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NCAA Lacrosse: ESPN Analysts Quint Kessenich & Dave Pietramala Preview “2013 Men’s Lacrosse Championship” Quarterfinal Matchup Between Denver And North Carolina On May 19 (Video)

Quint Kessenich and Dave Pietramala preview the NCAA lacrosse quarterfinal matchup between North Carolina and Denver.

ESPN Lacrosse

NCAA Men’s Lacrosse: ESPN Lacrosse Analyst Sees “Exceptional Defense” As Keys To #1 Syracuse And #4 Notre Dame 2011 Championship Quests




ESPN Lacrosse Analyst Quint Kessenich

“I have Syracuse up top. Even though they lost to Hofstra in a scrimmage the other day, I still think Syracuse, because of their defense and their experience, I give them a 1. I gave Virginia a 2, but I’ve got Maryland at 3, and Maryland’s right on the heels of Virginia. I think this Maryland team is a team that can give Virginia fits this year. And then at 4, I have Notre Dame, which is much higher than most, but I got to see them in person down in Florida and they return their whole team minus the goalie. And then I’ve got Stony Brook at 5.”


Exceptional defense. As they were last year, they continue to ramp that up. They’re going to play defense regardless of what happens. That’s a known quantity, and that’s the framework that Coach [Kevin] Corrigan is going to build on, and that’s going to keep them in every ballgame. Improved attack play. [Sophomore] Ryan Foley and [junior] Sean Rogers look like they’re a little better, and they really won last year without having an attack. And then you have the two midfielders in [seniors] Zach Brenneman and David Earl, who are elite. But the other guys – there are three sophomores – are really going to have to play well if Notre Dame is going to make some noise. Pat Cotter, Tyler Kimball and Steven Murphy, they’re good athletes. They’re just not goal scorers yet. So their question marks will be on offense again, but I really like them. I thought even losing to Team USA, they played good defense, they have a formula, and I think that’s a good team this year.”

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Lacrosse Analysis: ESPN/Inside Lacrosse Analyst Quint Kessenich Discusses Topics That Annoy Him About Lacrosse (Video)

ESPN/Inside Lacrosse Analyst Quint Kessenich explains 6 things in the sport of lacrosse that annoy him. Topics include, jerseys, handshakes, fall ball and more.

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