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“Champion Magazine” Spring 2014 Issue Features Albion College Men’s Lacrosse Sr. Defenseman Carl Pressprich & Rebirth Of Michigan Auto Industry

Albion Men's Lacrosse Defenseman Carl Pressprich NCAA Champion Magazine Spring 2014Albion Men’s Lacrosse Sr. Defenseman Carl Pressprich is on the defense — in lacrosse and for the imperiled place he wants to call home.

An NCAA “Champion Magazine” Profile.

For months last year, Carl Pressprich worked behind two monitors and a laptop in a solitary cubicle at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, the nation’s largest science and energy lab managed for the U.S. Department of Energy. Pressprich engineered a lofty project: writing computer programming code that could one day help protect wireless networks – which control everything from the electric grid to hotel heating and cooling systems – from hackers and terrorists.

“Hackers already have the tools they need to hack into these networks,” Pressprich said. “Because the tools exist and are so readily available, we wanted to focus on a way to identify outsiders so the network can shut out that traffic and prevent it from causing damage.”

Pressprich, a defender on the Albion College lacrosse team who is working toward a career in engineering, worked mostly alone, even as an intern. His only co-worker: a supervisor who provided direction through email because his work often took him out of the office. The project was fulfilling, matched Pressprich’s skills and could become pioneering work in the field of network security.

Yet despite working so closely on the cyberthreats of the future, Pressprich sees his own future on a different path – one that many might consider to be an industry of the past: automobiles. Pressprich wants to be among the legions of young people who write the next chapter for Detroit, just 90 minutes east of Albion and the longtime capital of the American automotive industry.

“Why would I work in Detroit after school? Why would I stay in the auto industry when they’re struggling and companies are going bankrupt?” Pressprich asks. “I see it as a new problem to solve. How do you make new cars more efficient? How do you make them lighter, cheaper, safer? There are just so many different interesting problems to solve with an automobile.”

Pressprich now wants to play defender for Detroit against an uncertain future. The Detroit of today might not seem like the place to focus a promising engineering career. The city, faced with $14 billion in long-term debt, filed for bankruptcy in 2013; an estimated 50 percent of its residents have no jobs; and the city is shrinking, with one-quarter of its inhabitants moving out between 2000 and 2010.

But for up-and-comers willing to take a chance on this Michigan city, opportunities abound: Entrepreneurism is contagious, with tech startups budding and young risk-takers flocking to take advantage of cheap real estate. Even the American auto industry is on the upswing: Americans’ appetite for buying cars is returning, and leaner, more efficient Detroit automakers are even outperforming foreign rivals by some measures for the first time in more than a decade.

Plus, Pressprich sees Detroit as more than just a problem to solve. A Michigan native and the grandson of two electrical engineers who worked in the automotive industry – one at Ford, one at General Motors – Pressprich wants to build a life in his home state and sees the rebuilding of Detroit as a charge for his generation of Michiganders.

“Most of our students are from Michigan, and their passion for and loyalty to the state of Michigan are incredible,” said Dr. Michael Frandsen, interim president of Albion. “They want to build a life here, and they want to invest their talent and their energy into helping Michigan be successful. Detroit has certainly taken a beating, in reality and in perception, and a lot of people want to be part of changing that.”

Photographed inside Caster Concepts, an Albion-based manufacturer that laser-cut hundreds of metal pieces for the “Comet!” sculpture in the college’s science atrium, Pressprich hopes his career keeps him in his home state.


Pressprich grew up in Ann Arbor as the son of two University of Michigan graduates. His dad is an accountant; his mother trained as a nurse. Among their children, Carl is the one their mother always calls upon to fix the dishwasher or the dryer because of his knack for taking things apart – and putting them back together.

As a boy, Pressprich enjoyed spending time with his maternal grandfather, Laurence Mieras, who worked in product development at Ford. Pressprich calls him a “method-driven man” and said he learns from his grandfather, now 79, just by listening to how he tackles a problem – whether he’s fixing engines or woodworking.

“I don’t have some story where I knew that I was supposed to be an engineer,” Pressprich said. “My whole life has kind of been constant reminders and constant inspiration drawn from my family, drawn from my teachers, drawn from the way I look at the world.”

Pressprich was in high school the first time he picked up a lacrosse stick. Already a football player, he realized that he performed better academically when he had a sport to help balance his time. He went looking for a spring sport – and found lacrosse.

“It’s a really physical sport, really fast-paced,” Pressprich said. “It was a real pressure environment. I loved it.”

Albion lacrosse coach Jake DeCola first met Pressprich while recruiting some of his teammates when Pressprich was a high school junior. DeCola was drawn to Pressprich’s size – 6-foot-1, 210 pounds – and told the high school student about Albion’s dual-degree program: Pressprich could attend Albion for three years, then transfer to an engineering school and finish in five years total with bachelor’s degrees from both Albion and the engineering school.

The Albion program fit Pressprich’s interest in earning a liberal arts education while also building personal relationships with his professors.

Physics professor David G. Seely said he has always been impressed by Pressprich’s ability to balance school obligations with his other interests, which are many and varied.

“Albion tends to attract students who have a lot of outside interests, and Carl’s not an exception,” Seely said. “But often, those students have a hard time balancing all their interests. Carl has always impressed me as being able to balance his schedule and do well in academics while at the same time participating in lacrosse.”

Pressprich learned in March that he had been admitted to his top-choice engineering school. His pick isn’t surprising: Michigan, a school that allows him to stay close to home and has myriad networking contacts in the city where Pressprich hopes to settle.

“My whole life, I’ve wanted to work in the auto industry or at one of the companies that work around Detroit to support the auto industry,” he said. “Detroit has shrunk so much, but there are so many people who are working so hard to make it an amazing city.”



NCAA Lacrosse: Louisville Women’s Lacrosse Senior Attacker Nikki Boltja Earned 3rd Team All-American Honors And BIG EAST Conference Scholar-Athlete Excellence Award In 2013

Louisville LacrosseNikki Boltja proved once again why she is one of the most potent attackers in the country.  While being double and triple teamed most of the year, Nikki still managed to rack up 59 goals and 10 assists. 

With those stats she earned IWLCA 3rd Team All-American, Synapse Sports 3rd Team All American, 1st Team all West/Midwest Region and 1st Team All Big East. 

Nikki’s excellence went beyond the field as she once again succeeded in the classroom.  

Because of her dedication in the classroom and on the field, Nikki earned the 2012-2013 BIG EAST Conference Scholar-Athlete Excellence Award.  We can’t wait to see what Nikki’s senior year will bring!!

Louisville Women’s Lacrosse Newsletter

NCAA Lacrosse: Harvard Men’s Lacrosse Face Off Specialist Keegan Michel Profile (Video)

Face off specialist Keegan Michel dissects the Crimson’s play at the X and discusses how improved play from the wings will benefit the team.

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MCLA Lacrosse: Profile Of Coaches And Players From 2013 Michigan State Men’s Lacrosse Team

michigan state men's lacrosseProfile of the 2013 Michigan State Spartans Men’s lacrosse club team. Michigan State experienced a coaching change after making it to Nationals in 2012. This is almost unheard of. Watch as the program reaches new heights after a new attitude is instilled upon the team.

Major League Lacrosse: Boston Cannons Superstar Middie Paul Rabil Is Making Sixth-Straight MLL All-Star Game Appearance On July 13 In Charlotte, NC

Major League Lacrosse All-Star Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil, who graduated from the prestigious Johns Hopkins university in 2008, was one of the most highly regarded prospects in draft history. Rabil’s incredible athleticism combined with his uncanny ability to shoot on the run made him the number one overall pick in the 2008 MLL Collegiate Draft.
Boston immediately knew that they had drafted a star. Rabil’s performance in his rookie campaign earned him a spot on his first All-Star roster, a trend that has continued throughout his career. With his selection to the 2013 All-Star game, Rabil will make an appearance on his sixth ASG roster, a Cannons’ franchise record for a single player.
Throughout his career, Rabil has been able to put up some very impressive numbers. The perennial All-Star has a combined 281 career points in 65 appearances for Boston.
In 2013 Rabil has been living up to his expectations as one of the best shooting midfielders in the MLL. Rabil’s shooting percentage is currently .236, his highest since 2010 when he finished the season scoring on 26 percent of his shots. The former collegiate All-American has carried the Cannons’ offensive load for much of the first half of the season, Rabil is currently tied with Drew Snider for fourth in the league in scoring behind Chriis Bocklet, Kevin Crowley and Brendan Mundorf.
Rabil’s offensive numbers are the highest when he distributes the ball well, something that he hasn’t had going in the first half of the season. Rabil’s teammate, fellow All-Star Mike Stone, has contributed to the Cannons’ scoring attack and has helped right the ship after a rocky start to begin the year.
Rabil is the consummate professional on the field and is now widely considered to be the best player in the league. With three points this weekend against Charlotte, the Cannons’ All-Star will pass Conor Gill to become Boston’s all time leading scorer.

International Lacrosse: Team England U-19 Women’s Lacrosse Player Profile (Video)

A teenager from Hampshire is celebrating an England call-up for an international tour of Canada this summer – which could lead to a place at the World Cup in her chosen sport in a few years’ time. 16-year-old Emily Sambrook Smith from Winchester is a rising star of Lacrosse. Kris Temple has been along to see her in action.

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MCLA Lacrosse: Colorado Men’s Lacrosse All-American Goalie Brad Macnee Profiled By Lacrosse Magazine As A Fiery And Experienced Team Leader “Who Gets A Little More Leeway”

Colorado State Men's Lacrosse BannerMacnee is allowed to make this transformation without much blowback because of his accomplishments for the Buffs. Colorado has made the MCLA tournament the first three years of Macnee’s tenure and, at 14-0 heading into this weekend’s game with top-ranked and defending national champion Colorado State, it is a lock for Greenville once again thanks in large part to his presence.

Colorado Men's Lacrosse Goalie Brad Macnee

Mild-mannered computer science nerd off the field, Brad Macnee morphs into a completely different guy when he steps between the pipes for second-ranked Colorado. Photo by Cecil Copeland

Colorado head coach John Galvin has two standing rules he likes to enforce during his practices: no cursing among the players and no smiles spreading across his face.

Galvin’s no prude, he just feels swearing represents a certain lack of discipline, something that his entire Buffalo program is predicated on. He’s no grouch, either, but he likes to keep a businesslike demeanor when his second-ranked program gets ready for games in the MCLA. As much as he tries to adhere to these cornerstones, there are certain occasions when he’ll allow the rules to be bent, and typically they involve senior All-American goalie Brad Macnee.

“At practice, he is kind of a fiery guy,” Galvin said of Macnee. “Brad probably has a little more leeway, not because he’s Brad Macnee, but he has been there before and he’s trying to fire up our guys. He says some things that will make me smirk. He says some things to our guys to get them fired up. He’s serious, but I find it pretty amusing.”

Lacrosse Magazine banner

Jac Coyne

A case in point was a couple of weeks ago when the Buffs were doing their walk-through prior to a game at Cal Poly. One of the long-stick middies operating in front of Macnee had his foot stepped on, stopped playing and said that it really hurt. It wasn’t anything serious, just one of the daily occurrences in the life of a backliner.

After a couple of seconds, Macnee asked in tone of faux concern, “Are you OK, [expletive]?”

“It wasn’t yelling. It was just like me and you talking right now. It was almost like he wanted to give him a hug,” Galvin said. “But everyone just cracked up. Just the demeanor and way he said it, he was serious. There was no smile. The LSM kind of looked at him and couldn’t say anything, and everyone was looking at me to make sure I wasn’t mad, but I was kind of cracking up. It loosened up the mood. That’s kind of his M.O.”

Macnee is definitely an interesting bird when it comes to lacrosse. Before games, Macnee will have his earphones on with the music cranked — Galvin described it as “death metal” — and immersed in almost a catatonic state. And if there are any screw-ups in front of him, whether during a game or practice, Macnee is not afraid to let his teammates hear it.

For more:  http://www.laxmagazine.com/college_men/club/2012-13/news/041913_weekender_the_two_sides_of_colorados_goalie