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Heroes In Athletics: Cal Rugby Lacrosse Alumnus Mark Bingham Honored Cal Berkeley Rugby And America By Defending The United States On 9/11 Aboard Flight 93 (Video)

“Excellence in Achievement by a Young Alumnus. This award pays tribute to Mark Bingham ’93, who died September 11, 2001, defending the United States on United Airlines Flight 93”

Mark Bingham

United Airlines Flight 93

Mark Bingham Mark Bingham (1970-2001), the chief executive officer of The Bingham Group, a public relations firm. Tall and athletic, he started playing rugby as a teenager and continued in college at the University of California, Berkeley. Even after graduating in 1993, Bingham pursued his love of the game, joining the San Francisco Fog, a gay rugby team. Along with sports, he was interested in politics and had served as a volunteer on Senator John McCain’s 2000 bid for the Republican presidential nomination. A self-made success story, Bingham founded his own company, which had offices in New York and San Francisco. It was a business trip that led Bingham to take United Airlines Flight 93. After the plane was hijacked, he called his mother, Alice Hoglan, and his aunt, Kathy, to let them know what happened and that he loved them. It is believed that Bingham participated in the effort to stop the terrorists along with several other passengers. Despite their efforts, they were unable to gain control of the plane, but they did stop the terrorists from using it as a weapon. The plane crashed outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. He has been remembered by friends and family as a hero, a leader, and a friendly, caring person.

Cal Berkeley Athletics: Cal Berkeley Men’s Rugby Coach Jack Clark Has Led His Team To 21 National Championships Since 1982, And Is Just The 6th Coach In The 128-Year History Of The Storied Program, The Oldest On Campus (Video)

Cal Berkeley Men’s Rugby Head Coach Jack Clark talks about the 128-year history of Rugby at Cal, making it the oldest athletic sport on campus. He is just the 6th coach in the program’s rich history and the Golden Bears have won 21 National Championships since 1984.

“REVIVE THE FIVE”: Cal Berkeley Men’s Rugby Team And Supporters Step Up Against Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau And Demand Reinstatement (http://savecalvarsityrugby.com/)

Cal Berkeley Rugby's Chase Brogan is tackled by Chancellor Birgeneau and Vice Chancellor Yeary...stay tuned...Men's Rugby has been hit by far worse before and is the 2010 NCAA MEN'S RUGBY NATIONAL CHAMPION! http://savecalvarsityrugby.com/


How You Can Help

1.  Go the Save Cal Rugby Facebook fan page and show your support by click on the ‘like’ button.

2.  Urge your friends and family to like our Facebook page and email Chancellor Robert Birgeneau (chancellor@berkeley.edu) with a very direct message covering the following points:

  • You will not make any academic or athletics donations to Cal until they overturn this decision.

  • Demoting Cal Rugby does not save the athletic department any money.  The team is self funded and contributed over $300k to the general fund last year.

  • Cal Rugby is willing to fund and administer a women’s rugby team to keep the athletic department in Title IX compliance

3.  Tell every Cal fan you know that the University’s decision means the end of Cal Rugby as we know it.

LaxBuzz.com And Lacrosse-Radio.com Invite Cal Berkeley Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau And Athletic Director Sandy Barbour To Agree To A Meeting With Student-Athletes, Coaches And Parents Of The Cal Berkeley Women’s Lacrosse, Men’s And Women’s Gymnastics, Men’s Rugby And Baseball Teams In The Next 30 Days (Audio)


  • Chancellor Birgeneau, Vice Chancellor Yeary and Athletic Dirctor Barbour to agree to a meeting in a large, on-campus auditorium or hall

  • Student-Athletes, team coaches, and parents of the athletes will all be allowed to attend

  • Daily Californian and other select media to cover this closed-door event

  • Each athletic program will be allowed three individuals to give a 3-minute talk to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Athletic Director. (One person selected from student-athletes, coaches and parents group of each athletic program to speak)

  • After the 15 individuals have spoken (45-60 minutes), the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Athletic Director will be allowed to give the administration’s response.



Tom Kovic of Victory Collegiate Consulting talks with Michael Cummins of LaxBuzz.com about Cal Berkeley’s Chancellor’s decision to cut 5 athletic programs: Women’s Lacrosse, Men’s Rugby, Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics and Baseball. The decision to eliminate 5 successful programs has caused a groundswell of support for a meeting of the Chancellor and the Athletic Director with student-athletes, coaches and parents representing the 5 programs. Will the Administration agree to a meeting?

LaxBuzz.com Salutes The 2010 Cal Berkeley Men’s Rugby Team: Thirty Years Of National Championship Pride “To Bring Credit To This University”

Cal Berkeley Men's Rugby Coach Jack Clark: "Yesterday was the worst day of my life. This almost seems surreal," Clark said. "I've literally woken up every morning of my life for 30 years and tried to bring credit to this university "... tried to make Cal people more proud of Cal. "And to have my university demote my sport and then aggressively defend the decision, which was my take of yesterday, it rips my heart out." http://savecalvarsityrugby.com/