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NCAA Lacrosse: Ohio State Men’s Lacrosse Hosts Michigan In “Showdown In The Shoe” On April 12

Ohio State Men's Lacrosse Showdown in the Shoe 2014

The Ohio State men’s lacrosse team will host Michigan in the 2014 Showdown in the Shoe April 12 in Ohio Stadium. The matchup is slated for 11 a.m. and will precede the Ohio State football team’s spring game.
“We are excited to again have our men’s lacrosse team play in front of what we hope is another record-breaking crowd,” Gene Smith, Ohio State vice president/director of athletics, said. “Our fans embrace the rivalry with Michigan so this is a special chance to introduce even more of Buckeye Nation to the sport of lacrosse.”
The game will be the sixth edition of the Showdown in the Shoe, which began in 2008. The tradition was suspended in 2013 because of construction in Ohio Stadium that moved the Ohio State football spring game to Cincinnati. A record 31,078 fans were in attendance when the men’s lacrosse Buckeyes defeated Air Force in 2010. The first game drew a then-NCAA regular-season and on-campus attendance record of 29,601 fans, with 30,192 at the 2009 contest to top that mark. Attendance is recorded at halftime of the men’s lacrosse game, with tens of thousands more in the stadium by the end of the contest as the football spring game begins immediately after. The 2009 football spring game set a national attendance record of 95,722.
“We would like to thank Mr. Gene Smith and Coach Meyer for the opportunity to play in Ohio Stadium in conjunction with the spring football game,” Nick Myers, in his sixth year as the head coach of the Buckeyes, said. “The event provides our men with a venue and crowd that is like no other in the sport of lacrosse. We understand the responsibility and we have embraced the opportunity as Buckeyes to prepare for this great rivalry game on April 12, 2014.”
The game between the Buckeyes and Wolverines, who elevated their program to Division I status for the 2012 season, will be an ECAC Lacrosse League contest. The teams will face off as Big Ten foes beginning in 2015, when lacrosse will be added as an official conference sport and Ohio State and Michigan will be joined by Penn State, Maryland, Rutgers and Johns Hopkins.
Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State are again competing for the Creator’s Trophy, an annual award that goes to the team with wins against the other Big Ten schools that sponsor men’s lacrosse. Ohio State is the defending champion after topping the Wolverines (17-8) and Nittany Lions (10-9 OT) on the road last year. The Buckeyes host Penn State March 1 and the Wolverines play at Penn State Feb. 8 in the other 2014 Creator’s Trophy contests.

NCAA Lacrosse: Michigan Men’s Lacrosse Releases 2014 Schedule Featuring Penn State, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Bellarmine, Maryland, Saint Joseph’s, Fairfield, Air Force, Ohio State And Yale

Michigan Men's Lacrosse Banner

The University of Michigan men’s lacrosse team announced its 2014 schedule today (Monday, Nov. 18). The slate features 15 matches and will pit the Maize and Blue against six NCAA Tournament teams from a year ago.
Featured on the home slate will be marquee matchups against perennial powers Cornell (March 1), future Big Ten Conference member Maryland (March 18), and Yale (Saturday, April 19). Overall, the Wolverines will host seven home games, with six inside the Big House, and one matchup inside Oosterbaan Field House on Feb. 14.

MIchigan Men's Lacrosse 2014 Schedule

NCAA Lacrosse: Michigan Women’s Lacrosse “Team One” Fall Ball Video Filmed By Freshman Middie Regan Anderson (St. Margaret’s, CA)

Michigan Women's Lacrosse BannerThroughout the Michigan women’s lacrosse team’s inaugural fall season, the squad gained valuable experience on and off the field, began to build the program’s foundation and got acquainted with each of the 28 different personalities that make up Team One.

Knowing that being a part of the first women’s lacrosse team at the University of Michigan is a special privilege and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, freshman Regan Anderson (Dana Point, Calif./St. Margaret’s Episcopal School) wanted each memory created by Team One to be proximately documented. A student in U-M’s School of Art and Design, Anderson enjoys doing photography and videography in her spare time. Preferring to be behind the camera instead of in front of it, Anderson spent the fall doing just that — capturing countless Team One memories that her and her teammates will be able watch for years to come. Following the fall season, Anderson compiled some of her favorite moments into a special video for her team titled — Team One. One Team.

Anderson also wrote a blog about capturing the essence of Team One on camera:

My goal with this video was to document the “behind-the-scenes” of Michigan women’s lacrosse. Over the next four years, our class has the task of creating traditions and determining what we want the culture of this program to be. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that we were going to work hard every day on the field, but what people didn’t know is how dynamic our team would be off the field.

Over the several weeks of fall, we learned an exponential amount about our teammates. Kim (Coughlan) for instance loves to be the center of attention. Tess (Korten) laughs at almost anything, except the Navy SEALS because “that’s not funny”. As far as I’m concerned, I won the pumpkin carving competition and being an art major may or may not have given me a leg up. Kathy Quigley is the living version of Candace from Phineas and Ferb, and Jess Angerman has an obsession with sloths that might even rival coach Ancarrow’s obsession with cats. Kelly Schlansker, no matter how hard she tries, might not ever be able to say the word ‘breakfast’. And possibly the most valuable thing we’ve learned is how to interpret Coach U’s plays on the whiteboard after she’s erased and redrawn them over again multiple times.

There is still a lot that this video doesn’t capture in just one minute and thirty seconds, like all of the “Go Blue’s!” we got from strangers walking through the airport as a team in our matching sweat suits, or our rendition of “Say My Name” that we belted out in the back of the bus at midnight as we drove through the middle of nowhere on our way to Louisville. Lastly, this video definitely doesn’t capture all of the stolen cookie incidents that occurred because according to coach Valore cheese isn’t allowed and cookies definitely aren’t.

For more:  http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/w-lacros/spec-rel/111113aad.html

NCAA Lacosse: Michigan Women’s Lacrosse 2014 Schedule Features Villanova, Marquette, Florida, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, UC Davis, Ohio State, Navy, Brown, Cal Berkeley, Detroit, Vanderbilt And Fresno State

Michigan Women's Lacrosse BannerMichigan Women's Lacrosse 2014 Schedule

NCAA Lacrosse: Michigan Women’s Lacrosse “Picked A Tough Start” For Their Inaugural 2013-14 Season Against Loyola And Johns Hopkins On Sept 29; “No Better Teacher Than Experience”

Michigan Women's Lacrosse BannerThe Wolverines made their NCAA debut on a play day this past weekend at Loyola versus the Greyhounds and Johns Hopkins. Ulehla picked a tough start for a team full of freshman, and she did it on purpose. Her experience as an assistant at Florida, a start-up team that rapidly rose to the nation’s elite, taught her that there’s no better teacher than experience.

Michigan is finally ready to hit the field after years of preparation. © University of Michigan Women's Lacrosse Facebook

Michigan is finally ready to hit the field after years of preparation. © University of Michigan Women’s Lacrosse Facebook

After two years of recruiting, Michigan coach Jenny Ulehla missed the little things about game day.

“It’s nice to put a whistle around my neck,” she said. “I’ve been telling them I set this tournament up to play two nationally ranked programs right away because I can say it over and over again, expressing how hard they have to practice and it’s just so different from high school,” Ulehla said. “When we got on the bus and rolled out I said, ‘Was I right?’ They all said, ‘Absolutely.’”

by Clare Lochary

by Clare Lochary

Michigan lost both scrimmages by a wide margin, but it was a starting point for the Wolverines, which announced plans to field a lacrosse team in 2011 and pushed back its start date from 2013 to 2014 at Ulehla’s suggestion. Expectations were modest for a team that has only had a few practices together.

“We’ve only practiced two weeks. It was good for the team too. They’re going through a lot right now, college, away from home, level of play, first days of schools,” she said.

Michigan freshman Kim Coughlan, a midfielder from Port Jefferson, N.Y., got a little piece of Wolverines’ sports history for when she scored the first goal in Michigan’s first game against NCAA competition, on a low bounce shot on a free position late in the first half of the Loyola game

“It was definitely a wake-up call. We just know how much we have to work harder,” Coughlin said. “We were all shocked by the speed of the game. But it’s not anything that’s unattainable.”

Coughlan and fellow freshman attacker (and fellow Long Islander) Tess Korten appear to be the heart of the Wolverines’ offense, which for now relies mainly on dodging straight to goal. The offensive sets still need some time to develop. Goalies Allison Silber and Grace Collins saw a lot of shots as the Michigan defense saw a Division I attack up close and personal for the first time. Silber started in both scrimmages; Collins came in at the half. Of all the teams at the event, Michigan seemed to be taking the most advantage of the new rule change that allows for defenders to enter the crease. Being the new kids, with no entrenched habits to break, has the occasional advantage.

After a quick trip to Baltimore, the Wolverines returned to Michigan, where they had their first film session, complete with the distribution of individual iPads for each player. Having a new toy took some of the sting out of watching the replay of a pair of blowouts that showed the team how far they have to go between fall ball and their first real NCAA game, a road trip to Villanova on February 22. That’s just 144 days way.

“It’s going to take time, but we’re taking it day by day,” Ulehla said.

For more: http://www.laxmagazine.com/college_women/DI/2012-13/news/10113_30_in_30_michigan_kicks_off_year_one

NCAA Lacrosse: Michigan Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach Jennifer Ulehla Discusses “Building A Championship Culture” During 2014 Season

Michigan Women's Lacrosse Banner

The University of Michigan’s first women’s lacrosse team arrived on campus nearly one month ago (Aug. 28) and has spent the past 10 days practicing as a team. Head coach Jennifer Ulehla, who spent the 721 days prior to Aug. 28, working diligently in her office and on the recruiting trail without a team, now has 28 talented and energetic players ready to be molded into a championship-level team.
In addition to getting acclimated to the many demands of being a college student, the 28 freshmen that make up the team’s roster are also adjusting to being collegiate student-athletes. When the Wolverines take the field on Sunday (Sept. 29) at Loyola University for their first fall ball games, they will have just 11 full team practices under their belt. Michigan will face Loyola at 10 a.m., directly followed by a matchup with Johns Hopkins at 11:20 a.m.

Michigan Women's Lacrosse Head Coach Jennifer Ulehla

Michigan Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach Jennifer Ulehla

On how practice is going so far … “We’re a week and a half into practice now and we’re really making great progress. What I’ve said to the team is, each and every day we want to come in and work at 100 percent. We need them to compete at a level that is greater than what they’re used to in order to prepare them for the games that we’ll be playing this fall. Each and every day we’re learning and getting better. Our staff has been pleased with their attentiveness, their willingness to learn, their comradery and their work ethic. It’s always a challenge when you have 28 freshmen, to help them understand how hard they have to work to compete at this level. This weekend is going to be a great opportunity for them to get a feel for what it takes, not only to play at the top Division I level, but also how they need to compete in practice each and every day to get better.”

michigan_lacrosseOn the players adjusting to life as collegiate student-athletes … “Being part of Team One and establishing a program from the very beginning is challenging — it’s incredibly exciting — but it’s also very challenging. These young women have embraced this challenge and presented themselves in an incredibly mature manner. They are showing great character and have represented the University of Michigan and our women’s lacrosse program in a way that we’re proud of. They’ve done a great job dealing with the pressures of being a team of 28 freshmen, coming to college, being away from home, and having to adjust to new professors and an academically strenuous schedule, as well as the strength and conditioning aspect of our program, which is at a completely different level than in high school. They are getting to know our support staff and learning to take advantage of all the wonderful resources we have here at Michigan. We’ve had some great feedback from professors and all the other individuals that touch this program and we couldn’t be prouder. Like any program, there are times where mistakes are going to be made, but what I really love about this group is that they’re willing to admit to those mistakes and learn from them. That’s how we’re going to get better each day on the field and it’s how we’re going to get better off the field. It’s a process and we’re excited to continue to see them grow each and every day.”

On the team getting its first game experience against quality competition … “Being able to play two nationally ranked teams — Johns Hopkins and Loyola — is going to be a great opportunity for us to learn and see what we have been able to accomplish over the last two weeks. With all freshmen, we’re certainly going to take our bumps and bruises, but we’re going into it making sure that our focus is on our effort. We just want to get out there and compete and get an idea of where we are and what we need to work on from here. It’s a scrimmage, it’s not our first game, but it feels as if it’s been forever since I’ve actually coached a game. I’m really looking forward to having my staff out on the sidelines with me and coaching these young women who have been working so hard. For us, it’s going to be a day to remember. We’ll learn a tremendous amount and it will give us a bench mark we can use going forward. It will be an exciting day.”

On her expectations for the team this fall … “Going into the fall, our staff’s expectations are twofold — 1. to begin to build the championship culture that we want here at the University of Michigan for the women’s lacrosse program; and 2. to develop, individually and as a team, the skills that we need to compete at a top Division I level. We want to help each individual recognize their strengths and their weaknesses as a lacrosse player and how they can continue to grow and contribute to our team’s success. In addition to that, one of our main focuses since they arrived on campus has been for our players to get faster and stronger. Our conditioning and lifting, along with game experience in the fall, will help prepare them to compete at a high level in the spring.”

On going back to Baltimore, which is her hometown and home for many U-M players … “This couldn’t come at a better time. The team has been here for several weeks now and being able to spend some quality time with their parents, family and friends will serve them well at this point. For me, being able to go back to my hometown of Baltimore for our first scrimmage, representing the University of Michigan, is incredibly special and something I’m extremely proud of.”

On competing in the first fall game on her birthday … “After the game, we’re going to this great tailgate that our parents are putting together for our first scrimmage. We’ll be back in Maryland, and it’s my birthday, and if you’ve ever read any of our ‘101 Ways to Get to Know Women’s Lacrosse’, you’ll know that on my birthday my favorite cake is not birthday cake — it’s CRAB cake! I’m really hoping that all the parents out there are reading this and will remember that I love crab cake. I don’t need 45 candles in the crab cake though, one will do. I would be okay with them singing happy birthday to me with a crab cake (laughing).”

For more:  http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/w-lacros/spec-rel/092713aab.html

NCAA Lacrosse: Michigan Women’s Lacrosse Releases 2013 Fall Schedule Featuring Loyola, Johns Hopkins, Louisville, Marquette And Detroit


University of Michigan women’s lacrosse head coach Jennifer Ulehla announced the program’s inaugural fall schedule today (Monday, Sept. 16). The nine-game schedule will be highlighted by its home tournament on Sunday, Oct. 20, at Oosterbaan Fieldhouse.
The Wolverines will begin fall action on Sunday, Sept. 29, at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md. U-M will face Loyola, who finished the 2013 season ranked No. 10 in the IWLCA Coaches Poll, at 10 a.m. and American Lacrosse Conference (ALC) foe Johns Hopkins at 11:20 a.m.

Michigan Women's Lacrosse 2013 Fall Schedule

On Saturday, Oct. 12, Michigan will travel to the University of Louisville for a single game against the Cardinals at noon.

The women’s lacrosse program will host its inaugural fall tournament on Sunday, Oct. 20. The Wolverines will welcome second-year program Marquette, as well as Detroit to Oosterbaan Fieldhouse for 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. matchups, respectively.

The Maize and Blue will cap its fall season by traveling to Duke University to play four games on Saturday, Oct. 26, and Sunday, Oct. 27. The Wolverines will play two games each day — opponents and exact game times will be announced at a later date.

Michigan will open its inaugural 2014 season on Saturday, Feb. 22, at Villanova, before welcoming Marquette back to Ann Arbor for its first regular-season home contest on Friday, Feb. 28. The first women’s lacrosse team in program history was announced on Nov. 21, 2012, and features 28 players from 10 different states across the country.

NCAA Lacrosse: “Legacy” Video, An All-Access Look At 2012 Michigan Men’s Lacrosse Team One Matchup With Ohio State Wins 2013 Emmy Award

Legacy Michigan Lacrosse Team One VideoLegacy,” an all-access look at the University of Michigan men’s lacrosse Team One matchup against Ohio State in the 2012 Battle at the Big House, produced for MGoBlue.com won an Emmy Award from the Michigan Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences last weekend (June 15) at MotorCity Casino Soundboard Theater in Detroit.

Legacy Emmy AwardWriter/producer Michael O’Leary and his group of Britta O’Leary, Jonathan Campbell and Martin Vloet took home the win in the Photographer-Program (Non-News) category. The piece was narrated by actor Zach McGowan, and was also nominated for Sports-One Time Special as well as Writer-Program.

“These annual lacrosse videos have been nominated before, but it’s pretty special to be recognized this year as an Emmy winner,” said O’Leary, who played under men’s lacrosse head coach John Paul from 2001-05, earning All-CCLA second team honors as a midfielder in 2004. “However, it’s more than a professional recognition of the craft, it’s a testament to Coach Paul’s understanding and leveraging of unique media and communication vehicles. Our group was granted unprecedented and completely unrestricted access to the players, coaches and staff throughout the entire process, which allows us to focus on being creative. The ability to do something like this is just a small part of what Coach Paul has always encouraged, which is to be leaders and the best in everything we do and establish an elite Division I culture. It was a privilege to play for him and it’s a continued pleasure to give back to team every year.”

Overall, O’Leary has been nominated for 15 Emmy Awards and has won six. His resume also boasts four College Sports Media Award category wins, including one in 2011 for College Sports Video of the Year, which was entitled “Timeless” and featured a historical look at Michigan Stadium and the U-M football team.

For more:  http://www.mgoblue.com/sports/m-lacros/spec-rel/061913aae.html

NCAA Lacrosse: Johns Hopkins Men’s Lacrosse To Join “Big Ten” Conference Along With Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State And Rutgers

Big Ten Lacrosse

The Blue Jays would join Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Rutgers presumably after the 2014 season, when Maryland and Rutgers are slated to leave the Atlantic Coast Conference and Big East, respectively.

After 130 years as an independent in men’s lacrosse, Johns Hopkins will be  joining the Big Ten. An announcement has been scheduled for Monday morning when the university  will confirm the move, according to sources and a published report.

The news conference will be held at 11 a.m. at the Cordish Lacrosse Center on  Johns Hopkins’ campus in Baltimore.

Big Ten and university officials would not comment on the move.

The addition of Johns Hopkins will give the Big Ten its sixth member – a  requirement for the conference to earn an automatic qualifier to the NCAA  tournament.

The announcement comes 17 days after a seven-member special committee  recommended May 17 that the university seek conference affiliation after the  team had spent the past 130 years as an independent.

During an ensuing conference call with athletic director Tom Calder and coach  Dave Pietramala, Pietramala had said that he would like the Blue Jays to begin  conference play in 2015.

Johns Hopkins’ move is the latest in the conference realignment wave in men’s  lacrosse. In 2011, Syracuse announced that it would leave the Big East for the  ACC, and Notre Dame followed the Orange in September. The month before the  Fighting Irish’s announcement, Loyola, which captured the national championship  in 2012, said it would switch from the Eastern College Athletic Conference to  the Patriot League for the 2014 season.

In November, Maryland and Rutgers announced that they would join the Big  Ten.

Read more: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/lacrosse-blog/bal-johns-hopkins-lacrosse-program-to-join-big-ten-20130602,0,1998652.story#ixzz2V6hKJ4Cg

NCAA Lacrosse: Video Highlights Of #5 Denver Men’s Lacrosse 12-4 Win Over Michighan

The No. 5 University of Denver men’s lacrosse team clinched the Eastern College Athletic Conference Regular Season Title and the top seed in the conference tournament with a 12-4 victory over Michigan.