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College Lacrosse Recruiting: Peter Worstell’s “California Gold” And Most Premier Lacrosse Camps Increase Focus On Sophomore Lacrosse Recruiting

Inside LacrosseMore of the country’s premier summer camps and recruiting events, the ones that attract packs of college coaches, have added sessions for “rising sophomores,” or kids who have just completed their freshman seasons.

“The nature of recruiting has changed drastically over the past five years,” says former Syracuse All-America Mike Springer, a co-founder of Showtime. “Players are being identified earlier now than ever. Although rising sophomores can’t talk to coaches [per NCAA rules], early recognition for players is beneficial for them to have multiple opportunities to be seen.”

Many players who attend these events have yet to play in a varsity game, and are often recommended for participation by coaches the previous fall or winter — when they’ve just come out of middle school.

Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip at UMBC added a sophomore session this summer. Maverik Showtime in Connecticut, which continues to grow in status, is billed as an invite-only showcase for the top 160 rising sophomores and juniors. In the West, Peter Worstell’s California Gold includes sophomores as well.

Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip at UMBC added a sophomore session this summer. Maverik Showtime in Connecticut, which continues to grow in status, is billed as an invite-only showcase for the top 160 rising sophomores and juniors. In the West, Peter Worstell’s California Gold includes sophomores as well.

But there has certainly already proven to be a viable market. Players want to be noticed and land that scholarship. Coaches are always looking for an edge on their peers and these new events are an opportunity to get a headstart on the Classes of 2012, ’13 and beyond.

“It gives you an idea of who to track,” Cornell coach Jeff Tambroni said after watching a rising sophomore all-star game at July’s Long Island Showcase at Dowling College. “It helps in terms of homework, and the information can be good. But the kids are not fully developed, so you tend to look for athleticism and hope that the skills will catch up later.”

But how early is too early? Three years removed from being a freshman on campus means more time for injuries or other variables to affect a high school player’s status, which is why Tambroni and others worry about what he says is the likely inevitability of sophomores committing to colleges.

Even though direct contact between college coaches and recruits isn’t permitted until the start of junior year, coaches have found gray areas in the rule book (intermediaries, new technologies) to send and receive messages and arrange for campus visits.

“You have kids visiting before they’re juniors,” one DI coach says. “There’s no security guard at the gate.”

“That’s a scary prospect,” Tambroni says of sophomores committing. “That’s when I think it’s going to be unfair and mistakes will happen. There’s a big difference, physically and mentally, between juniors and sophomores.”

One Top 20 DI coach says the uncertainty that surround sophomores is why he’s hesitant, at this point, to dedicate most of his program’s recruiting energies toward them when talented juniors remain uncommitted. And while many programs are now leaving open space for late-blooming seniors, more players than ever are falling through the cracks — which is good news for programs outside the Top 10. The earlier guys commit, the more likely a top college team winds up with a dud whose development curve flattens.

But still, it appears the climate continues to trend younger. Nothing seemed to stop the rapid move toward juniors in the last five years. If anything, the circumstances now — more players and more exposure — are better suited to encourage earlier recruiting.

“That’s great if you’re a superstar,” says Landon (Md.) School coach Rob Bordley, using former Blue Chippers Matt Ward and Peter Lamade as examples. “But most kids aren’t. I hate where it’s going. It’s bad for the kids, and puts pressure on us and parents with all sorts of anxieties as kids enter their sophomore year. But it’s only the NCAA and the coaches that can stop it.”

There have been few indications of that happening soon. At the Long Island Showcase, which included separate games for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors, more than 15 college coaches took notes on the sophomores, including Tambroni, Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala, North Carolina’s Joe Breschi and representatives from Syracuse, Ohio State, Hofstra, Penn State and Army.

“Recruiting sophomores is just starting,” a top DI assistant says. “We will see in seven years how successful it is or is not. It will depend on how well the kids develop down the road.”


California Lacrosse Camps: Peter Worstell Lacrosse “California Gold” Update

PeterWorstellLacrosseCaliforniaGoldInvitationalWednesday, the gears shifted to the California Gold Invitational proper. Neat set up, covering two fields at a park in Danville, with the mountains in the distance. The goals were painted gold and black, and gold flags littered the field. It was 95 degrees but dry, and a breeze helped relieve the heat.

Inside Lacrosse

Again, several important faces on the sidelines, including Dave Cottle (Maryland), Richie Meade (Navy), Joe Breschi (UNC), Jeff Tambroni (Cornell), Andy Copelan (Fairfield), Frank Fedorjaka (Bucknell), Nick Myers (Ohio State), plus representatives from Army, Duke, Hofstra, Notre Dame, Bellarmine, Stony Brook, Towson, Limestone and MCLA programs like Arizona State and California.

The rising seniors and underclassmen played on separate fields for most of the day, starting first with simple 1v1, 4v4 drills, then moving to scrimmages. At the end they mixed up the talent so a teams of underclassmen were going against teams of rising seniors.

Good talent all around, especially the athleticism in the middle of the field. In traffic the kids struggled a bit, especially trying to execute crease offense. Among the highlights:

Tyler Ekeroth (Jr./M/Rancho Bernardo HS): Was the star of the second half of the day; racked up four goals in the final session against the seniors; great glide in his run, good change of direction and fluid outside shot; Murmurs were that he was very similar in style to UNC’s Jimmy Dunster.

Conner Hunt (Jr./D/De La Salle): The defensive MVP of the Be the Best camp, Hunt’s size, physicality and athleticism, both running full field and playing close, were apparent. Easy pickup for a team looking for an athletic defender. Listed at 6-4, 205 lbs.

Mike Riis (Jr./LSM/La Costa Canyon): Another good, athletic LSM, Riis was strong at taking it into the offense and being a threat to score or feed. Easy to see how his talents could develop.

Ben Krebs (Jr./G/Foothill): Had the best day among the goalies. Active to the ball, made nice saves low and could outlet well.

Mike Tagliaferri (So./M/San Ramon): One of the most physical midfielders on the day, played with a bullish tenacity. Scored 31 goals as freshman. Impressive, even in Cali.

Matt Emery (Fr./M/St. Ignatius Prep): Only going into his freshman year, Emery showed a full field swiftness and early size (6-0) for such a young player. Shades of his brother Rob (Virginia).

Jack Yeatman (So./A/Rancho Bernardo): He’s relatively tall for his age (6-1) but may have to pack on a few pounds (155 lbs.). Knew the game though and had some talents to work with, though not the initial size of his brother (yet).

Cameron Cole (Jr./A/Foothill): Again, showed the fluidity of an experienced attackman, and had a few slick moves to the cage. Prolific for his high school (49G, 20A).

Kendrick Gaston-Trevillon (So./A/Redwood) There are players special to lacrosse. The crafty-short-stocky attackman is one of them. Gaston-Trevillon fits the mold, with some slick stick skills around the cage, as well as finishing ability.

Maclane Whims (Jr./M/Bellarmine College Prep): Not quite as fluid as the other top middies, still showed some good full field speed, and knew how to set up the offense.

Overall, some quality DI-capable talent mixed with a lot of good overall lacrosse talent. Check back tomorrow for Day 2 of California Gold Camp.


California Lacrosse Camps: 2009 “California Gold” And “Be The Best” Lacrosse Camps, Hosted By Peter Worstell, Begin On July 12 And Will Feature All-Americans Max Seibald Of Cornell And Kenny Nims Of Syracuse


Worstell hosts two of the most elite lacrosse camps in the country, “Be The Best” and “California Gold,” which expose boys to training from top-notch collegiate coaches and players.

The four-time NCAA All-American at Maryland has played a large role in building the lacrosse community in the East Bay, and has played an even bigger part in getting boys in this area, and in the state, noticed by college programs.

A four-time NCAA All-American at Maryland, Peter Worstell has played a large role in building the lacrosse community in the East Bay, and has played an even bigger part in getting boys in this area, and in the state, noticed by college programs.

(From InsideBayArea.com) Between red-eye flights to Dallas, Chicago and various other cities to which his occupation takes him, San Ramon Valley High School boys lacrosse coach Peter Worstell has been able to feed his passion, which is the game he coaches.

Worstell hosts two of the most elite lacrosse camps in the country, “Be The Best” and “California Gold,” which expose boys to training from top-notch collegiate coaches and players.

The list of coaches goes on and on, and it includes guys such as Hall of Famer Jack Emmer, the former coach of Army, and Dave Pietramala and John Danowski, coaches at top-notch programs such as Johns Hopkins and Duke.

The players include Max Seibald of Cornell, who was the NCAA’s top midfielder, and All-American Kenny Nims of a Syracuse team that won the national championship.

Obviously, Worstell has done, and is doing, a lot for lacrosse in Northern California, but make no mistake: The camps next week are not about him at all, and he will be the first one to tell you that.

“These camps are not about me in any way. They are about the game and the players,” Worstell said. “The kids learn values of the game and get a lot of experience. It’s a throwback. It’s presenting a lacrosse player with the opportunity to be prepared and people want to be a part of it.” 

The first camp, Be The Best, runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday to Tuesday. More than 300 boys will attend, with more than 70 top coaches and players, making for a nearly 4-1 ratio of player to coach, which guarantees a lot of hands-on work.

“There are so many aspects of the game and we want them involved and to keep them involved,” Worstell said. “We don’t emphasize where they are, but instead where they are going. It’s a teach-up philosophy.”

California Gold will run Wednesday and Thursday, and the players whittle down to 110. It is an invitation-only camp, with the best players displaying their skills for the best schools.

“It’s a venue that gives them exposure and showtime,” Worstell said. “If they are the cream of the crop, it’s worth it.”

The camps aren’t about making money, but about motivating the young men involved. Every camp is ended with heartfelt speeches on academics and hard work.

“These camps are for people who are passionate about the game,” Worstell said. “I temper blowing smoke, because there is enough of that out there.”


Peter Worstell Lacrosse Announces 2009 California Gold Invitational High School Lacrosse Player Invites



Rising Juniors and younger:

Jack Yeatman Rancho Bernardo HS

Cory Wizenberg Harvard Westlake HS

Cameron Cole Foothill HS OC

Michael Gennuso La Costa Canyon HS

Patrick Konttinen Redwood HS

JW McGovern St Ignatius College Prep

Jack MCormick St Isidore School

Jack Bodine St. Ignatius College Prep

Gabe Garcia Foothill HS

Bobby Gray St. Ignatius College Prep

Kevin Weigand Bellarmine College prep

Chad Cohan St. Ignatius College Prep

Sean Hayden La Costa Canyon HS

Tyler Ekeroth Rancho Bernardo HS

Matt Browne Foothill HS OC

Cooper Pickell Foothill HS OC

Mathew Duenes St Margaret’s Episcopal

Cameron Stone Foothill HS OC

Kendrick Gaston Redwood HS

Will Montero Palmer School

Michael Tagliaferri San Ramon Valley HS

John Gibbons St Ignatius College Prep

Barrett Mistele San Francisco University HS

Chase Miller San Ramon Valley HS

Ryan Le Bellermine College Prep

Patrick Worstell San Ramon Valley HS

Charlie Evans De La Salle HS

Maclane Whims Bellarmine College Prep

William McKee St. Ignatius College Prep

Matt Emery Town School

Mitch Flaherty Amador Valley HS

Michael Summers San Ramon Valley HS

Knute Kraus Tesoro HS

Mathew McCall Capistrano Valley HS

Mike Riis La Costa Canyon HS

Jeremy Hutchens Rancho Bernardo HS

Jordan Weiss San Ramon Valley HS

Walter Wakeman San Clemente HS

Chance Cooper Foothill HS OC

Carson Mead Miramonte HS

Jordan LaTendresse San Ramon Valley HS

Brian Raaka Miramonte HS

Connor Hunt De La Salle HS

Nick Fotsch St Ignatius College Prep

Heneli Kailahi Foothill HS

Kyle Ennis San Ramon Valley HS

Matti Ruetman Monte Vista HS

Zachary Weaver Rancho Bernardo HS

Bradley Brandenburg Los Altimos HS

Eric Sanschagrin La Costa Canyon HS

Ben Krebs Foothill HS

Ted Wilm De La Salle HS

Gabe Gilleran Miramonte HS

Rising Seniors:

Jack McGarry Poway HS

Nicholas De La Espriella Mira Costa HS

Erik Myers Torrey Pines HS

Alex Pardieu La Costa Canyon HS

Timmy Andrews La Costa Canyon HS

Ryan Mix Corona Del Mar

Cameron Smith Los Gatos HS

AJ Von Massenhausen Bellermine College Prep

Adam Rosenthal Redwood HS

Austin Shea San Francisco University HS

James Torrey California HS

Ryan Lieber Monte Vista HS

Tyler Allen Stevenson HS

Max Zeff St. Ignatius College Prep HS

Nick Colletti De La Salle HS

Mitchel Hymowitz Mira Costa HS

Ian Hare La Costa Canyon HS

Connor O’Toole Harvard Westlake HS

Andrew Hayden La Costa Canyon HS

Ross Rudow San Ramon Valley HS

Sean Mullen De La Salle HS

Rob Emery St. Ignatius College Prep

Will Naughton St. Ignatius College Prep

Nick Alimam St. Ignatius College Prep

Dax Cohan St. Ignatius College Prep

Dylan Osborne Robert Louis Stevenson HS

Nick Maruyama Menlo HS

Henri Lipton Healdsburg HS

Cody Soberanes Monte Vista HS

Logan Quin Acalanes HS

Giancarlo Sangiacomo St. Ignatius College Prep

Christian Pereira De La Salle HS

Scott Wheaton Foothill HS

Spencer Rosen St. Ignatius Prep

David Haggerty Granite Bay HS

Kyle Bullington Menlo HS

Reid Tudor La Costa Canyon HS

Bobby Heyer La Costa Canyon HS

Steven Bogert La Costa Canyon HS

Christopher Adams St. Margaret’s Episcopal

Zachary Chavez Foothill HS OC

Alexander Cihla Bellermine College Prep

Garrett Garcia De La Salle HS

John Jefferis Amador Valley HS

Ryan Slee San Ramon Valley HS

Ryan Bullen Acalanes HS

John Rosa Marin Catholic HS

Andrew McGuiness St. Ignatius Prep

Andrew Nuss San Ramon Valley HS

Kevin McGovern Branson HS

Jeff Askin St. Margaret’s Episopal

Nathan Kleponis Foothill HS OC

Barrett Meister Harvard Westlake HS

Niko Dutra Monte Vista HS

Keegan Fin St. Ignatius College Prep HS

Max Brier Novato HS