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MCLA Lacrosse: Santa Clara Men’s Lacrosse 2014 Schedule Features Sonoma State, Stanford, SMU, San Diego State, Cal, UC Davis And Cal Poly

santaclaraSanta Clara Men's Lacrosse 2014 Schedule

MCLA Lacrosse: Top “Games Of The Week” Feature #4 Arizona State Men’s Lacrosse Vs #16 Texas, #2 Colorado State Vs #3 Chapman And Chico State Vs Santa Clara

No. 4 Arizona State (2-0) vs. No. 16 Texas (1-0) – Saturday, 6 p.m. CT (at New Orleans, La.)

COYNE: You’re probably thinking that I set up the intro in order to take the Longhorns in this weekend’s second annual Allstate Sugar Bowl Lacrosse Classic. I thought about it, but a couple of issues are keeping me away from making that leap.

First, Texas has only played one game – a modest win over Texas State – since their conference game against Rice was postponed last weekend. That’s pretty raw to be heading into a game with the national runner-up, no matter how hard of a time the Sun Devils are having in the scoring department. Second, well, Texas still has a lot to prove. They beat Florida State last year at the beginning of the season and had a somewhat respectable result in the MCLA tourney against Chapman, but this is still the LSA. Picking UT is huge leap of faith.

I can’t do it. I’ll ride ASU’s defense for another week, anyway. Devils, 7-5.

SCHOOLER: I am a game ahead of Jac, so I will take the bait.

I was at the 2010 game between Texas and FSU at a neutral location, and watched the Longhorns dismantle the Seminoles. A good portion of this young, but talented Texas team played and contributed in that game. Look for the Sun Devils to key in on Spencer Price, but the Texas midfield will swing this game in favor of the ‘Horns. Texas takes the victory and jumps into the Top 10 with a 6-4 win.

No. 2 Colorado State vs. No. 3 Chapman – Saturday, 4 p.m. PT (at Beaverton, Ore.)

COYNE: Welcome to the game of the week, and a contest that could easily be a preview of either a quarterfinal or semifinal matchup in Greenville. As such, this is really a toss-up. Fresh in our minds is Chapman’s overtime near-miss against BYU on Saturday and on the other side we have CSU, which has played a bunch of NCAA scrimmages and an appetizer against Northern Colorado. The tendency is to go with the somewhat known element.

I’m going to follow that tendency and pick Chapman, but I’m doing so with that hope that junior goalie Matt Sathrum plays the same way he did against the Cougars. That should be enough to subdue a Rams team that is a little behind the curve. Panthers, 11-9.

SCHOOLER: I agree: this is the most intriguing game of the week. Colorado State has lost a solid group of stars from last season, but year after year, they seem to find the next MCLA star. Will Austin Fisher be able to fill the shoes of Cooper Kehoe?

Chapman is in the same boat. They lost some solid starters, but we saw they were still able to hang with BYU, almost pulling out the win. Andrew Clayton has been solid for Chaptown over the years, and is the key to the Panthers success.

I have to support the SLC in this one mainly because Chapman has played more games and they have to be hungry for another win. I just hope they can stay healthy in their Friday night game against Oregon. I’m taking Chaptown, 10-9 in overtime.

Coyne’s Pick

Chico State (0-1) at Santa Clara (4-1) – Sat., 2:30 p.m. PT

COYNE: I feel a little guilty reeling in our boy Nick on this one, but I’m down a game and this was an easy way to pick it back up. Because of his blue and yellow blinders, Schooler will assume Chico must be the real deal after handling the Gauchos for a good stretch of their game on Saturday. And, in the Wildcats’ defense, they are a decent team, but they are battling uphill in this one.

Not only is Santa Clara playing at home, but the Broncos will have five games under its belt. Meanwhile, a young Chico squad is on the road with one-games experience against a Gauchos team we’re still not sure what to make of. The balanced offense of Santa Clara and a decent game by rookie goalie Jake Barz should be enough. Broncos, 15-10.

SCHOOLER: Don’t feel guilty about this one, Coyne, because I know I have the right pick. I was happy that I did not have to choose between the Gauchos and Wildcats last week, because I was worried that Chico would win that game. It was close, but the Gauchos were able to out-gun them.

The bottom line is Chico State can score a lot of goals in a short period of time. The Santa Clara defense is not solid enough to hold off the assault that the Wildcats offense brings, and the Broncos offense is not strong enough to counter it. So I am taking Chico, 17-12.

For more:  http://www.laxmagazine.com/college_men/club/2011-12/news/022212_schooling_schooler_wither_the_sun_devils

WCLA Lacrosse: Lacrosse Magazine’s “2012 Preseason WCLA Women’s Lacrosse” Rankings Feature #1 Colorado State, UC Davis, Colorado, Santa Clara And UCLA

US Lacrosse WCLA Division I

1. Colorado State
2. UC Davis Club
3. Colorado
4. Santa Clara
6. Florida Club
7. UC Santa Barbara
8. Cal Poly
9. Michigan
10. Brigham Young
11. Georgia
12. Texas
13. Maryland Club
14. Pittsburgh
15. Virginia Tech Club
16. Boston College Club
17. Virginia Club
18. Washington
19. Arizona State
20. Central Florida

Preseason Player of the Year: Clayton Crum, Texas

WCLA Lacrosse: Western Women’s Lacrosse League (WWLL) North Division I Features Santa Clara Women’s Lacrosse (9-1) And UC Davis (10-1) As Two Top Teams


North Division I Conference
Santa Clara 3 0 9 1 stats
UC Davis 2 0 10 1 stats
UC Berkeley 2 1 8 3 stats
Sonoma State 0 3 1 11 stats
Chico State 0 3 2 7 stats


Central Division I Conference
UCSB 4 0 10 6 stats
UCLA 2 1 5 4 stats
Cal Poly 2 2 5 4 stats
USC 0 2 7 7 stats
Pepperdine 0 3 0 12 stats


South Division I Conference
San Diego State 3 1 6 5 stats
Arizona State 2 1 6 5 stats
U San Diego 3 1 5 6 stats
U. Arizona 1 2 5 9 stats
UC San Diego 0 4 2 8 stats


North Division II Conference
Stanford 4 0 5 3 stats
Nevada, Reno 2 1 5 4 stats
UC Santa Cruz 2 2 4 3 stats
San Jose State 1 2 3 4 stats
Humboldt State 0 4 1 6 stats


South Division II Conference
Chapman 4 0 10 0 stats
UNLV 6 1 7 2 stats
CS Long Beach 5 1 7 1 stats
Santa Barbara CC 3 2 5 5 stats
CS Fullerton 3 3 3 6 stats
CS San Marcos 2 4 2 5 stats
Biola 1 6 1 6 stats
Northern Arizona (Forfeit Season) 0 7 0 11 0


B Team Division Conference
UCSB ‘B’ 8 0 8 0 stats
Cal Poly ‘B’ 7 2 7 2 stats
UC Davis ‘B’ 5 4 5 4 stats
USC ‘B’ 4 5 4 5 stats
UCLA ‘B’ 2 6 2 6 stats
UC San Diego ‘B’ 0 9 0 9 stats


Marymount College 1 4 stats

Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Associates (WCLA) National Rankings: #1 Colorado Women’s Lacrosse Tops March 23 Polls Followed By UC Davis, Florida, Santa Clara And Lindenwood

No  Team                           Record       Points  Place  Week

  1  Colorado                       7- 0- 0       240     12      1
  2  UC Davis Club                  6- 1- 0       227             2
  3  Florida Club                   8- 1- 0       216             3
  4  Santa Clara                    9- 1- 0       199             4
  5  Lindenwood                     2- 2- 0       195             5
  6  UC Santa Barbara               7- 4- 0       174             6
  7  Brigham Young                  5- 2- 0       162             7
  8  Cal Poly SLO                   5- 4- 0       152             8
  9  Georgia                        7- 1- 0       145             9
10  Texas                          9- 1- 0       117            11
11  Pittsburgh                     6- 3- 0       110            10
12  UCLA                           4- 4- 0       105            12
13  Colorado State                 3- 3- 0        97            13
14  Michigan                       5- 4- 0        81            17
15  California Club                8- 3- 0        71            14
16  South Carolina Club            4- 1- 0        59            15
17  Virginia Tech Club             1- 0- 0        53            16
18  Central Florida                5- 2- 0        37            18
19  Miami (OH)                     5- 1- 0        25            19
19  Minnesota                      2- 0- 0        25            20

MCLA Lacrosse: Top Games This Week Include #6 Colorado Men’s Lacrosse At #4 BYU and #21 Santa Clara At #25 Cal Berkeley


#6 Colorado (1-0) at #4 BYU (6-0) – 7 pm MT, Saturday

COYNE: Hmmm. Not only do the Buffs start a month later than the rest of the MCLA, but they decide to double down against RMLC rivals Utah and BYU in the first real weekend? There’s a fine line between ballsy and stupid, and we’ll only find out where we rate Colorado’s adventure after it’s over. In the grand scheme of things, BYU and Colorado State are locks for the tournament, so it’s critical that Colorado put all of its resources into beating the Utes on Friday. If the Buffs lose to Utah, all of sudden they are the team chasing everyone for an unlikely fourth bid out of the RMLC.

This leads to BYU laughing all the way to a victory. If CU wins on Friday, it will be complacent enough to let the Cougars roll, and if the Buffs lose to Utah, they’ll probably mail in the weekend. Either way, this one shapes up easily in favor of the LDS. 14-10, Cougs.

SCHOOLER: Who is Colorado? We do not know very much about them. They had a few scrimmages against NCAA schools, but you can never trust the outcome of those games. The losers will always claim the scrimmages were not taken seriously and the winners claim they were. The Buffs’ only non-scrimmage was against Kansas, and we can’t say anything about that, either. So I have to go on past seasons. They return Blackburn, their leading scorer from last year, as well as some other major contributors to the 2010 late-season push.

BYU has also looked solid this season, but there is never a true favorite in the RMLC. The conference championship is up for grabs this year. In this particular matchup, neither team dominates. The team that usually wins the regular season game loses in the playoffs. The Cougars have shown they can win big games at home, but I think the Buffs are eager to get some real competition under their belts and will come out fired up. The Buffs will put up an early lead and hold on to win behind a solid defensive performance.

#21 Santa Clara (4-2) at #25 California (1-4) – 3 p.m. PT, Saturday

COYNE: Sigh. We kicked things off with a 1-5 team and that is now complimented by a 1-4 team. The only redeemable aspect of this pick is I know Nicky will take Cal. You see, our boy Nick thinks that the thin, green carpet that the Bears play on in Berkeley is sprinkled with pixy dust, keeping opponents from winning no matter the gap in talent. The Bears’ win over Oregon just fed that monster. Pfft. With Gary Podesta back in charge, Santa Clara will coast.

I’ve been looking forward to finally taking the Broncos, because Santa Clara brings back fond memories of my California days — one of the few from three years in that wretched state. When my wife and I were stationed at Travis Air Force Base (pre-kids), we would visit friends in Los Gatos and meander into Santa Clara for the evening. A fun little burg. Broncos, 8-5.

SCHOOLER: I have to go with the home team in this one. It is very tough to win on that silly excuse of a field. Thanks to the field hockey team, the Bears get this boosted home field advantage. This game would be a great chance for both teams to move up in the polls and show that the Oregon games were not a fluke, but only one team can win. Plus, the winner probably makes the playoffs, and loser is on the fence. I love it when early games have playoff implications.

Jac will probably make some lame comment about “Bezerkely” and hippies, but I know that deep down inside, Jac wants to let his hair grow out, wear Birkenstocks, grow a beard and live in a tree. I am going with the Bezerkely hippies in a beat down. Bears by 6-plus.

For more:  http://www.laxmagazine.com/college_men/club/2010-11/news/030911_schooling_schooler_nick_makes_the_selections

Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse (WCLA): Top Games Include #6 UC Santa Barbara Women’s Lacrosse Playing #3 UC Davis And #4 Santa Clara, #12 UCLA At Cal Berkeley Club

There was no movement among the Top 12 teams in this week’s US Lacrosse Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (WCLA) Division I Top 20 poll, but some key match-ups among Western Women’s Lacrosse League schools this weekend could lead to some shake-ups next week.

No. 6 UC Santa Barbara (5-2) has the toughest task with a grueling two-game road trip at No. 3 UC Davis and No. 4 Santa Clara. The Gauchos, haven’t played a WCLA game since beating Lindenwood 12-10 on Feb. 20, but played St. John Fisher in a scrimmage on Monday. St. John Fisher, a NCAA Division III school from New York, beat UCSB 16-11 in the game despite six goals from UCSB All-American Ashley Antoon-Algieri.

No. 12 UCLA also has a tough double-dip. The Bruins play at No. 13 Cal Berkeley Club on Saturday and then close the weekend at No. 3 UC Davis.

The UCLA-Cal game should be an interesting one with Cal looking to make a statement in its first year in WCLA Division I. The Bears won the WCLA Division II title last year, and are off to a 6-2 start to the season, but have gone 0-2 in their two games against ranked opponents.

One of the more intriguing games away from the West Coast will be in the Lonestar State, where No. 11 Texas heads to rival Texas A&M. The Longhorns are 8-1 after blowing out Baylor and Trinity last weekend, and they’ve had the upper hand in recent years with their rival. A&M is 3-3 – beating three state rivals and going 0-3 against opponents at the Santa Barbara Shootout.

For more:  http://www.laxmagazine.com/college_women/club/2010-11/news/030411_western_battles_highlight_wcla_weekend_schedule