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Weekly LAXPost Recruiting Newsletter From ConnectLAX: “What College Coaches Look For”

Learn What College Coaches Are Looking For With The Weekly LAXPost

Get recruiting advice from college coaches and stay up-to-date on recruiting trends with the LAXPost, a free weekly recruiting newsletter. Discover news and events in a clean and clear newsletter that’s all content, no ads. Sign up here:


Learn what college coaches are looking for in a player and the best ways to get on their recruiting radar. Get practical tips on how to stand out in today’s accelerated recruiting landscape and how this trend impacts the recruiting approach of college coaches.

When Fairfield Coach Andy Copelan was a Maryland assistant, he remembers Coach Cottle saying, “If you stay the same, you get worse”. Learn how to grow your game and recruiting knowledge with the LAXPost weekly newsletter from ConnectLAX.

View past LAXPost newsletters at ConnectLAX.com and find featured recruiting events to elevate or showcase your game this summer.

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