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College Lacrosse Recruiting: BYU Men’s Lacrosse Sees Elite Summer Lacrosse Camps As “The Future For Recruiting” For MCLA Teams

“…Assistant coach Jordan Harris said he sees the elite camp as the future for recruiting…“I see the elite camp eventually becoming the most important week for us as a team,” Harris said. “We are going to end up doing 90 percent of our recruiting at the elite camp in the future. It was a big success this year.”

The BYU men’s lacrosse team won the 2011 Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association Championship in May, and it hasn’t pulled the reins back since hoisting the trophy.

During each summer at BYU, the dorms, campus and fields are taken over by kids of all ages participating in EFY and sports camps. The lacrosse team recently finished four straight weeks of camps; a cubs camp for ages 7-12, two weeks of regular camp for ages 12-18 and for the first time in BYU’s lacrosse camp history, an elite camp for ages 14-18. Numbers increased by 175 youth this summer compared to last year.

Steve Naegle, who just finished his first year as an assistant coach, said he looks for several different things while at camp, especially when it comes to recruiting future players.

“I look for athleticism, stick skills and understanding the game of lacrosse,” he said. “Seeing the better players playing with each other provided a better level at the elite camp and that made it better for the guys at the other two weeks. Some of them were beginners, and there wasn’t as wide of a spread of skill level and experience level at the other weeks.”

With BYU being a club team, it doesn’t have a big budget to travel around to recruit players. These camps have been one of the best and most successful ways for the coaches to see kids and recruit them to BYU. The coaching staff created the elite camp for the athletes they were interested in to come and play in front of them. The camp also provides the youth interested in playing for BYU the opportunity to experience the BYU culture.

For more:  http://universe.byu.edu/index.php/2011/08/02/byu-lacrosse-is-on-the-rise/

Colorado Lacrosse Camps: Steamboat Lacrosse Camp Debuts Aug. 16 And Features More Than 70 Youth Lacrosse Players

The inaugural Steamboat La­­crosse Camp debuted Mon­day through Thursday at Steam­boat Springs High School, with more than 70 lacrosse players of all ages taking part amidst impressive company.

“I’ve been to a lot of camps, but not this small with this type of staff,” said Chazz Woodson, who was a 2008 Major League Lacrosse all-star and should instantly be YouTubed by anyone who likes brilliant displays of athleticism. Camp director “Neill (Redfern) did a great job of putting the staff together.”

Coaches at the camp included Woodson; Tom Duquette, four-time All-American at the University of Virginia; Sam Lane, Washington College attack­­man; Sean Delaney, two-time All-American at North Carolina and current Den­ver Outlaw; Greg Paradine, two-time All-American at North Carolina; Greg Vetter, three-time All-American at Wash­ing­ton College; and recent Uni­­versity of Notre Dame graduate and goalie Scott Rodgers, a two-time All-American who was named the Most Out­­standing Player of the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

For more:  http://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/2010/aug/15/high-caliber-coaches-put-lacrosse-camp-steamboat/

Florida Youth Lacrosse Training: IMG Lacrosse Academy In Bradenton Sponsors National Lacrosse Camp Featuring Kevin Finneran And Mike Pressler (Video)

IMG Lacrosse Academy News Story with Coach’s Kevin Finneran and Mike Pressler

National Lacrosse Camps: Naval Academy Lacrosse Camp Teaches Top Lacrosse Skills From Leadership To Setting And Defending Picks

 “As coaches, we have a tremendous amount of influence on kids today. And we place a lot of emphasis on leadership. I equate it to D-Day. The success of the operation were the guys on the beach — me standing next to you. They had to overcome all kinds of stuff to get the job done. They did it through leadership and they did it through caring about the guy next to them.”

 “If you watch the college game, there’s a lot of picking going on. Everybody has big strong athletes and they try to get an edge by picking. So we’re going over how to pick and how to defend it.”

“We’re going to talk about team offense,” said Young, former assistant to Bill Tierney at Princeton and now the lacrosse coach at nearby Anne Arundel Community College. “If you watch the college game, there’s a lot of picking going on. Everybody has big strong athletes and they try to get an edge by picking. So we’re going over how to pick and how to defend it.”

“We have kids from Hawaii, Alaska, Tennessee, California. We even had a camper fly in all the way from Australia,” said long-time Andover and North County coach Jon Appelt. “We hope here the kids take back what they learn to those areas that are not traditionally big lacrosse areas and share it with their teammates.”

“How lacrosse is presented to the kids at a young age is going to stay with them for a long time,” said Meade, whose teams have made the NCAA playoffs six of the last seven years, including the classic 2004 national championship game against Syracuse. “As coaches, we have a tremendous amount of influence on kids today. And we place a lot of emphasis on leadership. I equate it to D-Day. The success of the operation were the guys on the beach — me standing next to you. They had to overcome all kinds of stuff to get the job done. They did it through leadership and they did it through caring about the guy next to them.”

For more:  http://www.pressboxonline.com/story.cfm?id=6458

Southern California Youth Lacrosse Camps: FLIP Lacrosse Holding A 1st – 9th Grade Boys Lacrosse Camp At Campus El Segundo On August 3-11

Northern California Lacrosse Camps: “All West Showcase” Sponsored By Former Duke Lacrosse All-American Matt Oglesby’s “All West Lacrosse” Will Feature 32 Top NorCal Teams Competing At New Facility At Treasure Island In San Francisco On July 17-18

“When I got here (in 1996) there were about 700 lacrosse players in Northern California,” Oglesby said. “Now there are 20,000 players and there will be 100,000 kids playing the sport by 10 years from now. Within 10 years this is going to be a major player in lacrosse.”

The event is put on by Matt Oglesby, whose company, All West Lacrosse is pushing lacrosse growth in Northern California.

“We are all about Northern California,” Oglesby said. “We want to foster and develop the Northern California lacrosse market. That’s our mission.”

Oglesby was a three-time All American and the ACC player of the year at Duke University, and after relocating to the Bay Area and working for Nike in developing markets for lacrosse, he started his own company focused on that goal.

For more:   http://granitebaypt.com/detail/154097.html

Western High School Girls Lacrosse Recruiting Camps: “Inside Lacrosse” Highlights Day 1 Of 2010 Adrenaline Lacrosse’s Girls Showcase In Santa Barbara


Day 1 Female of the Division

Marcy Levatino, Midfield, Laguna Hills, Ca.
In a sport that places so much emphasis on draw controls, coaches are always looking for players who are willing to get involved, take a few hits, and come up with the ball.  Levatino is a natural athlete with a knack for the ball.  An impact player on the draw circle, whether she was coming up with the draws cleanly or tracking down a loose ball, she was constantly involved.  Her speed and vision in the midfield help create lanes for herself as well as teammates.  

Day 1 Attacker of the Division

Sasha Anielski, Attack, Scripps Ranch, Ca.
In both games that Anielski played this afternoon for team South Swell, Sasha stood out as a threat on the offensive side of the field.  As a natural lefty with good size, she sees the field well and understands how to set herself up for goal scoring opportunities.  In addition to an accurate and well paced shot, her left hand gives her an advantage against goalies who are used to seeing shots from generally right handed opponents.  Her height makes her a natural target on the offensive end as well.

Day 1 Midfielder of the Division

Megan Armes, Midfield, Mission Viejo, Ca.
Armes stands out as a natural athlete who has the game sense and understanding to make it at the next level.  While she remains a consistent goal scorer, her strengths are in the midfield.  A quick and scrappy player, Armes capitalizes on tracking down loose balls and capitalizing on her opponents’ mistakes.  Her vision combined with her killer instinct allows her to create transition opportunities for her team through quick ball movement.

Day 1 Goalie of the Division

Gabriella Kraszewski, Goalie, Granite Hills, Ca.
An exceptional athlete with great vision, Kraszewski, is able to make point blank saves due to her quickness and agility.  A vocal leader on the field, Kraszewski orchestrates the defense in a positive manner.  She uses the crease to her advantage when clearing and has the accuracy and strength to hit teammates in stride consistently. 


Jaclyn Biggers, Midfield, Bainbridge Island, Wa.
-Nice Shot
-Good on winning draw controls and hitting outlets quickly
Michaela Guerrera, Midfield, Coronado, Ca.
-Great vision and feeding ability
-Powerful and deceptive shot
-Can play anywhere on the field
Taylor Holleschau, Midfield, Monte Vista, Ca.
-Nice stickwork
-Speed in transition
Lauren Maack, Midfield, Coronado, Ca.
-Tight stickwork
-Ability to run with the ball but also move the ball effectively in transition



Day 1 Attacker of the Division

Courtney Valdez, Attack, Foothill CA

A natural quarterback with exceptional field vision, Valdez had a strong showing on the first day of the Showcase.  Her speed was an excellent asset in transition as she was able to both score goals and dish out assists while leading the break.  Always playing with her head up, Valdez played especially well in the midfield.  Her ability to control to flow of the game made her stand out in this group of talented athletes.

Day 1 Midfielder of the Division

Ashley Eickoff, Midfield, El Dorado CA

A heightened sense of LAX IQ allows Ashley to utilize her speed to the max.  Her hard work in both offensive and defensive transition along with her lighting quick speed allows her to control portions of the game.  A throwback midfielder who will beat anyone into the hole defensively, Eickoff lets the game come to her and makes good decisions with the ball.

Day 1 Defender of the Division

Hannah Perkins, Defense, Campolindo, Ca.

A ground ball machine, Hannah’s hustle stands out above the competition.  With a keen sense for finding the ball in the air, Hannah creates turnovers regularly and intercepted passes to create transitional opportunities.  Her vision allows her to lead the defense with confidence and a high level of execution.

Kylie Drexel, Attack, Davis, Ca.
-good stick skills
-exceptional athlete

Andrea Killebrew, Midfield, Centennial, Nv.
-talented athlete
-handles the ball well

Lindsey Lemay, Midfield, Corvallis, Or.
-makes big plays

For more:  http://insidelacrosse.com/blog/2010/07/10/recruiting-roundup-adrenaline-lacrosse%E2%80%99s-girls-showcase-day-1

National Lacrosse Camps: Mark Millon Lacrosse Camps (Video)

Colorado Lacrosse Camps: “Longs Peak Lacrosse Club Camp” Stages Inaugural High School Lacrosse Camp On June 28-30 In Fort Collins

Greg Rushing and Henry Miketa spent a portion of last summer scratching their heads and asking why there never was a high-skilled lacrosse camp in Fort Collins that they could attend in the summer while they were in high school.

So the two former Fort Collins Unified high school standouts decided to put a camp together that local high school lacrosse players could attend.

Longs Peak Lacrosse Club Camp (Click Here for Info)

“We just kind of came to the consensus last summer that there were no camps to go to in Fort Collins while we were in high school,” Rushing said. “If we wanted to hit one up, we had to go to Denver or out of state. We just really wanted to bring in an affordable and educational camp to Fort Collins.”

The duo may have done just that with creation of the Longs Peak Lacrosse Club camp. The three-day camp that’s open to incoming high school freshmen to seniors will run from June 28-30 at Harmony Park.

For more:   http://www.coloradoan.com/article/20100615/SPORTS/6150332/Pair-of-former-Vipers-players-starting-high-school-lacrosse-camp

New Mexico Lacrosse Face Off: The Iroquois Lacrosse Company Will Conduct An Instructional Youth Camp June 11-13

The New Mexico Sports Authority is sponsoring the first New Mexico Lacrosse Face Off in support of enhancing the fastest-growing sport in the country.

The combined Rio Rancho/Cleveland boys lacrosse team, in blue, battles for the ball during a May victory over Sandia Prep. The Rio Rancho team won its second straight state title last month.

A three-day camp will be held June 11-13, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day at Bosque School in Northwest Albuquerque, open to boys and girls from ages 8-18.

The Iroquois Lacrosse Company will conduct an instructional youth camp to motivate and instruct youth participants by voicing stay-in-school messages, cross-training principles, and hands-on instruction for individual and team skill development. Participants will be able to meet some of the most skilled and knowledgeable men of lacrosse: coaches Cam Bomberry, Kevin Sandy and Rio Rancho’s Mike Baker, the city’s former police chief.

Bomberry is the head coach of the Iroquois lacrosse national team and coached junior division teams from 1995-97 and the world championship teams in 2010. He was a part of the first Iroquois national lacrosse team when it won the world championships in Perth, Australia, in 1990.

For more:   http://www.observer-online.com/articles/2010/06/06/sports/doc4c054a5f08f0b223862056.txt