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“2012 Vail Lacrosse Shootout”: Merrill Lynch Defeats Defeats Brine Elite 16-6, Maverik Elite Tops Rocky Mountain Oysters 19-7 To Advance To Men’s Elite Lacrosse Finals

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Vail Lacrosse Shootout

In the Men’s elite quarter-finals all the top seeds advanced with the exception of Team Harrow. In the day’s first game on Ford Field, Team Harrow thought they had taken a one goal lead with less than a minute remaining, only to realize the bench had called a time-out before the goal. Brine Elite, then took possession of the ball and scored the game winning goal with less than 30 seconds left to win the game. Brine Elite will face Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear at 1:00pm for the day’s first semi-final. The second semi-final will be a repeat of last year’s match-up. Maverik Elite will look for redemption after being upset last year by Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com. The Maverik vs. Oysters game will take place at 3:00pm on Ford Field.

Championship Bracket
9am – Ford Field – Team Harrow 15, Brine Elite 16
11am – Ford Field – Maverik Elite 21, Denver City Lax / Encore 14
1pm – Ford Field – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 15, Big Green Herd 6
3pm – Ford Field – Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com 13, FCA Lacrosse 2

Consolation Bracket
9am – Edwards Turf – LOFers 14, Back Country Brewery 8
11am – Edwards Turf – Southern Combat 12, Tunesquad 4
1pm – Edwards Turf – Warrior X 15, Balance Bar 18
3pm – Edwards Turf – Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon 13, Crease Beavers 2
11am – Edwards Grass – Team Gutman 6, True Lacrosse Club 7
1pm – Edwards Grass – Prestige Lacrosse 7, Eager Beavers 4

Men’s Elite Schedule for Tuesday 7/3

Championship Bracket
1pm – Ford Field – Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Brine Elite
3pm – Ford Field – Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com vs. Maverik Elite

5th Place Bracket
9am – Ford Field – Team Harrow vs. Big Green Herd
11am – Ford Field – FCA Lacrosse vs. Denver City Lax/Encore

Consolation Bracket
1pm – Edwards Turf – LOFers vs. Balance Bar
3pm – Edwards Turf – Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. Southern Combat

Remaining Consolation Games
10am – Edwards Grass – Warrior X vs. Back Country Brewery
11am – Edwards Turf – Crease Beavers vs. Tunesquad
12pm – Edwards Grass – Team Gutman vs. Eager Beavers
2pm – Edwards Grass – Prestige Lacrosse vs. True Lacrosse Club

Lacrosse Tournaments: “2012 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Begins 40th Year On June 30-July 8

Vail Lacrosse Shootout

40th Year presented by Harrow Sports

Expected Teams for 2012 Shootout:

Men’s Elite Division: Balance Bar, True Lacrosse, The Lofers, Team Gutman, Southern Combat Americans, Team Merrill Lynch, Back Country Brewery, Warrior X, Denver City Lax, Tunesquad, Maverik, Brine Elite, Team One Jammin Salmon, Team Harrow, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Eager Beavers, Prestige Lacrosse Club, The Big Green Herd, Crease Beavers, FCA.

Women’s Elite Division: #1 Stunner of the Month, Team Chipotle, Cole Roofing, CRS/MFL, Gang Green, Lady Lofers, Lakeshore, Team Liverstrong, Portland Purple, TexLax,Texas Swagger, True Lacrosse, Utah Mamaci College Elite, Team Wild, (TBD), Triple Threat

Men’s Masters: (9 teams – 1 slot available):  Jagermeister, Silver Oyster, Olympic Club, Team Hulu, Buddha’s Ballers, Middlebury, Team Adrenaline, Power Tek, Vendetta’s.

Men’s Supermasters: Millennium-Rock It Pocket, Vendetta’s, Middlebury, Navy Old Goats, C2C Magic Wands, Princeton Obsoletes, Aged Spirits, Cactus Lacrosse, Elder Statesmen, Galileo, Mad Greens, Moondoggies, Yellow Dog, High Country Lax.

Men’s Grandmasters: Mr. BOH Lacrosse Club, Middlebury, Navy Grand Goats, Los Viejos de C2C, Colorado Lacrosse Club, Eldest Statesmen, Gravediggers, Air Force Graybirds

Boy’s U-19 High School Division: (13 teams – 1 slot available):  Team Colorado, FCA, Jr. Buddha’s Ballers, Brady’s Bunch, Houlaguns, Winnipeg Wolverines, KC Blue Lion Lacrosse, True Lacrosse, Laxachusetts, U-19 NE 3D Select, Team Ohio, ADRLN Tropics, Western Colorado Mavericks.

Girl’s U-19 High School Division: Team Colorado, CT Dodgers, Denver Summit Lax All-Stars, Hero’s, Team HLA, Houston Heat, Team Idaho, Indy United, KC Blue Lion, MFL Elite, MN Lakers Select 2012, MN Lakers Select 2013/2014, Team 180, Oregon Elite, Puget Sound Select, MAV Elite, Stars, Utah Mamaci Black, Utah Mamaci Elite, MN Frosties

Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear Tops Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com 24-7 On July 3 To Win The “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Elite Men’s Championship

Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear opened the Men’s Elite Championship scoring eleven straight goals, and that early, massive lead proved to be all they would need to claim victory in the 39th Vail Lacrosse Shootout. 

Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear were the Men's Elite Champions of the 2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout

The Oysters were not able to execute the game plan that led them to success in the semi-finals, and once Merrill jumped out to a big lead the Oysters lacked the offensive fire power necessary to facilitate a comeback.

Several players had standout performances for Merrill; Rob Forester (Penn State ’09) went off finishing with ten points on nine goals and one assist. Forester was the main beneficiary Zach Howell’s (Duke ’11) nifty moves with Howell assisting Forester five separate times. Howell was also phenomenal in the Championship game, finishing with 9 points with three goals and six assists. The Offensive MVP of the 39th Shootout was Kyle Wharton (Johns Hopkins ’11) who is one of the most gifted attackmen to ever play in the Shootout. Wharton scored seven points in the final game on four goals and three assists; playing on the left side of the attack he was dominating all tournament.

Merrill’s defense and faceoff play was also stellar. Defensive MVP CJ Costabile (Duke ’12) was a force to be reckoned, dictating his will all over the field as a long stick midfielder. All Tournament Faceoff Man, Trevor Sipperly (Notre Dame ’10), finished the championship game winning 20 of 29 draws.

For the Oysters, All Tournament midfielder Alex Moore (St. Lawrence ’05) tallied two goals in the championship game. Despite the unrelenting Merrill offense, Goalie Ben Brown (Whittier ’09) had an impressive performance, finishing with 13 saves in three quarters of play.

Sunday Action:

Championship Bracket


Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear 24, Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com 7

3rd Place
Maverik Elite 14, Team Chipotle 10

5th Place
Team Sandy 16, Team 21 7

7th Place

Brine Elite 16, Team Sasquatch 12

Consolation Bracket

Consolation Championship 

Denver City Lax 15, Lacrossewear Red Lions 11

Consolation Bracket 3rd Place

BAWLS Guarana 15, Warrior X 8

Consolation Bracket 5th Place

Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon 19, The Olympic Club 5

Consolation Bracket 7th Place

Sacred Marlins 6, Team Awesome 4

Division B Bracket 

Division B Finals 

Southern Combat Americans 7, Toonsquad 4

Division B Consolation  

Gutman 7, True Lacrosse 6 
Lofers 5, Prestige Lacrosse 1

Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com Upsets Maverik Elite 9-8 To Advance To “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Men’s Elite Final Against Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear

The Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com held on for one of the biggest upsets in recent tournament history. Prior to the game, few would have thought that the Oyster’s would have stood a chance against the stacked roster of Maverik Elite.

However, led by Alex More (St. Lawrence ’12), the Oysters offense was efficient and possessed the ball very well, More finished with a five point performance on three goals and two assists.  In addition to More, Lance Vitt (Ohio State ’05) had a hat trick. Vitt, a tournament veteran, was very effective from the left side of the attack for the Oysters.

Maverik won every statistical category except one, saves. Oysters Goalie Ben Brown (Whittier ’09) found his grove in the semi-finals, finishing the day with 14 saves. Brown stood tall against the very skilled Maverik shooters and should prove to be a difficult challenge for the Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear offense. For Maverik, John Christmas (Virginia ’05) had three points with a hat trick, and Owen Bly (Maryland ’13) scored two goals.

In the second semi-final Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear rattled off six unanswered goals to begin the second quarter and took an 8-3 lead into half time against last year’s runner-up Team Chipotle. Merrill’s offense was balanced with ten different goal scorers in the game. Kyle Wharton (Johns Hopkins ’10) is having a fantastic tournament, scoring three goals against Chipotle.

The Oysters will face another tough matchup against Merrill, but as they showed against Maverik, they can execute the necessary game plan to beat a more talented squad.

Saturday Results:
Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com 9, Maverik Elite 8 – scoresheet
Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear 16, Team Chipotle 7 – scoresheet

5th Place Bracket
Team Sandy 9, Brine Elite 8 in OT – scoresheet
Team 21 8, Team Sasquatch 4 – scoresheet

Consolation Bracket:
Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon 20, Team Awesome 4 – scoresheet
The Olympic Club 11, Sacred Marlins 6 – scoresheet
Denver City Lax 10, Warrior X 3 – scoresheet
Lacrossewear Red Lions 13, BAWLS Guarana 6 – scoresheet

Division B Bracket:
The Loafers 6, Team Gutman 5 – scoresheet
Southern Combat Americans 9, Prestige Lacrosse 3 – scoresheet
Tunesquad 8, True Lacrosse 4 – scoresheet

Sunday Match-Ups:
Championship Bracket
Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com vs. Merrill Lynch / Lacrossewear – 2:00pm – Ford Field

3rd Place
Maverik Elite vs. Team Chipotle – 12:00pm – Ford Field

5th Place
Team Sandy vs. Team 21 – 11:30pm – Edwards Turf

7th Place
Team Sasquatch vs. Brine Elite – 10:00am – Edwards Turf

Consolation Bracket
Consolation Championship
Lacrossewear Red Lions vs. Denver City Lax – 9:00am – Ford Field

Consolation Bracket 3rd Place
BAWLS Guarana vs. Warrior X – 8:30am – Edwards Turf

Consolation Bracket 5th Place
Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon vs. The Olympic Club – 10:00am – Edwards Grass 2

Consolation Bracket 7th Place
Team Awesome vs. Sacred Marlins – 8:30am – Edwards Grass 2

Division B Bracket
Division B Finals
Southern Combat Americans vs. Toonsquad – 11:30am – Edwards Grass 3

Division B Consolation 
True Lacrosse vs.  Gutman – 10:00am – Edwards Grass 3
Lofers vs. Prestige Lacrosse – 11:30am – Edwards Grass 2

Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: Semi-Finals Of The “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Elite Division To Feature Maverik Elite Vs Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com And Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear Vs. Team Chipotle On July 2

Ford Field played host to four high quality games on Friday where each matchup was good, and no team was able to blow out their opponent. The most exciting game of the day came early; the Oysters outlasted Team Sandy in double overtime in the 9:00am game.

Merrill makes their return to the semi-finals after just missing them in 2010, beating Team 21 12-8. In a somewhat surprising result, Maverik Elite was tied after three quarters with Brine Elite 8-8, but Maverik was able to pull away in the fourth in route to a 13-9 victory. In the day’s last game Team Chipotle was victorious, taking down Team Sasquatch 12-6.

Friday Results:
Winners Bracket:
Maverik Elite 13, Brine Elite 9 – scoresheet
Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com 15, Team Sandy 14 2OT – scoresheet
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 12, Team 21 8 – scoresheet
Team Chipotle 12, Team Sasquatch 6 – scoresheet

Consolation Bracket:
BAWLS Guarana 16, Team Awesome 9 – scoresheet
Lacrossewear Red Lions 15, Team One’s Jammin Salmon 8 – scoresheet
Denver City Lax 10, Sacred Marlins 8 – scoresheet
Warrior X 15, The Olympic Club 11 – scoresheet

Division B Bracket:
True Lacrosse 12, Prestige Lacrosse 11 – scoresheet
Tunesquad 11, The Loafers 10 – scoresheet
Southern Combat Americans 11, Team Gutman 8 – scoresheet

Saturday Match-Ups:
Maverik Elite vs. Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com – 1:00pm – Ford Field
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear vs. Team Chipotle – 3:00pm – Ford Field
(All games on Ford Field)

5th Place Bracket
Brine Elite vs. Team Sandy – 9:00am – Ford Field
Team 21 vs. Team Sasquatch – 11:00am  – Ford Field

Consolation Bracket:
Team One’s Jammin Salmon vs. Team Awesome – 9:00am – Edwards Turf           
Scared Marlins vs. The Olympic Club – 11:00am – Edwards Turf
Denver City Lax vs. Warrior X – 1:00pm – Edwards Turf
BAWLS Guarana vs. Lacrossewear Red Lions – 3:00pm – Edwards Turf

Division B Bracket:
The Loafers vs. Team Gutman – 11:00am – Edwards Grass
Prestige Lacrosse vs. Southern Combat Americans – 1:00pm – Edwards Grass
True Lacrosse vs. Tunesquad – 3:00pm – Edwards Grass

For more:  http://www.vaillacrosse.com/2011/mens/elite/

Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: The “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Completes Day 1 Of Men’s Elite Division Play

The Men’s Elite tournament began at 11:00am on fields spread from Vail to Edwards. All the favorites advanced except Team One’s Jammin Salmon and The Olympic Club, they were upset by Team Sandy and Team Sasquatch, respectively.

Tomorrow’s semi-finals take place on Ford Field with games at 9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm and, 3:00pm. Maverick Elite, defending champions, looked exceptional in their first day of action and will be a tough opponent for any of the teams in this year’s tournament. 

Maverik Elite Team Jerseys at the 2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout.

Thursday Results:
Division B Game 1: BAWLS Guarana 21, Prestige Lacrosse 5 
Division B Game 2: Warrior X 11, True Lacrosse 3
Division B Game 3: Sacred Marlins 8, The Lofers 7
Division B Game 4: Lacrossewear Red Lions 14, Tunesquad 2
Division B Game 5: Team Sandy 13, Southern Combat Americans 5
Division B Game 6: Denver City Lax 14, Team Gutman 3

Maverik Elite 21, BAWLS Guarana 4
Brine Elite 12, Team Awesome 5
Team Sandy 12, Team One’s Jammin Salmon 11
Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com 11, Lacrossewear Red Lions 4
Team 21 5, Sacred Marlins 3
Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear 14, Denver City Lax 7
Team Sasquatch 9, The Olympic Club 7
Team Chipotle 13, Warrior X 5

Friday Match-Ups:

Winners Bracket:
Maverik Elite vs. Brine Elite – 1:00pm
Team Sandy vs. Rocky Mountain Oysters/Lax.com – 9:00am
Team 21 vs. Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear – 11:00am
Team Sasquatch vs. Team Chipotle – 3:00pm
(All games on Ford Field)

Consolation Bracket:
BAWLS Guarana vs. Team Awesome – 3:00pm
Team One’s Jammin Salmon vs. Lacrossewear Red Lions – 11:00am
Scared Marlins vs. Denver City Lax – 9:00am
The Olympic Club vs. Warrior X – 1:00pm
(All games on Edwards Turf)

Division B Bracket:
Prestige Lacrosse vs. True Lacrosse – 9:00am
The Loafers vs. Tunesquad – 11:00am
Southern Combat Americans vs. Team Gutman – 1:00pm
(All games on Edwards Grass)

For more:  http://www.vaillacrosse.com/2011/mens/elite/

Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Features Men’s Elite Division Play With “Maverik Elite” Looking To Repeat As Champions

The 39th year of the Vail’s Men’s Elite Tournament welcomes one of the largest fields in tournament history. Maverik Elite blew away last year’s competition enroute to their first championship, and are returning to Vail looking to repeat in 2011. Maverik Elite’s immense talent was the key to their run to the title last year but with a stacked 22 team tournament this year, they’ll need more than sheer skill to be back to back winners in Vail.Elite runner up in 2010, Chipotle is back again, bringing a good number of local Colorado players mixed in with high caliber east coast ringers. Team 21, 2008 tournament champion, and 2010 3rd place finishers, bring their Cornell heavy roster with hopes of returning to the winners circle in 2011.Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear, who has been  competing in Vail for over a decade, are also back, and seeking to return to their 2009 championship ways. Perennial top-tier tournament contender, Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon, are returning as well and will be just as notable for their high quality play as they will be for their unique and flashy uniforms.The Colorado contingent will be strong as always, led by last year’s 4th place finishers, Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com. Joining them from the mile high state will be Lacrossewear Red Lions, The Lofers, plus tournament newcomers FoCo Alumni, Warrior X and Denver City Lax.

Coming back to the Elite Tournament after a year away is the Canadian based Team Sandy. They are representing All-World goaltender Brian Sanderson, who is currently fighting a battle with brain cancer. The Canadians unique stick skills and distinctive hard nose style of play will bring a canuck flair to this years’ tournament. 

Returning teams in the 2011 field include the Brine Elite, The Olympic Club, 83 ½, Team Gutman, BAWLS Gaurana, Team Awesome and Team Sasquatch. New teams this year are True Lacrosse, Tunesquad, and the Sacred Marlins.

With the enormous field of 22 teams in the hunt for on and off the field Vail glory, there are several teams that will feel like champions, even though only one will walk away with the 2011 Vail Shootout Men’s Elite Title.

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Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear

Coach:  Paul Landaiche Jr.

Team Preview:  Team Merrill Lynch/Lacrossewear is attending its eleventh Vail Shootout and has earned a reputation as one of the premier Men’s Elite teams in the tournament. We are proud that our players are leaders on the field, in their classrooms and in their communities. Our mission is always to have a consistent focus on community involvement and philanthropy in addition to our athletic endeavors.
Team Merrill Lynch decided in 2005 that it was time to expand the scope and the significance of our involvement in the Shootout by benefiting the American Cancer Society and organizations committed to finding a cure for breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer; we incorporate pink with our uniforms, the color representing breast cancer awareness, as a visible reminder of our causes. With your support, we can continue our great efforts both on the field and in our local areas, highlighting the impact that individuals can have on everyday lives. This year, the team has accepted donations for the American Cancer Society and through the United Way will make an impact toward funding cancer research. As individuals and a company, Merrill Lynch supports thousands of health and social services causes through contributing to the annual Employee Giving Campaign and through events like the Vail Shootout. Each year we move a step closer to a cure! We would also like to thank our longtime partner, Lacrossewear, and Bo Lamon for his continued support. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management is the world’s leading wealth management, capital markets and advisory firm, with offices in 40 countries and territories and total client assets in excess of $2 trillion.

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Team 21

Coaches/Organizers:  David Coors, Ryan Geller

Key Players:  Pierce Derkac (Cornell, 2010), Brad Kamelduski (Cornell, 2010), Matt Sutherland (Cornell, 2010), Andrew West (Cornell, 2014)

Team Preview:  Team 21  is primarily a group of Cornell lacrosse alumni and current players that add support to the squad.
Team 21 continues to be anchored with a core of Cornell alumni that performs better outside the lines and relies on younger, faster current players and recent grads who excel between the lines. Not limited to just Cornell players, Team 21 also gets some great assistance from friends who play for other competitive college lacrosse programs.
At the core of Team 21 is the spirit of George Boiardi.  George wore the number 21 at Cornell University and in 2004 he passed during a lacrosse contest his senior year.  George exemplified everything it means to be a great teammate, showing not only incredible athletic ability and tireless work ethic on the field, but admirable character and a selfless lifestyle off the field.  For the members of Team 21, it is not only George’s athleticism and character that we honor, but his love for the game, the friendships we all shared with him and the legacy he is leaving behind.
Team 21 supports the Mario St. George Boiardi Foundation which was created to carry on George’s passion for athletics and academics.  For more information or to make a donation please visit the website at http://www.boiardifoundation.org/.
We would like to thank our main sponsors: Coors Light, Nike, Concept Capital and Bros Lacrosse.  Additionally we would like to thank the Boiardi Family for all their support and love and all the individuals who help make this team possible. 

“Mario St. George Boiardi. Tireless worker, selfless teammate and loyal friend who gave his life playing the game he loved.”
July 30, 1981 – March 17, 2004


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Team One’s Jammin’ Salmon

Coach:  John Combs, Brad Heritage, and Justin PorterKey Players: Nick Bonacci (Dartmouth College, 2007); Nick Marks (Bucknell University, 2008); Kyle Feeney (Bucknell University, 2013); Paul Stansik (Bucknell University, 2007); Corey Bulken (Le Moyne University, 2010)
Team Preview:  This year’s Jammin Salmon team will feature a healthy dose of both veteran leaders and young contributors from across the lacrosse world.  As always, the Salmon take pride in compiling the “best of the best” players who will make substantial contributions and “hustle” plays both on and off the field.  On defense, Kyle Feeney will backstop a stout unit led by fellow, but former, Bison Paul Stansik and Tom Izard down low.  Justin Porter, Lee Williams, and Blaine Mitten will patrol up top and between the lines.  Corey Bulken, who faced off at almost 70% this season for the Le Moyne Dolphins, will take the lion share of draws and should provide plenty of extra possessions for the Fish, while Nick Bonacci, Andrew Marks, Kip Dooley, and Jeremy Tissenbaum will stretch defenses with their dodging and shooting abilities down the lines from the midfield.  Todd Heritage and Chase Bailey comprise another, albeit younger, Bucknell tandem that can finish around the cage from the attack.  The Jammin’ Salmon would like to thank our sponsors Team One and Minturn Anglers for their support. 


Brine Elite

Team Founder:  ENS Matt Keller – USNA 2009
Team Managers:  Tom Keller and Jimmy HarrisonKey Players:  Morgan Griff (Penn, 2011),  Edison Parzenese (Notre Dame, 2011gr & Holy Cross 2010) Mike Maggio (Lasell, 2009),  Matt Nelligan (Ithaca, 2008), Matt Cutter, (Ithaca 2009), John Ortolani (Endicott, 2008),  Jimmy Harrison (Holy Cross, 2009)Team Preview:Once again, the BRINE Elite team plays to honor the men and women aboard the USS Vandegrift, a Navy frigate currently deployed with the Pacific Fleet.  Among the 30 officers on board is BRINE Elite team founder LTJG Matt Keller, a 2009 graduate of the US Naval Academy.  The team will wear the ship’s identification number, FFG-48 on their sleeves as a reminder that while we enjoy the 4th of July in Vail, many brave souls serve all around the globe.  The team hopes to make the jump back into the top half of the tournament this year.

BRINE Elite are grateful to the BRINE Co. and the BRINE Elite League for their continued sponsorship.


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Rocky Mountain Oysters / Lax.com

Coach/Organizer:  Chris Parsons/Aaron Laaveg

Key Players: Ben Brown (Goalie), PJ Santora (Faceoff Mid),  Alex Moore (Midfield), Neth Wiedemann (Defense), John Loftus (Defense)
Team Preview:  Undaunted by the lackadaisical presence of the glimmering summer season, the Rocky Mountain Oysters enter the elite field for the 10th consecutive year with the élan and panache necessary to compete for the Championship. The team consists of a brilliant mixture of local Colorado stars and east coast studs.Looking as sharp and influential as ever, the attackmen of the Oysters will look to batter the opposition with sublime skill and clinical finishes. Talisman Logan Bobzien (2008 All American) will quarterback the rapid fire assault with pulsating precision. On “man up” possessions, this group possesses the ability to carve open an opponent’s defenses like a skilled surgeon.
With supreme confidence and blistering fluidity, the midfield unit contains the power and pace to create countless fast break opportunities. Any opposing faceoff specialists in this tournament will need to produce a moment of magic in order to beat PJ Santora (2009 All American). Other players to watch include the tactically astute Alex Moore (2004 All American) and Naval Academy graduate Terrence Higgins.Unwavering organization and commitment characterize the Oysters defense. Between the pipes, Ben Brown’s energy and scintillating reflexes will present a challenge to any shooter. In addition, any capable dodger will need to beat Neth Wiedemann (2008 All American); who can throw lethal checks with a ferocity bordering on barbaric. Lastly, veteran John Loftus (2005 All American) will expertly marshal the clears with ingenuity and regimental efficiency.


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Maverik Elite

Coaches and Organizers:  Devin Darcangelo, Paul Carcaterra, Gary Rosenbach and Paul Moskevitz
Key Players:  Chris Bocklet (Virginia,2012), John Ranagan (Johns Hopkins, 2013), Jo Jo Marasco (Syracuse,  2013), John Gagliardi (Johns Hopkins, 1997)Team Preview:  Maverik Elite is made up of some of the top current players from Johns Hopkins, Syracuse & Univ. of Virginia. Most of the players come from New York, New Jersey & Connecticut and have played together or against each other during their high school years. With a good mix of Division I and former MLL & Team USA players, look for Maverik Elite  to make a run at the championship again this year. Jo Jo Marasco leads the attack with his ball-handling skills while Brian Megill heads up the defense.  Maverik Elite would like to thank our sponsors:  Maverik Lacrosse  and the Rosenbach Family of Vail.

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The Olympic Club

Organizer: Brian Schimaneck & Matt Fredericks

Key Players:
  Nate Whitaker (Penn State), Harper Cullen (Trinity), Billy Mattimore (Bucknell),  Bobby Edmundowicz (Fairfield), Brad Patterson (Denver), Brian Schimaneck (St. Ignatius College Prep.)

Team Preview: 
Established in San Francisco in 1860 and dedicated to the pursuit of amateur athletic excellence, The Olympic Club enjoys the distinction of being America’s oldest athletic club. Comprised of more than 5,000 active members and with historic clubhouses located in downtown San Francisco and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Club members regularly participate in athletic and social events wearing the Club’s internationally recognized ‘Winged O’.
The Olympic Club Lacrosse team is comprised of former and current Division I, II, III and MCLA college players.

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Team Chipotle

Coaches:  Tom Konkel and Dan Murray

Key Players:  Alex Demopoulos (Denver, 2012), Davey Emala (Georgetown, 2013), Justin Schneidman (Cortland, 2011), Joey Murray (Denver, 2009), Austin Konkel (Denver, 2009), Tim Katz (Sacred Heart, 2010)

Team Preview:  This team is made up from players from the Univ. of Denver, Georgetown Univ., Cortland State, Sacred Heart Univ, Univ of North Carolina and Colo State Univ. and former and current MLL and NLL players who have been friends since childhood or college. The goal for this team is to continue to grow their lifelong friendships in the Vail Valley in a healthily safe way.

We would like to thank our long time sponsor Chipotle. Food with integrity, which means serving the very best sustainably raised food possible with an eye to great taste, great nutrition and great value. Food with integrity is a journey that started more than a decade ago and one that will never end.


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True Lacrosse

Coaches:  Ryan Covert

Key Players:  Mike Gabel, (Vermont, 2006), Jake Deane (UMass, 2006)

Team Preview:  True Lacrosse brings together its veteran coaching staff and friends to compete this year at the Vail Shootout for the first time. True lacrosse will look to make a splash both on the field and on Vail’s famous Bridge Street.


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Coaches:  Ed Condon, Ken Bowman, Spencer Curley, Nick Condon

Key Players:  Keegan Bowman (Carthage, 2012), Andrew Bellville (Carthage, 2012), Ryan Knautz (Adrian, 2011), Sam Hurster (Brown, 2014) Keaton O’hara (Bellarmine, 2012)

Team Preview:  A team made up of almost entirely midwest lacrosse players that has a total of 9 MLC all-conference awards and multiple NCAA Division III national tournament appearances. A young team consisting of all current college students except for one who graduated this past May. Many of the players have known and played with each other for many years. All but one play on an NCAA varsity team in both Division I and Division III. The coaches have quite a resume as well.  Ed Condon is the head coach at Christian Brothers College, a high school in St. Louis, MO which is a powerhouse for the state title annually and Ken Bowman is the head coach at New Westminster Secondary in Vancouver, BC where he won multiple provincial championships.


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Team Gutman

Organizer: Jamie Duke, Tom Petty

Key Players: Alex Palmisano (Middlebury, 2007), Jim Cabrera (Middlebury, 2008), David Hild (Middlebury, 2011), Skyler Hopkins (Middlebury, 2009), Henry Clark (Middlebury, 2012)

Team Preview:  This year, Team Gutman is adding several new faces to the team, most of which are from the 2011 Middlebury Lacrosse team. Alex Palmisano will be returning between the pipes and anchors an aggressive defensive lineup. In the Midfield, Veterans Michael Murray and Aaron Herter will gain some additional speed from Chris Teves and Jeff Begin. The strength of the 2011 midfield will be the ability to create space. On attack, veterans Jamie Duke and Jim Cabrera will be joined by rookie David Hild. This line up boasts a very impressive shooting arsenal and a knack for finishing. Overall, Team Gutman enjoys the advantage of instant team chemistry since most of the team has been playing with one another for many years.

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Prestige Lacrosse Club

Organizer: Greg Sprenzel and John Sprenzel 

Key Players: John Sprenzel (St. Thomas, 2004), Bill Harris (Marymount University, 2004)
Team Preview:  Prestige Lacrosse Club is made up of some of the best players from the Midwest. Prestige was started in 2009 and plays in tournaments all over the nation. With a good mix of players from NCAA Division I, II and III, and MCLA Division I and II stars and role players, look for Prestige Lacrosse Club to be in the hunt both on and off the field. John Sprenzel is in goal backstopping a solid Prestige defense while Greg Sprenzel and Jake Misner head up the midfield. Prestige Lacrosse Club would like to thank our sponsors: Illinois Bone and Joint Institute and Waterhouse Bar and Grill.

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Team Sandy

Organizer:  Brad Brewster and Mickey Hover

Key Players: Joe Moore (Syracuse, 2012), Jeremy Noble (Denver, 2014), Pete Coleman (Syracuse, 2013), Jay Card (Hofstra, 2012), Kevin Hover (Rutgers, 2012), Thomas Guadagnlo (Syracuse, 2011)

Team Preview:  Back from a one year hiatus, Team LaxGrip / Team Last Call is headed back to Vail. Team Sandy will be playing for Chris Sanderson, All World Goalie, who is battling brain cancer and beating it. The team is comprised of a mix of Canadian and American players, Division I and III. The youth of the team brings a lot of skill, while the vets bring experience. The veterans will be a mix of box and field players; Thomas Hajek (Boston Blazers), Ryan McClelland (Philadelphia Wings), David Brock (Philadelphia Wings), and other professional players.  For the St. Lawrence crew this isn’t their first rodeo; bringing four players, five Rutgers players will be on the squad; as well as three from Lynchburg, who will be making their first appearance in Vail. Syracuse will have a strong showing with two additional players and the always dangerous… players to be named later.  The glue of Team Sandy is Organizer and Coach, Brad Brewster. He put together a great group of guys together to represent Chris. Keep fighting 17!


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Lacrossewear Red Lions

Head Coach: Jon Bock

Key Players: Nikki Dysenchuk (Dartmouth, 2013),  Matt Kuglar (Virginia, 2013), Jacob Bock (Penn, 2012), RC Willenbrock (Dartmouth, 2013), Wyatt Melzer (Virginia, 2013)

Team Preview:  The LacrosseWear Red Lions were formed from the original Victorious Secret U-19 team. However, with many of the original players now at top Division 1 schools, a new powerhouse has been formed. With a very sound mix of Dartmouth, Virginia, Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Penn players, the LacrosseWear Red Lions are ready to make a run. Two players, fresh off an NCAA Championship victory, Wyatt Melzer and Matt Kugler, are hungry for a second title and will help the defensive and midfield units respectively. Two original team members and now Ivy Leaguers, RC Willenbrock and Jacob Bock, both hailing from Colorado, will assuredly give the Lions a lethal midfield unit. Dartmouth scorers Chris Costabile and Nikki Dysenchuk along with shifty Frazier Cavness look to lead the attack unit. Dartmouth’s Big Boy Bernie Susskind and his unique charisma will hold up the net and lead the Lions’ defensive unit headlined by Dartmouth and Virginia personnel. The LacrosseWear Red Lions would like to sincerely thank our sponsors: LacrosseWear and The Red Lion. Your help and support is much appreciated.


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The Lofers

Coach and Organizer:  Ted Baruch

Key Players:  Chris Bluse (Colorado, 2004), Pat Logiudice (St. Leo, 2010)

Team Preview:  The Lofers are sponsored by Colorado’s own Lacrosse Outreach Foundation with the Baruch family at its nucleus.  Tyler and Luke Baruch have created the team out of strong friendships forged through the great game of lacrosse over the past 15 years.  We are strongest in the goal with  Colorado’s own Chris Bluse, who has previous MLL experence.  Pat Logiudice, leads our defense and a bevy of Benedictine Monks from St. Leo University who bring the secret weapon of sobriety to Vail and an ancient discipline that will eventually wear down even the deepest, most talented teams.


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Denver City Lax

Coaches/Organizers: Ben Allison, Dillon Roy and Andrew Lay

Key Players:  Mark Matthews (Att, Denver, 2012), Andrew Lay (Mid, Denver, 2011), Sean McCarthy (Def, Hofstra 2006)

Team Preview:  This is the first Denver City Lax team to compete in the Vail Shootout, yet many of the team’s players are tournament veterans (don’t think old though).  This talented group of current college players, recent graduates, and professional players are meeting in Vail to represent and support City Lax, a non-profit youth organization focused on introducing the sport of lacrosse to under-served neighborhoods while also using the sport to teach life values and the importance of education.
Thanks to our Vail sponsors – Boathouse Sports & US Lacrosse.  A huge thanks also goes out to all the volunteers and contributors that have helped make Denver City Lax a success.  Your time, donations and financial support have made it possible to bring new opportunities to kids on and off the field.  Enjoy Vail and have a great tournament.  For more information or to make a donation please check in with us at the Shootout and visit us at:  www.DenverCityLax.com.


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FoCo Alumni

Coaches/Organizers: Greg Rushing and Brian Leistikow

Key Players:  Greg Rushing (F/O, UMASS), Connor Saller (Midfield, University of Northern Colorado), Henry Miketa (Attack, Denver), Devin Arruabarrena (Midfield, Bellarmine)

Team Preview:   FoCo Alumni is composed of mostly Fort Collins Unified Alumni including a large amount from the 2007 Colorado State Championship team. The state title team had several members who  will be in attendance, play college lacrosse at universities like UMass, Bellarmine, and Denver. Look for the FOCO Alum made up of Division I, Division III, and MCLA players to be on a quest to return to glory as in 2007 on and off the field. Look for Greg Rushing to provide solid wins at the faceoff X, with Connor Saller providing leadership and scoring from the midfield. At defense look for Mitch Hansen and Brian Leistikow to lead the defense. The FOCO Alum would like to send a special thanks to all our sponsors.


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Team Awesome

Coaches/Organizers: Drew Bower, Mark Parets
Key Players:Garret Beach (Goal, Butler), Chris Linko (Mid, Lehigh), Donny Gallegos (Def, Regis University)

Team Preview:  Team Awesome has been in existence for five years now and has left a lasting impression at tournaments all over the country. This team, made up of weekend warriors, have been pulling players from all sorts of bars, dark alleys, and gutters from all over the world. The Team, made up of “oh those guys and “Ughh Him” is a very tight group. This group of “Blacklisted wherever they go” guys is a perennial “lets hope they remember they have a game the next day group!”
Team Awesome is excited for another unremarkable showing at the tournament, and an above average All American performance off the field.


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BAWLS Gaurana

Coaches/Organizers: Zach Nisson

Key Players:  Ty Thompson, Eric Law, Chase Carraro

Team Preview:  This team is made up of guys from all over the U.S.  As a team we are looking forward to the high level of competition that will be up in Vail.  BAWLS Gaurana has a lot of high powered scorers and a tough defense that will look to prove their metal against the Shootout’s best.

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Warrior XCoach

/Organizer:  Tom Conrad, Craig Haynes

Key Players: Greg Colosimo (Attack, Drexal, 2014); Brian Kormondy (Attack, Delaware, 2014); Hunter Hall (Midfield, Whittier College, 2014); Dylan Leary (Midfield, Air Force, 2013)

Team Preview:  These are Colorado boys, born and bred. Warrior X is made up primarily of Arapahoe High School Alumni (Centennial, Colorado) who played on the 2009 Colorado State Championship  team.  Many of them are currently playing for CU, CSU and UNC, others are playing for Division I and Division III teams including Drexel, Delaware, Air Force and Whittier College. 
This will be Warrior X’s first trip to the Men’s Elite division but they are no strangers to the tournament. The Coaches have played in the Masters, Supermasters and sad to say Grandmasters for the last decade and many of the players have played in the U19 division for Team Colorado. 


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Team Sasquatch

Coach/Organizer:  Craig McGuinness

Team Preview:  Team Sasquatch is back in Vail for our second year in the elite division. This is a group of of mostly Division I players who have met over the years at camps and other lacrosse outings. Some of the schools represented are Denver, Hofstra, Loyola, Ohio State, Hobart, and Bryant.  We look forward to a great time in Vail.


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83 ½ Lacrosse

Coaches/Organizers: Thomas McKinley (Bowdoin, 2006)

Team Preview:  83 1/2 Lacrosse is comprised of Bowdoin college alums and current players, along with friends of the program that get together in Vail to relive their glory days on and off the field.  A team mixed with old age wisdom and youthful grads they look to improve on last year’s inaugural effort.  The team would like to thank its many supporters in the Bowdoin Lacrosse family and most importantly its major sponsor Smathers & Branson (www.smathersandbranson.com).

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Sacred Marlins

Team Preview:  The Scared Marlins are a new entry to the Vail Lacrosse Shootout and will look to make an impression in their first year. The fish look forward to seeing how their swimming will work at 8000+ feet!


Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Features “C2C Magic Wands” Defeating “Elder Statesman” 7-4 To Win “Supermasters” Championship

The Elder Statesman entered the day with direct opportunity of scoring a three-peat at Vail in the Supermasters Division.  Their bid for supremacy was denied by a very passionate and determined group of Magic Wands. 

2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout "Grandmasters" Champion "C2C Magic Wands"

The now C2C Magic Wands trailed 2-1 at halftime but rallied hard with 6 second half tallies that  took home the large hard rock (actually granite and marble) hand crafted trophy by displacing the Statesmen 7-4 in a game played in the light of a bright, sun drenched mid-summer day.  If one likes weather one might say that this day sat comfortably in the category of perfect. 

With 13 penalties assessed on them during the 48-minute game, the Statesmen spent far too much time wasting the potentially perfect day sitting in the penalty box and not enough team time generating the kind of offensive power surge they usually show.  The Wands treated every moment as a precious one, working hard together for every clear and every shot.  They managed to turn 4 of the multiple extra man opportunities into goals.  Meanwhile the Statesmen had no assisted goals in their small batch of 4.  The Elders took plenty of shots 26, but they mostly did not come easily against the emotional band of Wands that wanted this game very much.  The Wand defense didn’t let shots come easily, and even though Steve Govett had three goals on the day, even he was unable to really go off offensively for the defending champs. The Wands showed a balanced and efficient attack, basking in the warmth of their 6 second half goals that came on just 10 second half shot attempts.

With the Wands adding penalty infractions to the fracas it would be difficulty to call this game a gem or a beauty made up of perfect execution, unless of course your idea of the perfect game includes yellow torpedo flags soaring around in the very blue picture frame of a sky.  Dave King scored both the tying and the go ahead Wand goals before the third quarter was 5 minutes old.  Once the Wands were winning their emotional wave got even and strong, and they fiercely protected the lead they had fought so hard to get.  As the second half wore on the Statesmen wore down, and with the exception of an individual scrap or one or two harsh words here or there, the final quarter just unfolded in a way that showed early on that the final outcome had already been decided.

With 14 teams carrying full rosters and with multiple family members in player tow, the Supermasters truly has become a jewel sparkling in the Shootout tree. These over forty teams play an excellent brand of lacrosse for the most part, and there are many famous names mingling in these game.  These guys are in the prime of raging against Father Time and it makes for games that carry with them a great deal of emotion.  They still got it, but it’s not quite as effortless as it once might have been.

HS Girls action worked itself out cleanly in pool play with no tie-breakers needed to determine placements in the three divisions. The HS Boys quarter final games had a fair share of excitement, especially in the first game of the day between Brady’s Bunch and Team Colorado. Wednesday’s semi-finals should be fun to watch on Avon 1 at 11am and 1pm.

More than 52 teams in action today, it can be tough to keep up, we do our best.

Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: “Team Hulu” Defeats AGWA De Bolivia 9-8 To Win “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Masters Division Championship

In a wild game that will go down as one of the most remarkable championships in Vail Lacrosse Shootout history, Team Hulu outlasted AGWA de Bolivia 9-8.

Team Hulu outlasted AGWA de Bolivia 9-8 to win the 2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Master Division Title.

Team Hulu led 9-6 at halftime and were not able to score a goal in the second half but were able to hold on for the win. Tournament MVP Kevin McGurn made 8 saves in the second half to protect his team’s halftime lead, Mcgurn finished the day with 14 saves.

In the first half Hulu jumped out to a quick 5-1 lead, and looked poised to run away with their First Masters Championship. The teams traded goals for the rest of the half and Hulu rode a 3 point lead into halftime. The 2nd half was a different story though, the AGWA defense locked down the dangerous Hulu shooters, including Jim Kappler, tournament all-star, who finished the game with 3 goals. The AGWA defense, led by tournament all-stars Doug Steele & Michael Bartol, played stingy defense all second half holding Hulu to only 5 shots on goal in the third and fourth quarters.

In the 3rd place game, Olympic Club rode the 5 goals of all-tournament attackmen Greg Lawler to a 12-9 victory over defending champion Genesis. The 2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Masters brought a faced paced and highly skilled brand of ball this year, where creative uniforms and wonderful weather were abundant.  

Monday Results:
Hulu 9, Team AGWA de Bolivia 8

3rd Place
Olympic Club 12, Genesis 9

Silver Oysters/Laxgear 10, Power-Tek 6
Middlebury 8, The Club Presents 4
Buddha’s Ballers 16, Viper 6

It was the first of four Championship days at the 2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout as winners were crowned in two men’s divisions. For the third year in a row the Eldest Statesmen claimed victory in the Grand Masters division (50+ age group), and Team Hulu earned their first Vail title in the Masters Bracket. With two divisions wrapping up, the Supermasters semi-finals saw the Elder Statesmen and C2C Magic wands gain title births. Also, the U-19 girls and Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 Boy’s tournaments began with pool play.

Tuesday’s action will be in three divisions. The Super Masters Championship will be decided on Ford Field at 12:30. The Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 Boy’s tournament will continue on in Avon at Nottingham Park on Avon 1 field and Avon 2 field. The U-19 girl’s second day of pool play will take place in Edwards.

Colorado Lacrosse Tournaments: “2011 Vail Lacrosse Shootout” Day 2 – June 26 Report

Defending champion Genesis was soundly defeated by an up and coming team Hulu 11-3 in the first Masters semi-final today. Hulu’s played a very disciplined game clearing 20 of 22 times, in addition their offense was extremely balanced with nine different goal scorers while converting on 4 of their 5 man-up opportunities.

The day’s second semifinal was evenly matched and it took a late run by AGWA de Bolivia to finally separate them from the Olympic Club. AGWA scored three goals in less than two minutes in the fourth quarter to earn their place in the Masters Championship tomorrow at 12:30pm on Athletic Field in Vail.

Sunday Results:

Hulu 11, Genesis 3 – scoresheet
AGWA de Bolivia 8, Olympic Club 5 – scoresheet

Power-Tek 12, Buddha’s Ballers 11 – scoresheet
Silver Oysters/Laxgear 10, The Club Presents 6 – scoresheet
Middlebury 9, Vipers 3 – scoresheet


Monday Match-Ups:

Team AGWA de Bolivia vs. Hulu – 12:30pm – Athletic Field

3rd Place:
Olympic Club vs. Genesis – 10:30am – Athletic Field

Power-Tek vs. Silver Oysters/Laxgear – 2:30pm – Athletic Field
The Club Presents vs. Middlebury – 2:30pm – Ford West
Buddha’s Ballers vs. Viper – 2:30pm – Ford East

For more:  http://vaillacrosse.com/2011/mens/masters/