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MCLA Lacrosse: Portland State Men’s Lacrosse 2014 Schedule Features Simon Fraser, Oregon, Boise State, Washington And Montana

Portland State Men's Lacrosse BannerPortland State Men's Lacrosse 2014 Schedule

MCLA Lacrosse: Washington Men’s Lacrosse Hosts “Husky Lacrosse Fall Classic” On Nov 17 Featuring Western Washington And Portland State

Oregon College Men’s Lacrosse: Portland State Men’s Lacrosse Is Undefeated At 3-0 This Season But Faces Idaho And Oregon Ducks In Next 3 Games

What is lacrosse? A game where they use sticks, balls and goals? What sounded more like hockey with no ice, or soccer with weapons, is actually more like a combination of both.

Lacrosse players wear protective gear similar to hockey, but have positions like soccer. The ball is smaller than a hockey puck, the sticks have nets on them and although there was no ice anywhere in sight, Saturday night felt cold enough to produce some.

PSU's Lacrosse Club ran away with a solid victory over the Renoclub this weekend. Adam WIckham/Portland State Vanguard

Once play started, the similarities continued. Hockey is known for body checking, fighting and a heightened sense of violent aggression. Lacrosse does not disappoint in this area. Throughout the game, sounds of sticks hitting anything in their path could be heard from one end of the Stott Field to the other.

Bodies would fly as a well-placed shoulder knocked someone sideways trying to knock the ball loose from a player’s stick. It was disappointing to not see teeth spit out on the sidelines, but then again, this is not hockey.

The Portland State Lacrosse Club finished their third game of the season against the University of Nevada-Reno with a 17–1 victory. The Vikings, so far undefeated this season, took an obvious control over their opponents with a halftime score of 7–1, but even that did not slow these guys down.

In the huddle, the PSU squad highlighted ways to improve on their game and communicate on the field. They came back from halftime and more than doubled their score. Senior attacker Christopher Riedl scored impressive back-to-back goals late in the fourth quarter.

Riedl, with 3.67 goals per game, is high on the Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League’s Division I stats books.

Though the sport is still considered new to Portland State, some players have been playing since they were in grade school. Freshman attacker Nikolaj Lund was introduced to the game when he was seven years old through a friend, and said he just never stopped playing.

Junior midfielder Jake Ostrow has been playing for seven years and, along with Lund, sees his days filled with lacrosse. When they’re not in class or playing for the Portland State club, Ostrow coaches lacrosse at Tigard High School and Lund works at Bigfoot Lacrosse on Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy.

With seven games remaining in the spring season, the Portland State Lacrosse Club has several tests ahead. This Sunday, the Vikings host the club from the University of Idaho, and on March 6 the Boise State team will come to play on the Stott Field. On March 14, Portland State travels to Eugene to play the Ducks.

“Idaho is going to be our biggest challenge in our league games,” Ostrow said. “But University of Oregon is the best team we play.”

Currently, the majority of teams playing lacrosse at the NCAA level are in the eastern part of the country, but popularity is gaining here in the west. Despite not playing at a varsity level, the Portland State squad plays clubs from other universities around the region.

In addition to club participation and involvement, fan support is always welcome.

“We love having fans,” Lund said.

The game and the Portland State players are exciting, and their passion for their sport is obvious. More information on the club, as well as a complete schedule can be found at http://www.psulax.com.

Upcoming games

Sun, Feb. 28 – Idaho at PSU, 1 p.m. Stott Field
Sat, March 6 – Boise State at PSU, noon, Stott Field


Oregon College Lacrosse: Portland State Men’s Lacrosse Fall Ball Video Footage

Portland State Lacrosse footage from Humboldt State Fall Harvest Tourney against Southern Oregon and PGE park scrimmage against University of Portland

Oregon College Lacrosse: Portland State Men’s Lacrosse Begins Second Season As Member Of The Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League

portlandStateMens lacrosse logo(From DailyVanguard.com article)   During a wet and frigid halftime of a football game at PGE Park on Saturday, the Portland State Lacrosse Club showcased their skills in a crosstown scrimmage against University of Portland.

In what equated to roughly one-quarter of regulation lacrosse play, the Vikings came out on top, 2-0, thanks to a sharp-looking offense and a swarming defense.

According to club founder and player James Taylor, the defense will be a valuable weapon for the Vikings when the season opens in February.

“We have one defender that is…6-foot-4 or 6-foot-5. He’s a huge kid—lots of talent. Next to him you have a guy that’s…just a pickpocket, a thief,” Taylor said. “We have an All-State defender next to him. Our defense is insanely good.”

PortlandStateMensLacrosse TEamNot to be outdone in an opportunity to show the Viking-faithful the team’s talent, the Viking offense scored two quick points—one within the first five minutes of play and another with halftime drawing to a close.

The first came courtesy of Keith Jane, and he assisted on the second to returning player and midfielder Ryan Heider.

“Our attack has gotten exponentially better than it was last year,” Taylor said.

The improvements have come with good reason, as this season marks the team’s second year in the Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League, which is part of the larger Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association. The teams in the league play at an elite level, and the competition is some of the stiffest in the nation.

“Last year we put in an application to be a member of this league and we got in. It was a pretty tough year, the competition’s pretty stiff,” Taylor said. “Without being NCAA, we’re in the highest rung of lacrosse without being a varsity sport.”

Like several other of the Portland State Rec Clubs, it seems the Lacrosse Club is redefining what club sports are capable of accomplishing. This year, the club went to local high schools to recruit new players—and, in their own right, are becoming a potential draw for students to attend Portland State.

Members of the coaching staff, players and administrators of the club went to local games to not only scout the players, but to recruit them to join Portland State. A big reason for the recruitment process was due to Oregon State and University of Oregon being the only lacrosse options in the state.

“With as much competition as there is in our league and within the area, we decided it would be a good thing to at least get the word out that we’re there,” Taylor said. “We tried to hand-pick some of our players. We have three All-State players, one All-American…we’re trying to build something that’s a community of excellence.”

Taylor said the issue with such a narrow draw was that first-year players would go to OSU or U of O and languish on the bench as the rosters would swell to accommodate the incoming talent.

“If you graduated high school and wanted to stay local, that was it. You faced going down and being on a roster with 80 people. So, there were a lot of talented young men that were going to go to these schools and needed playing time, that wanted playing time…and would probably be redshirted until their second or third year,” he said.

Not only is the club drawing from a pool of local talent, but according to Taylor, the team has also received inquiries from as far south as Pasadena, Calif., and, the team already has players from California, Washington and Idaho.

“We’re becoming a draw for our school. That’s part of the reason I think we got a very good budget, because we’re bringing students to the university…it’s something we’re very proud of,” Taylor said.

With the recent demise of Portland’s professional lacrosse team, the Lumberjax, the club has come about at a good time to become ingratiated within the community. This year, Taylor is hoping that the club will expand and become more visible within the community at-large.

“We’re going to start getting youth groups, like local youth lacrosse programs to watch,” he said. “I think we’ll be at maximum capacity this season, as far as where we can put people [to watch].”

The Lacrosse Club is proving, along with a litany of other Portland State clubs, that teams built from the ground up can succeed and flourish in the university setting.

“The Rec Clubs, as we look around, we see one club doing this and another club doing this. Again, [we’re] building a community of excellence,” said Taylor.

The Lacrosse Club will play its last fall scrimmage against Western Oregon on Nov. 21 at the Stott Community Field.


Portland State Men’s Lacrosse Is Successfully Competing In The Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League (PNCLL) At “Club A” Level

The team competes in the Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League (PNCLL) at the Club A level, which is commonly referred to as “virtual varsity.”

In just its second year of existence, the Portland State Lacrosse Club is already one of the most portlandstatemenslacrosseorganized, competitive and popular clubs at Portland State.

For years, lacrosse has been extremely popular on the east coast, but only in recently has it begun to gain popularity in Oregon and west of the Rocky Mountains in general.

Fielding a roster of approximately 24 players this season, the lacrosse team is always looking to expand—they are hoping to have 35-40 players next year—but joining the team is not for the faint of pocket book.

Club dues are around $1,200, which covers transportation costs (throughout the season the team travels to games in California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, British Colombia and other parts of Oregon), referee compensation and league dues.

Good collegiate level lacrosse gear, including helmets, sticks, gloves and upper body pads, costs an additional $700 to $800.

In addition to being somewhat expensive, being a member of the lacrosse team can be time consuming too.

The team practices three times a week in addition to traveling to some of the aforementioned destinations.

Team captain and club president James Taylor explains why the expenses and the time are well worth it to the players.

“First off it’s fun,” Taylor said. “But we want to be competitive. All of the guys on our team have a commitment beyond themselves to the sport and to the promotion of lacrosse in the Northwest.”

Head coach Danny Ernst agrees that one of the main objectives of having a club lacrosse team on campus is to promote the sport in the local and regional scope.

“We are planning to build this program,” Ernst said. He also noted another interesting effect that having a lacrosse club could have on the Portland State community.

“By having lacrosse here, I think we are actually pulling more students to PSU,” Ernst said.

The team has three more home games in the month of April before their season concludes. Opponents include Washington State, Gonzaga and Boise State, and all matches are at the Stott Center Community Field on campus.

Playing in their first home game of 2009, the Portland State Lacrosse Club was trounced by Montana on Feb. 28, 19-7.

After sputtering to an 11-4 deficit in the first half, Portland State seemed poised to make a comeback, but an injury to Vikings premier forward Chris Riedle left their offense stagnant. Riedle had three goals in the first half of a game that was much closer and more competitive than the final score indicated.

“We’ve had a tremendous increase [in quality of play],” said head coach Danny Ernst. Ernst noted that his team was much more competitive against Montana than they were against Idaho State in a Feb. 7 game that ended in an 18-5 loss for the Vikings.
The Vikings will next play at home on April 4 when they take on Washington State.


University Of Idaho Men’s Lacrosse Defeats Portland State 18-5 And Loses To Montana 14-10 Over Weekend

The University of Idaho men’s lacrosse team opened its season against Portland State and Montana idahomenslacrossewith an expected victory and a frustrating loss. Idaho toppled the Vikings 18-5 on Saturday, but fell to Montana, led by former Idaho coach Ryan Hanavan, 14-10 on Sunday.




“The weekend went about as to be expected, and I am happy with both performances,” Idaho coach Mike Band said. “It would have been nice to win both games, but we can still make a run toward the playoffs.”

The Vandals kept up with Montana for a majority of the game, and trailed by one early in the fourth quarter after Jacob Ballard scored two goals in quick succession for the Vandals to open the period.

The Grizzlies rattled off the next five goals to put the game out of reach and condemn the Vandals to their first loss of the season.

Junior Eric Fletcher scored a hat trick against Montana and was Idaho’s leading scorer during the weekend.

“Everyone needs to step up and stop doing stupid stuff like committing unnecessary penalties,” Fletcher said. “Montana is a good team, but we made it easy for them.”

Goalie Gary Jurado had 15 saves against Montana after rarely being tested, against Portland State on Saturday.

“I just got into a groove out there,” Jurado said. “It is all about being ready to react quickly, and I was able to get into the right position to make the saves today.”

Idaho allowed Montana to score five power play goals and one shorthanded goal.

“We just made some dumb mistakes against Montana, and we need to start thinking a little more,” Band said. “All the mistakes are correctable, and we will be able to build off this loss.”

The Vandals did not have any trouble dispatching Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League newcomers Portland State a day earlier. It was the Vikings’ first league match.

“We showed up against Portland State and were able to do what we wanted,” Fletcher said. “It was nice to open the season with a win.”

Idaho travels to Burnaby, B.C. to take on PNCLL pre-season No. 1 Simon Fraser this weekend. Simon Fraser finished last season nationally ranked.

Portland State University Men’s Lacrosse 2009 Schedule


portland_state_vikingsFeb. 14 (Saturday) PSU @ Idaho–1pm

Feb. 28 (Saturday) Montana @ PSU–1pm

Mar. 07. (Saturday) PSU @ UW–1pm

Mar. 14 (Saturday) PSU @ OSU–1pm

Mar. 15 (Sunday) PSU @ Oregon–12pm

Mar.28 (Saturday) PSU @ SFU–1pm

Apr. 04 (Saturday) WSU @ PSU–1pm

Apr. 11 (Saturday) Gonzaga @ PSU–1pm

Apr. 26 (Sunday) BSU @ PSU–12pm