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Lacrosse Shooting Techniques: “How To Score By Disguising The Stick” From RIPNet (Video)

RIPNet is an online tool for lacrosse players who want to improve their game. The service’s website (and mobile apps) host a wide variety of assets for players on all levels of the sport.

Lacrosse Skills: “Fundamentals Of Lacrosse Goaltending” Series From IMG Lacrosse Academy (6 Instructional Videos)

Lacrosse Skills: Colorado Mesa Men’s Lacrosse High Speed Video Analysis Of “Rusty Gate Check”

Colorado Mesa University Men’s Lacrosse. High speed video used for analyzing checks. Redshirt sophomore Chase Clark throws a rusty gate check.

Lacrosse Skills: Casey Powell Demonstrates “Shooting Techniques To Improve Scoring” In A “Get In The Game” Video

College Lacrosse Drills: Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse Assistant Coach Brian Fisher Presents Goalie “Pipe” Drill With Senior Goalie Colt Power (Video)

Assistant Coach Brian Fisher and Senior Goalie Colt Power demonstrate the Goalie “Pipe” Drill in this installment of NDLU.

College Lacrosse Drills: Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse Assistant Coach Gerry Byrne Presents “Dynamo Passing” (Video)

Dynamo Passing is a high-rep, high speed drill for A, M and D to develop confidence in throwing and catching ‘over the shoulder” passes

Lacrosse Offensive Techniques: Video Highlights Of The “Short Area Dodge Drill”

The Short Area Dodge Drill is used to help you practice dodging a defender and shooting on goal while the defense is unstable.