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“2012 Vail Lacrosse Shootout”: Maverik Elite Defeats Merrill Lynch 16-10 To Win Elite Men’s Lacrosse Championship

Vail Lacrosse Shootout

Championship Bracket Championship Maverik Elite 16, Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 10

The 40th Vail Lacrosse Shootout came to a culmination in an even match between Maverik Elite and Merrill Lynch. Both teams went goal for goal for almost the entire first half, including an impressive longpole goal from Merrill Lynch’s Goran Murray. Despite lightning and nature conspiring against us, the second half of the game showed Maverik Elite pulling ahead with an impressive shooting display from a deeply talented offensive squad. The all-tournament team was named, as well as the Keeper of Lacrosse award, and the 40th annual Vail Men’s Elite came to an impressive close.
3rd Place Game Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com 14, Brine Elite 13 In what initially seemed to be a Brine-dominated game, Rocky Mountain Oysters stepped in up in the second half and eventually took the win.
5th Place Game Denver City Lax/Encore15, Team Harrow 7
7th Place Game Big Green Herd 8, FCA Lacrosse 4

Consolation Bracket Championship Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon 18, Balance Bar 12 Jammin’ Salmon defeated Balance Bar in a relaxed, steady-paced Consolation Championship game.
11th Place Game Southern Combat 7, LOFers 6
13th Place Game Warrior X 10, Tunesquad 9
15th Place Game Crease Beavers 9, Back Country Brewery 8 (OT)
Other Games Team Gutman 9, Prestige 8 True Lacrosse 8, Eager Beavers 3

“2012 Vail Lacrosse Shootout”: Merrill Lynch Defeats Defeats Brine Elite 16-6, Maverik Elite Tops Rocky Mountain Oysters 19-7 To Advance To Men’s Elite Lacrosse Finals

Cover Photo
Vail Lacrosse Shootout

In the Men’s elite quarter-finals all the top seeds advanced with the exception of Team Harrow. In the day’s first game on Ford Field, Team Harrow thought they had taken a one goal lead with less than a minute remaining, only to realize the bench had called a time-out before the goal. Brine Elite, then took possession of the ball and scored the game winning goal with less than 30 seconds left to win the game. Brine Elite will face Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear at 1:00pm for the day’s first semi-final. The second semi-final will be a repeat of last year’s match-up. Maverik Elite will look for redemption after being upset last year by Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com. The Maverik vs. Oysters game will take place at 3:00pm on Ford Field.

Championship Bracket
9am – Ford Field – Team Harrow 15, Brine Elite 16
11am – Ford Field – Maverik Elite 21, Denver City Lax / Encore 14
1pm – Ford Field – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 15, Big Green Herd 6
3pm – Ford Field – Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com 13, FCA Lacrosse 2

Consolation Bracket
9am – Edwards Turf – LOFers 14, Back Country Brewery 8
11am – Edwards Turf – Southern Combat 12, Tunesquad 4
1pm – Edwards Turf – Warrior X 15, Balance Bar 18
3pm – Edwards Turf – Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon 13, Crease Beavers 2
11am – Edwards Grass – Team Gutman 6, True Lacrosse Club 7
1pm – Edwards Grass – Prestige Lacrosse 7, Eager Beavers 4

Men’s Elite Schedule for Tuesday 7/3

Championship Bracket
1pm – Ford Field – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Brine Elite
3pm – Ford Field – Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com vs. Maverik Elite

5th Place Bracket
9am – Ford Field – Team Harrow vs. Big Green Herd
11am – Ford Field – FCA Lacrosse vs. Denver City Lax/Encore

Consolation Bracket
1pm – Edwards Turf – LOFers vs. Balance Bar
3pm – Edwards Turf – Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. Southern Combat

Remaining Consolation Games
10am – Edwards Grass – Warrior X vs. Back Country Brewery
11am – Edwards Turf – Crease Beavers vs. Tunesquad
12pm – Edwards Grass – Team Gutman vs. Eager Beavers
2pm – Edwards Grass – Prestige Lacrosse vs. True Lacrosse Club

Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com Upsets Maverik Elite 9-8 To Advance To “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Men’s Elite Final Against Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear

The Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com held on for one of the biggest upsets in recent tournament history. Prior to the game, few would have thought that the Oyster’s would have stood a chance against the stacked roster of Maverik Elite.

However, led by Alex More (St. Lawrence ’12), the Oysters offense was efficient and possessed the ball very well, More finished with a five point performance on three goals and two assists.  In addition to More, Lance Vitt (Ohio State ’05) had a hat trick. Vitt, a tournament veteran, was very effective from the left side of the attack for the Oysters.

Maverik won every statistical category except one, saves. Oysters Goalie Ben Brown (Whittier ’09) found his grove in the semi-finals, finishing the day with 14 saves. Brown stood tall against the very skilled Maverik shooters and should prove to be a difficult challenge for the Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear offense. For Maverik, John Christmas (Virginia ’05) had three points with a hat trick, and Owen Bly (Maryland ’13) scored two goals.

In the second semi-final Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear rattled off six unanswered goals to begin the second quarter and took an 8-3 lead into half time against last year’s runner-up Team Chipotle. Merrill’s offense was balanced with ten different goal scorers in the game. Kyle Wharton (Johns Hopkins ’10) is having a fantastic tournament, scoring three goals against Chipotle.

The Oysters will face another tough matchup against Merrill, but as they showed against Maverik, they can execute the necessary game plan to beat a more talented squad.

Saturday Results:
Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com 9, Maverik Elite 8 – scoresheet
Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear 16, Team Chipotle 7 – scoresheet

5th Place Bracket
Team Sandy 9, Brine Elite 8 in OT – scoresheet
Team 21 8, Team Sasquatch 4 – scoresheet

Consolation Bracket:
Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon 20, Team Awesome 4 – scoresheet
The Olympic Club 11, Sacred Marlins 6 – scoresheet
Denver City Lax 10, Warrior X 3 – scoresheet
Lacrossewear Red Lions 13, BAWLS Guarana 6 – scoresheet

Division B Bracket:
The Loafers 6, Team Gutman 5 – scoresheet
Southern Combat Americans 9, Prestige Lacrosse 3 – scoresheet
Tunesquad 8, True Lacrosse 4 – scoresheet

Sunday Match-Ups:
Championship Bracket
Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com vs. Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear – 2:00pm – Ford Field

3rd Place
Maverik Elite vs. Team Chipotle – 12:00pm – Ford Field

5th Place
Team Sandy vs. Team 21 – 11:30pm – Edwards Turf

7th Place
Team Sasquatch vs. Brine Elite – 10:00am – Edwards Turf

Consolation Bracket
Consolation Championship
Lacrossewear Red Lions vs. Denver City Lax – 9:00am – Ford Field

Consolation Bracket 3rd Place
BAWLS Guarana vs. Warrior X – 8:30am – Edwards Turf

Consolation Bracket 5th Place
Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. The Olympic Club – 10:00am – Edwards Grass 2

Consolation Bracket 7th Place
Team Awesome vs. Sacred Marlins – 8:30am – Edwards Grass 2

Division B Bracket
Division B Finals
Southern Combat Americans vs. Toonsquad – 11:30am – Edwards Grass 3

Division B Consolation 
True Lacrosse vs.  Gutman – 10:00am – Edwards Grass 3
Lofers vs. Prestige Lacrosse – 11:30am – Edwards Grass 2

Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: Semi-Finals Of The “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Elite Division To Feature Maverik Elite Vs Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com And Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear Vs. Team Chipotle On July 2

Ford Field played host to four high quality games on Friday where each matchup was good, and no team was able to blow out their opponent. The most exciting game of the day came early; the Oysters outlasted Team Sandy in double overtime in the 9:00am game.

Merrill makes their return to the semi-finals after just missing them in 2010, beating Team 21 12-8. In a somewhat surprising result, Maverik Elite was tied after three quarters with Brine Elite 8-8, but Maverik was able to pull away in the fourth in route to a 13-9 victory. In the day’s last game Team Chipotle was victorious, taking down Team Sasquatch 12-6.

Friday Results:
Winners Bracket:
Maverik Elite 13, Brine Elite 9 – scoresheet
Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com 15, Team Sandy 14 2OT – scoresheet
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 12, Team 21 8 – scoresheet
Team Chipotle 12, Team Sasquatch 6 – scoresheet

Consolation Bracket:
BAWLS Guarana 16, Team Awesome 9 – scoresheet
Lacrossewear Red Lions 15, Team One’s Jammin Salmon 8 – scoresheet
Denver City Lax 10, Sacred Marlins 8 – scoresheet
Warrior X 15, The Olympic Club 11 – scoresheet

Division B Bracket:
True Lacrosse 12, Prestige Lacrosse 11 – scoresheet
Tunesquad 11, The Loafers 10 – scoresheet
Southern Combat Americans 11, Team Gutman 8 – scoresheet

Saturday Match-Ups:
Maverik Elite vs. Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com – 1:00pm – Ford Field
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Team Chipotle – 3:00pm – Ford Field
(All games on Ford Field)

5th Place Bracket
Brine Elite vs. Team Sandy – 9:00am – Ford Field
Team 21 vs. Team Sasquatch – 11:00am  – Ford Field

Consolation Bracket:
Team One’s Jammin Salmon vs. Team Awesome – 9:00am – Edwards Turf           
Scared Marlins vs. The Olympic Club – 11:00am – Edwards Turf
Denver City Lax vs. Warrior X – 1:00pm – Edwards Turf
BAWLS Guarana vs. Lacrossewear Red Lions – 3:00pm – Edwards Turf

Division B Bracket:
The Loafers vs. Team Gutman – 11:00am – Edwards Grass
Prestige Lacrosse vs. Southern Combat Americans – 1:00pm – Edwards Grass
True Lacrosse vs. Tunesquad – 3:00pm – Edwards Grass

For more:  http://www.vaillacrosse.com/2011/mens/elite/

Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: 2010 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Ends With Maverik Elite And CRSLax.com Winning Elite Men’s And Women’s Lacrosse Championships


Men's Elite Division

  2010 Men's Elite Champions  

Maverik Elite

Maverik Elite trailed Team Chipotle early in the game but took a 3-2 lead at the end of the first quarter and never looked back in route to a resounding 14-7 win in the 2010 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Men’s Elite Championship game.

  2010 Men's Elite All-Tournament Team  

Maverik Elite

(L-R): Brett Schmidt, John Gagliardi, Patrick Murray, Casey Powell, Sean Lindsay, Shamel Bratton, John Galloway, Steven Keogh, Andrew Lay

Maverik Elite trailed Team Chipotle early in the game but took a 3-2 lead at the end of the first quarter and never looked back in route to a resounding 14-7 win in the 2010 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Men’s Elite Championship game.

Maverik utilized their outstanding talent on both ends of the field to win the game. On offense, Vail Shootout All-Star Sean Lindsey (Syracuse ‘10) dominated, with seven points on six goals and one assist. Tournament Offensive MVP, Steve Keogh (Syracuse ’11) used his great vision and Canadian style of play to score four goals and one assist.

On the defensive end for Maverik, All-Star and Tournament Defensive MVP John Galloway (Syracuse ’11) finished with fifteen saves, stopping 68% of the shots he faced on the day. Galloway was phenomenal all tournament, fluidly making save after save in each game.

For Chipotle, Tournament All-Star Patrick Murray (Georgetown ’13) did a splendid job facing off, winning 60% of the draws today. Murray, who returned after competing with last year’s U19 Team Colorado was a force at the face off “X” all week for Chipotle, and at only 19 years of age the future looks bright for this young man from Denver.

Maverik was certainly the favorite coming into the game with their talented roster but Chipotle had the crowd on their side as their squad was mostly made up of players from Colorado. At the end of the day Maverik left little doubt as to who the better team was and celebrated their Championship in style as the Vail Lacrosse Shootout ended its 38th year.

Sunday Results:
Elite Championship: Maverik Elite 14, Team Chipotle 7
3rd Place Game: Team 21 10, Combat Sports/Rocky Mountain Oysters 2
5th Place Game: Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon 9, Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 8
7th Place Game: East Coast Kings 7, The Med 5
Consolation Championship: The Olympic Club 9, Brine Elite 8
11th Place: Team Awesome 10, Team Sasquatch 7

Consolation Game: Team Gutman 10, 83 ½ Lacrosse 9 (OT)
Consolation Game: Bigfoot Lacrosse 11, Victorious Secret 8

All-Tournament Team:
22 – Casey Powell – Maverik Elite
19 – Andrew Lay – Chipotle
21 – Sean Lindsay – Maverik Elite

17 – Rocco Romero – Team 21
8 – Jake Plunkett – Merrill Lynch
1 – Shamel Bratton – Maverik Elite

31 – Tim Deblois – Team 21
11 – John Gagliardi – Maverik Elite
4 – Brett Schmidt – Maverik Elite

15 – John Galloway – Maverik Elite

Long Stick Midfield:
14 – Ethan Vedder – Team 21

Face-Off Midfield:
4 – Patrick Murray – Chipotle

High Scorer
22 – Casey Powell – Maverik Elite

Defensive Most Valuable Player
15 – John Galloway – Maverik Elite

Offensive Most Valuable Player
8 – Steve Keogh – Maverick Elite

Women's Elite Division

  2010 Women's Elite Champions  

Baltimore Crabs

CRSLax.com finished the 2010 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Women’s Elite Tournament undefeated, winning their first Championship in team history.


Tournament veterans, CRSLax.com finished the 2010 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Women’s Elite Tournament undefeated, winning their first Championship in team history. The ladies from CRSLax.com were oh-so-close in 2009, losing the Championship in overtime, but they would not spurned again as they won convincingly against a scrappy Colorado Tropics team. Tournament MVP Ashley Mitchelides of CRSLax.com lead her team through a gauntlet of talented squads ultimately coming out unscathed in the Vail Shootout.

Sunday Results:
Elite Championship: CRSLax.com 15, Colorado Tropics 7
3rd Place: Portland Purple 13, Team Extreme 9
5th Place: Gang Green 11, #1 Stunner of the Month 7
7th Place: Colorado Storm 9, Minnesota Northstars 7
9th Place: TexLax 9, Team Wild 8

Women’s All-Tournament Team:
18 – Katie Sheridan – Portland
6 – Sara Cooper – TexLax
9 – Dana Marchitelli – Colorado Strom
1 – Halley Quillinan – #1 Stunner of the Month
18 – Kasey Rischmann – Team Wild
19 – Emily Gray – Minnesota Northstars
14 – Katherine Simmons – Team Extreme
11 – Lauren Bokmeyer – Team Chipotle
25 – Greta Mayer – Gang Green
10 – Megan MacDonald – Colorado Tropics
1 – Danielle O’Dwyer – Colorado Tropics
26 – Caitlin Carducci – CRSLax.com

Most Valuable Player
15 – Ashley Mitchelides – CRSLax.com