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Lacrosse Movies: Video Preview Of “Crooked Arrows” Actors And Audition Process

http://www.crookedarrows.com – Meet some of the members of the Crooked Arrows team, how they found out about the audition and what being in the first lacrosse movie, and really the first mainstream movie to feature Native Americans as well, means to them.

Lacrosse Movies: “Crooked Arrows” Official HD Trailer Released (Video)

Starring Brandon Routh, Gil Birmingham, Crystal Allen, and Chelsea Ricketts – a story centered on a Native American lacrosse team making its way through a prep school league tournament.

Directed by Steve Rash
Produced by J.Todd Harris and Mitchell Peck
Written by Brad Riddell & Todd Baird

Lacrosse In The Movies: “Crooked Arrows” Being Filmed In Summer 2011 And Planned For Release In Spring 2012 (Video)

Crooked Arrows will be America's first mainstream lacrosse movie. The movie is being filmed this summer (2011), and then released in theaters around the country next Spring -- during the peak of lacrosse season.

Visit the website and check out information about auditions and behind the scenes access to the production of Crooked Arrows.


Lacrosse Movies: “A Warrior’s Heart” Completes Post-Production And Will Be Screened At “2011 Cannes Film Festival” On May 11-22

Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. ("Camelot") announced today that A WARRIORS HEART has completed post-production. With final touches from Lit Post and Anarchy Post, the film is finally complete and will be screened in Cannes this May.

“It’s been a vigorous and exciting journey the last several months finishing this film,” commented Producer Steven Istock. “Our goal was to complete the movie in time for Cannes, which we achieved. The film really stands out. It’s a great family picture with an amazing cast.”

A Family Productions and California Pictures production, directed by Mike Sears and produced by Marc Spizzirri and Steven Istock, the cast includes Kellan Lutz (Twilight, Breaking Dawn), Ashley Greene (Breaking Dawn, LOL), Chord Overstreet (“Glee”), Golden Globe Nominee Adam Beach (Windtalkers, Flags of our Fathers), and Gabrielle Anwar (Scent of a Woman, “Burn Notice”).

The story follows high school lacrosse star Conor Sullivan who overcomes his father’s death through a new love interest and a renewed passion for the sport.

Lacrosse In The Movies: Producers Of The Movie “A Warrior’s Heart” Starring Kellan Lutz And Ashley Greene Release First “Posters” And Official Synopsis

In shock and denial over his Marine father’s death in battle, star high school lacrosse player Conor Sullivan, always a maverick and a hot head, starts acting out in self destructive ways that has his mom, Claire, at her wits end. But arduous training in a wilderness lacrosse camp under the tutelage of his dad’s old combat buddy, Sgt. Major Duke Wayne, and finding a new love interest opens Conor’s eyes to the true meaning of maturity, sportsmanship and life.

Lacrosse On TV: MTV’s “Teen Wolf” To Star Tyler Posey As “Lacrosse Player” In A “Darker” Remake Of The Michael J. Fox Movie Script

“In the movie, Michael J. Fox’s character… already had the werewolf DNA in his blood. Whereas on the TV show, I’m bit [by a creature]. It’s a lot darker than the movie. [Also] the sport [I play]

Tyler Posey will star in MTV's "Teen Wolf"

 isn’t basketball, it’s lacrosse.”

The story follows the life of often unnoticed lacrosse player Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), who wishes he could just be popular. One night, when his best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) convinces him to go out into the woods to join a police search for a dead body, Scott encounters a creature in the darkness and narrowly escapes an attack with a vicious bite in his side. When strange things start to happen, and Scott realizes that he has new powers and abilities, he quickly learns that his life will never be the same.

“…he gets great at his sport, lacrosse, and becomes an all-star…”

 Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey has confirmed that the upcoming MTV series will be “completely different” from the 1985 film. Michael J. Fox starred in the original movie as Scott Howard, a high school student born with werewolf DNA.

Posey told Collider: “It thought it was awesome that they were redoing [Teen Wolf] but I wasn’t expecting what I read from the script.”

He explained: “In the movie, Michael J. Fox’s character… already had the werewolf DNA in his blood. Whereas on the TV show, I’m bit [by a creature]. It’s a lot darker than the movie. [Also] the sport [I play] isn’t basketball, it’s lacrosse.”

However, the actor insisted that fans of the film will still enjoy the new television remake.

“I think for the people who know the movie and hear of Teen Wolf on MTV, there’s going to be some weird stuff going through their heads,” he admitted. “But I think that anyone, fan of the movie or not, will love this show.”

Teen Wolf is expected to premiere on MTV in 2011.

For more:   http://www.digitalspy.com/ustv/news/a283189/posey-new-teen-wolf-different-to-film.html

Lacrosse In The Movies: Spyplane Films’ Movie “Upside” Starring Randall Bentley Of The Hit NBC Television Series “HEROES” To Be Released On DVD October 5 (Video)

 The movie about faith, romance, and coming of age stars Randall Bentley of the hit NBC television series Heroes and presents the message that when life gets you down, there’s always an “Upside.” The DVD is distributed by Nashville’s Provident Films.

High school lacrosse player Solomon White has mapped out his future. After he graduates from high school, he plans to attend an elite university, continue his lacrosse career, and pursue success. But a devastating hit on the lacrosse field affects the young athlete’s vision and turns his world turned upside down. Suddenly his well-planned life is not headed in the direction he had planned.

Then Sol meets Wren, who is blind, and her strong faith in God makes Soli take a new look at everything he believes in.