visit: http://www.victoryrecruiting.com. 





2nd Annual Southern California Lacrosse Day In Newbury Park Nov. 16

lacrosse-day“…Professional lacrosse players will be on hand to conduct mini-lacrosse clinics. Lacrosse games will be held by the STARZ lacrosse program. Shooting contests will be conducted and prizes awarded to participants. Coach Jeff lacrosseday21Holden, the Mens Lacrosse coach from the University of Arizona will speak to all interested college bound lacrosse players and prepare them for the next level.”


What can someone expect from the 2nd Annual Southern California Lacrosse Day on Sunday, November 16 at Peppertree Park in Newbury Park? In addition to previewing the 2009 season, each lacrosse rep team rep from youth and high school boys and girls programs throughout the Conejo Valley will be on hand to answer questions about lacrosse and its phenomenal growth in our community.

Throughout the day from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. boys and girls from Grades 3-12, experienced players or newcomers to lacrosse will be able to register to play for the upcoming season. Teams fill up very quickly, so early registration at this event is critical.

Professional lacrosse players will be on hand to conduct mini-lacrosse clinics. Lacrosse games will be held by the STARZ lacrosse program. Shooting contests will be conducted and prizes awarded to participants. Coach Jeff Holden, the Mens Lacrosse coach from the University of Arizona will speak to all interested college bound lacrosse players and prepare them for the next level. Lacrosse t-shirts will be available for sale and food vendors will be on hand.

Over 500 athletes played lacrosse last year with many playing for the first time, so dont mss out on your chance to play this great game. With lacrosse practices for each team beginning soon, attendance at SCLA Day is a great chance to jump start the 2009 season. For further information please contact Ron Cammorata, Executive Director of SCLA at rcammorata@sbcglobal.net and look for signage in the community announcing the event.