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Lacrosse Conditioning And Training: “Medicine Ball Workout” From Rashad Devoe Of “LaxTrainingSecrets.com” (Video)

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Lacrosse Skills And Training: Lacrosse Goalie Balance And Fitness Training From Rashad Devoe

For those goalkeepers who are not interested in expanding waistlines this Thanksgiving, Lacrosse Magazine strength and conditioning coach Rashad Devoe has a few tips to work on your balance and fitness.

Lacrosse Performance Training: Flex Nimbo “Resistance” Training For Lacrosse Players Presented By Rashad Devoe Of “Devoe Human Performance”

 Lacrosse Magazine

devoehumanperformanceAs a strength coach, I look for every edge to give my players, and a year ago we found a piece of equipment that has definitely given our players the edge: the Flex Nimbo.

The Flex Nimbo is a rubber band suit that provides constant resistance along all movement planes. This is better thanflex nimbo resistance suit a weighted vest, and the neuromuscular demand that it puts on the body is incredible.

If you are looking to increase your speed, strength, vertical jump, footwork and all-around flexibility, then a Flex Nimbo program is the way to go. It adds resistance and increases the intensity of the workout, along with working on balance and coordination.

Start with a dynamic warm-up. Then try these three drills while wearing the Flex Nimbo. (Click on link below)


Corey Star

The Corey Star is a drill that I took from Corey Crane, strength coach at Manhattanville College. Take nine cones and set them up in three rows of three about 2-3 yards apart from each other.

• Start in the middle row, first cone. This is your start cone.
• Sprint to middle cone; sprint back to start cone.
• Sprint to middle cone, plant and cut to bottom left cone.
• Back to start cone; sprint to middle cone, plant and cut to left middle cone.
• Back to start cone; sprint to middle cone, plant and cut to left top cone.
• Back to start cone; sprint to middle cone and explode straight to top middle.
• Back to start cone. Do what you did on the left, but on the right side.


Place three cones in an L shape, with each cone 5 yards apart. Start at the first cone, sprint to the second cone, plant and cut around the cone, and sprint to the third cone. Run around cone three and head back to cone two, plant and cut around cone two, and sprint to the first cone for the finish.

Sprint/Backpedal with Directional Change

This is one of our favorite drills. The coach goes about 30 yards in front of the athlete. On the coach’s whistle, the athlete sprints. On subsequent whistles, the athlete changes directions, shuffling sideways right or left, sprinting forward or backpedaling based on the direction in which the coach points.

Sample sequence: Forward sprint. “Whistle” — shuffle left. “Whistle” — backpedal. “Whistle” — sprint forward. “Whistle” — shuffle right. “Whistle” — sprint to finish line.

Work on a quick first step, smooth transition movements and quick direction changes.
These drills increase explosive speed, power and footwork.

Rashad Devoe is a lacrosse-specific strength and conditioning coach who has worked with some of the best players in the country for over 13 years. For more info on Devoe Human Performance or Devoe’s training, go to www.devoehp.com.

Lacrosse Training: “Lacrosse Specific Performance Training” At “LaxSpeedTV.com” (Videos)

From   www.laxspeedtv.com, part of Rashad Devoe’s “Devoe Human Performance”:

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