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Lacrosse Equipment: Easton-Bell Sports Will Launch “Easton Lacrosse” With Focus On “New Lacrosse Helmet Technologies” To Compliment “Cutting Edge Lacrosse Shafts And Heads”

Easton-Bell Sports bought Talon back in January, and since then it’s been a busy transition for founders Doug Appleton, Blake and Cort Kim, who now head up lacrosse for the big company and are the main men behind the shafts and heads that will launch in February.

They’ve also been working intensely on a new lacrosse helmet that’s being designed with direct influences from the other sports Easton-Bell and Giro work on in Scotts Valley, where half the staff heads out at lunch to bike through the winding mountain roads near the Monterey Bay between San Jose and San Francisco. (The company’s corporate headquarters is down in Van Nuys, but lacrosse is with the rest of its action sports at this office.)

Mike Lowe, Vice President of Research and Development at Easton-Bell Sports.

The sports equipment maker  wants to control the markets for hockey, lacrosse and baseball helmets — and leading these efforts is a growing work force based in a newly-occupied, renovated office building in Santa Cruz County.

The expansion comes as Easton-Bell’s net income climbs and as the markets for recreational hockey and lacrosse customers continue to grow nationwide.

The company opened its helmet technology center in a 45,000-square-foot building in Scotts Valley this summer, after moving it from a 35,000-square-foot facility in Santa Cruz. It has around 150 employees in the building on Scotts Valley Drive near Highway 17, with about 25 people who focus on helmet design, said Mike Lowe, vice president of research and development.

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Lacrosse Equipment And Protective Gear: Easton-Bell Sports Designs And Manufactures Top Sports Helmets And Protective Gear (Video)

Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. is a leading designer, developer and marketer of branded sports equipment, protective products and related accessories. The company markets and licenses products under such well-known brands as Easton, Bell, Giro, Riddell, and Blackburn. Easton-Bell Sports' products incorporate leading technology and designs and are used by professional athletes and enthusiasts alike. Headquartered in Van Nuys, Calif., the company has 30 facilities worldwide.

Northern California Boys Club Lacrosse: “Team Talon” Boys Lacrosse Uses “Skilled And Fast Brand Of Lacrosse” To Capture 2010 Adrenaline Challenge U-15 Championship

Team Talon, 2010 Adrenaline Challenge U-15 Champion

Saturday, January 17
Talon 14-0 over Austin, Texas
Talon 13-3 over Washington South Sound
Talon 15-4 over SoCal Lacrosse
Talon 15-3 over Vancouver Seaspray
Sunday, January 18
Talon 14-1 over Vancouver Seaspray
Talon 11-5 over Burnaby Mountain
Championship game:  Talon 9-4 over RC Silver

Team Talon is a deep, athletic and very unselfish NorCal-based team that plays a very attractive, skilled and fast brand of lacrosse, while honoring the game with unselfish play and focus on teamwork and sportsmanship.  The middies are all skilled, strong and fast and the attack is skilled, smart and diverse.  Over 75% of Talon’s goals in the tournament were assisted.  The scoring was spread out over the group and different players had multiple goal games throughout the tournament.  The defense is strong and aggressive and presses out hard on the perimeter.  Team Talon also recently won the Palm Desert Thanksgiving tournament.


Joe Lang (#10)
Kodiak Adams (#5)
Sean Mayle (#19)
Austin Colvin (#23)
Brian White (#17)
Hunter Hedegaard (#12)


Joe Rodrigues (#2)
Frankie Hattler (#9)
Chris Hill (#4)

Duncan Hoskinson (#16)
Rick Emerson (#44)


Cole Steigerwald (#24)
James Harrison (#15)
Aran Roberts (#7)
Doug Strazza (#8)
Liam Bourke (#1)

Casey Longaker (#25)
Cyrus Scott (#20)


Lacrosse Manufacturer Interview: Easton-Bell Sports Purchased Talon Lacrosse To Bring Its “Protect And Perform” Products To Rapidly Expanding Lacrosse Equipment Market


Q: Why did Easton-Bell Sports acquire Talon Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a growth sport and one of the few in which Easton was not involved prior to the Talon acquisition. Entering the lacrosse equipment market is a natural extension for Easton, as it designs and develops leading innovative “protect and perform” products under well known brands such as Easton hockey, Easton baseball, Bell cycling helmets, Giro cycling and snow action helmets, Riddell football and Blackburn cycling.

Easton acquired Talon for its knowledge of lacrosse industry and passion for the game. Combined with Easton’s R&D resources and distribution channels, Talon provides a solid foundation for Easton’s entrance into the lacrosse equipment market. The new lacrosse division will leverage Easton’s innovative design, materials and technology to develop authentic, innovative and high performance lacrosse equipment that emphasizes the tradition and core values of lacrosse.

Q: What will be the name of the new lacrosse division?

The division will be called Easton Lacrosse.

Q: Where will the new division be located?

The new Easton Lacrosse division will be located in Scotts Valley, California, which is south of San Francisco near San Jose, where Easton-Bell Sports has also established a new Helmet Technology Center serving all sports.

Q: Who will be involved in building the Easton Lacrosse product line?

The Talon founders (Doug Appleton, Cort Kim and Blake Kim) and designer Andrew Szurley will all have strategic roles with Easton Lacrosse, including design, operations and sales. Doug Appleton will be the general manager. We will be working closely with the entire Easton-Bell Sports R&D department, similar to the way Easton Hockey and Baseball have drawn on the expertise of Giro and Riddell in developing the industry-defining Stealth Grip and Z-Shock helmets. We plan to combine Talon’s knowledge and expertise of the lacrosse market with that of Easton-Bell Sports entire family of brands.

Q: What types of products will Easton Lacrosse bring to market?

Easton Lacrosse expects to develop a full line of innovative and high performance lacrosse equipment and accessories.

Q: What will happen to Talon’s name and products?
The current plan is to continue with selected Talon products as a sub-brand of Easton Lacrosse, and develop new product under the Easton brand name. We are in the process of integrating the two companies and will be reviewing our product plans and finalizing our strategy.

Q: When will Easton Lacrosse products be introduced to the market?

We expect to begin introducing Easton Lacrosse equipment in time for the 2011 season. We just completed the acquisition of Talon and are working on integrating our operations. The next phase will be a product review and development of new products.

Q: How do you think the lacrosse community will view Easton’s entrance into lacrosse?

We think it will be well received by consumers who are familiar with Easton-Bell products. Easton-Bell Sports is known for designing and producing innovative, high performance “protect and perform” sports equipment. We are a market leader in every sport for which we design and develop equipment, including well-known brands such as Easton hockey, Easton baseball, Bell cycling helmets, Giro cycling and snow action helmets, Riddell football and Blackburn cycling accessories. We are looking forward to bringing those same qualities to the lacrosse market.

Q: What will be the impact of Easton Lacrosse on the lacrosse industry?
Easton-Bell Sports is a leading competitor in every sport in which it is involved, and the Easton Lacrosse division will strive to become a leader and premier brand in the lacrosse market as well. We believe this will result in more competition to produce high quality lacrosse equipment.