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Lacrosse Scholarships: “2016 NCAA Division I Initial-Eligibility Academic Requirements” Released Featuring Minimum Core-Course GPA Of 2.30, Ten Core Courses And Increased SAT/ACT Scores

2016 NCAA Div I Initial-Eligibility Academic Requirements2016 NCAA Div I Initial-Eligibility Academic Requirements 22016 NCAA Div I Initial-Eligibility Academic Requirements 32016 NCAA Div I Initial-Eligibility Academic Requirements 4

2016 NCAA Division I Eligibility Requirements

Inner City Lacrosse: “Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership” Launches Girls Program; Over $5.2 Million In Academic Scholarships For Boys Program Student-Athletes In Last 3 Years (Video)


Support HLL’s girls program at Truth through our Indiegogo Campaign! Beginning September 16th, our latest crowdfunding venture will feature fun perks and regular updates on the progress of the girls in their first season — email info@harlemlacrosse.org to get involved!

NCAA Lacrosse Scholarships: Over 110,000 High School Girls Competed For Only 700 Spots In NCAA Div I Women’s Lacrosse Programs In 2013 With Less Than Half Receiving Any Form Of Scholarship

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US Lacrosse NCAA Women's Lacrosse Recruiting Statistics

US Lacrosse NCAA Women's Lacrosse Recruiting Statistics 2

NCAA Women's Lacrosse

Lacrosse Scholarships: More Small Colleges Adding Lacrosse Programs, Providing Scholarships And Financial Aid As Investments “Pay Off”; Will NAIA Recognize Lacrosse As “Emerging Sport”?


The costs of fielding teams, and being competitive, can lead NCAA Division I athletic programs to drop rather than add sports. But for NAIA programs and some in NCAA Division II, the math can work out in a school’s favor even though there is no significant revenue derived from ticket and merchandise sales or sponsorships.

NAIA LogoMidland University’s cost of tuition, room and board is listed at more than $30,000 this year. Even if an athlete receives a few thousand dollars, Midland still comes out ahead. Because there are no scholarship limits for NAIA schools, Midland can discount tuition as little or as much as it sees fit.

The investment can pay off. Midland, according to government statistics, spent $5.5 million on athletic scholarships and operations in 2011-12 and got back $9.5 million in tuition and fees paid by athletes. Its enrollment has grown from a post-World War II low of 598 in 2009 to last fall’s record 1,097.

The organization of lacrosse as an official sport within the NAIA has begun — the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference (WHAC) announced on January 27, 2012, that it is making history by adding lacrosse for both men and women as conference sports effective the fall of 2012. The WHAC is the first conference in the NAIA to offer lacrosse as a conference championship sport. An earlier step in this direction was the establishment in September 2010 of the National Women’s Lacrosse League, which is a lacrosse-only women’s NAIA conference.

Small colleges have long used the lure of partial athletic scholarships to draw students. With college costs rising, many small, private liberal arts schools are trying to stay relevant as prospective students turn to less-expensive community and online colleges.

Between 2006 and 2011, the number of schools where at least 33 percent of the students played a sport increased from 96 to 124. Derek Flynn, who specializes in enrollment issues for higher education consulting firm Noel-Levitz, has found that even the smallest athletic scholarships can entice new students.

“When we examine the data of campuses that offer small athletic scholarships, student behavior (enrollment rate) doesn’t seem to change dramatically whether the student is offered the smaller or larger amount,” he said. “It would suggest that it is about the recognition rather than the amount, although I am certain parents recognize the amount.”

For more:  http://www.goerie.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130817/APS/1308170534



NCAA Lacrosse: Ohio State Men’s Lacrosse 11th Man Fundraising Drive For Scholarships Announced

Lacrosse Scholarships: “Harlem Lacrosse And Leadership” (HLL) Players Have Received 11 Lacrosse Scholarships To Boarding Schools

“…So far, 11 young lacrosse players trained through the program have received scholarships to boarding schools, according to the group. Other students from Harlem have flourished at a sport that is typically a prep-school province, traveling to and winning at top tournaments.”

Harlem’s youth lacrosse scene was virtually nonexistent just a few years ago. Now some local stars are securing scholarships to tony boarding schools, where the sport is a major force.

Daniel and David Mark had never held lacrosse sticks until two years ago. But the rookies became fixated after they received equipment at Frederick Douglass Academy, a public school near West 148th Street.

The lacrosse stick became “an extension of their arm,” their mother, Marcia Mark, said. “They walked down the street with it. They turned the TV off with it.”

Devotion to a new sport led to full scholarships at private boarding schools: Daniel, now 14 years old, is at the George School in Pennsylvania, and his 12-year-old brother David is at the Eaglebrook School in Massachusetts.

For Marlik Toure, 17, lacrosse dramatically changed his life. After his mother died seven years ago, he was arrested for stealing a bike and missed enough time at middle school to become ineligible for sports.

“I don’t know where I’d be without it,” said Mr. Toure, now a scholarship student at New Jersey’s Peddie School. “It wouldn’t be here.”

The three youths are among more than 100 students who have been introduced to the sport over the past five years with the help of Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership. The nonprofit organization created a second boys team at P.S. 149 on West 117th Street last year, and a girls team will be added to the roster at Frederick Douglass.

For more: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204598504578080670860375946.html


NCAA Lacrosse: Ohio State Men’s Lacrosse Faces North Carolina On Oct 14 At Calvert Hall Prep (MD) Benefitting Michael R. Breschi Schlarship Fund