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High School Lacrosse: Denver Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach Bill Tierney Continues To Recommend That Student-Athletes “Play Multiple Sports To Develop Skill Sets And Learn Teamwork”

Denver Men's Lacrosse Head Coach Bill Tierney

Bill Tierney, Denver Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach
“I continuously recommend to young men to play more than just one sport in high school. First of all, any sport, including lacrosse, can become boring if obsessed over for 12 months a year. Secondly, other sports help young men develop a skill set not available when working out on his own. Sacrifice for the team, teamwork, conditioning, confidence, handling defeat and victory, and time management are among the many things that can be gained by playing another sport. Strength, speed, agility and toughness can be enhanced by playing other sports as well. Clearly, however, the skills needed to be a premier player in lacrosse must be constantly worked on. Therefore, even in the fall, while playing football or soccer, a young man should continue to work on his stick skills on Sundays and down time, since the beauty of the game is built upon the fact that a young man is only as good as the amount of effort he puts into his skills.”
Photo by David Zalubowski/AP Photo

ESPN High School Sports

For more: http://espn.go.com/high-school/lacrosse/recruiting-road/story/_/id/7057666/coaches-recognize-competitiveness-players-play-multiple-sports?src=mobile

Lacrosse Coaching Clinics: Duke Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach John Danowski Discusses Importance Of Practice And Setting Standards & Rules (Videos)

Duke Men's Lacrosse Banner
Duke Men's Lacrosse Clinics 2013
For anyone who missed or simply wants to go back and watch again, the first Duke men’s lacrosse coaching clinic is now archived at GoDuke.com free of charge.
Here is the breakdown of what the staff discussed over the course of two hours (click on links below):
         a. Joe Cinosky
         b. Matt Danowski
         c. Ron Caputo
         a. In depth look at highlights and low-lights and Duke’s standards of play
         a. Youth
         b. Middle School
         c. High School
        a. Standards vs. Rules – which one works for us and why
        b. To cut or to encourage
        c. Communication with parents
        d. Equal playing time vs. winning

Lacrosse Skills And Training: “BTB Players Manual” Features 10 Online Videos Focusing On Offensive, Defensive Lacrosse Skill Development Combined With Strength, Speed And Conditioning Training

BTB Players ManualThe BTB Players Manual is a series of 10 online videos that focus on passing, catching, ground balls, dodging, shooting, offense, and BTB Lacrosse Videosdefense, as well as strength, speed, and conditioning training. The BTB Players Manual also consists of a complete workout calendar with daily workouts, a systematic training guide and tips, and a college recruiting seminar.

Lacrosse Coaches Matt Rienzo and Jesse Miller have joined forces with some of the top professional lacrosse players in the country (Danny Glading, Mike Kimmel, Barney Ehrmann, and Kyle Dixon) to produce the most comprehensive lacrosse skill development and training program ever created.

BTB Lacrosse Team MembersFour year professional lacrosse player with the Chesapeake Bayhawks and 3-time All-American at UVA, Danny Glading, had this to say about the BTB Players Manual, “If you want to improve at lacrosse and become an elite player, then you need to use the BTB Players Manual.  It’s the only lacrosse development program of its kind, and it will teach you, step by step, how to take your game to the next level. This one of a kind program teaches you how to practice the most important parts of the game, in the right order, and the right way.  Coach Rienzo and Coach Miller are awesome coaches, and if you follow their program from start to finish, you will take your game to the next level.”

Matt Rienzo BTB Lacrosse

Matt Rienzo, Former Georgetown Men’s Lacrosse Asst. Coach

Coaches Matt Rienzo and Jesse Miller have over 25 years of combined coaching experience at Georgetown University, the University of Notre Dame, Tufts University, and Gonzaga College High School, and they have coached over 40 collegiate All-Americans.

Rienzo, who coached in six NCAA Quarterfinals and one Final Four, said this about the BTB Players Manual, “This program is perfect if you are a lacrosse player looking to get an edge on your competition.

It is great for coaches looking for new drills and techniques. It is also ideal for parents who want to learn more about the game to be able to teach their sons.

Jesse Miller Gonzaga College High School Boys Lacrosse Coach

Jesse Miller

You learn the exact same techniques and drills that all the college and pro players do every day, and if you follow the program we guarantee that you will improve quickly and see results immediately.”

The BTB Players manual is available on your smart phone, tablet, or computer, and you can watch all the videos and workouts on the field during your workouts.

For more information about the BTB Players Manual visit: www.BTBPlayersManual.com.

National League Lacrosse: Toronto Rock’s Garrett Billings Demonstrates Lacrosse Skills (Video)

Disney XD DropsLearn some basic Lacrosse skills with Garrett Billings of the Toronto Rock!

Toronto Rock Lacrosse

High School Lacrosse: DeMatha Catholic Boys Lacrosse (MD) Visits “Navy SEAL Special Warfare” For Day Of “Mental Toughness Training” (Video)

DeMatha High School Boys Lacrosse Team Navy SEAL Training

DeMatha High School Lacrosse team visited Naval Special Warfare for a day of Mental Toughness Training. Four simple principles: GOAL SETTING; VISUALIZATION; POSITIVE SELF TALK; STRESS CONTROL.

DeMatha Boys Lacrosse Banner

Lacrosse Skills: “Fundamentals Of Lacrosse Goaltending” Series From IMG Lacrosse Academy (6 Instructional Videos)

Lacrosse Skills: Helmet Camera Captures Team STX Goalie Matt Russell During LXM Pro Event (Video)

Helmet camera captures game through eyes of Team STX goalie Matt Russell.