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Western Women’s Lacrosse League (WWLL) To Hold Championship At UCSB April 18-19, 2009


Santa Barbara, CA – The Western Women’s Lacrosse League held their annual fall meeting at UCSB today. Business conducted included awarding the two division WWLL Championship Tournament to the Gauchos. UCSB will be the host institution for the event April 18 – 19, 2009 and the host hotel is the Ramada Limited. The WWLL Championships are a twelve team and two division tournament. Eight teams in the WWLL DI compete for the top tier championship. Four teams in WWLL DII compete for their own championship. The WWLL is thirty-two teams strong with member institutions in Arizona, California and Nevada.

The UCSB ‘A’ Team won the 2008 league championship game at the event hosted by Chico State University this past season. It took a come-from-behind effort to get a 12-11 double overtime victory over rival Cal Poly SLO. The UCSB ‘B’ Team entered the WWLL Championships seeded second behind eventual champion Cal Poly SLO ‘B’ but were upset in the semifinals by Sonoma State and fell 6-5.


Team Title Contact Phone
Chico State Coach George Carnes 858-231-1023
Directions Player Rep Kelly Olney  
  Player Rep Jenna (925)639-7873
Santa Clara University Coach Brendan O’Brien (650) 888-1291
Directions Player Rep Sarah Herscovici 720-220-7805
  Player Rep Margaux Chan 206-890-8938
UC Davis Coach Nikki Ling (650) 387-7605
Directions Asst Coach Tiffany Lee  (510) 418-9078
  Player Rep Hannah Brosnan (415) 516-8852
  Player Rep Emily Lisker (510) 325-0642
Cal Poly Coach Nick Campo (530) 574-3464
  Coach Mike Windall (530) 574-6788
Directions Player Rep Laura Hobson 650-464-1631


Team Title Contact Phone
Cal Poly “B Coach Alyssa Barker (805) 441-7412
Directions Player Rep Laura Hobson 650-464-1631
Sacramento State Coach Lisa Branch 916-541-5024
  Player Rep Laura Mertz (916) 217-2093
San Jose State Coach Luca Jacobson 408-406-0490
Provisional Player Rep Marika Minehart 408-892-2134
  Player Rep Stephanie Flowers 925-698-9567
Santa Barbara City College Coach Paul Ramsey (interim) (508) 963-9040
Provisional Player Rep    
  Player Rep    
Sonoma State Coach Dustin Dear 949-412-4737
Directions Player Rep Eva Oliver 209-743-8777
  Player Rep Stacey Sniderhan 805-714-5440
UCSB “B” Coach Jaime Schumaker (541) 680-2969
Directions Player Rep    
  Player Rep    


Team Title Contact Phone
Pepperdine Coach Kate Hicks 801.635.7949
Directions Player Rep Alexis Padis 310.383.3508
UCLA Coach Nick Liebman 303-359-6141
Directions Player Rep Sarah Strock (760) 710-1055
  Player Rep Hayley Wheeler 925-917-0093
UC Santa Barbara Coach Paul Ramsey (508) 963-9040
Directions Player Rep Katie Moran 650-533-2090
  Player Rep Selina Eadie (530) 848-5577
USC Coach Gabe Valenzuela (323) 217 – 2270
Directions Player Rep Courtney Quinn 301-467-6645
  Player Rep Nicole Pham  


Team Title Contact Phone
Arizona State Coach Maren Henley 480.252.4467
Directions Player Rep Jennifer Nevatt 215.208.0755
  Player Rep Katie Peterson 860.463.2567
  Game Contact Jackie Au or Maren Henley 480.650.7369
SDSU Coach Lynda McCandlish 614-327-8247
Directions Player Rep Becca Hintz 916-769-9399
  Player Rep Claire Shannon 619-405-4496
U. Arizona Coach Heather Snow  
Directions Player Rep Thea Rodenburg 732-614-9921
  Player Rep Nicolina Milani-Walker 415-290-3345
UC San Diego Coach Lindsay Barton 732-691-1536
Directions Player Rep    
USD Coach    
Directions Player Rep Ashley Geier 858.342.2192
Player Rep Katie Gosen 858.663.8842
    Mallory Cleveland 303.880.4848


Team Title Contact Phone
Cal State Fullerton Coach Meagan Fitzgerald 609-575-2462
Provisional Player Rep Michelle Van Alstine (949) 302-8476
  Player Rep Jennifer Van Alstine (949) 302-8487
Lady Orangemen Coach Chapman  
Provisional Player Rep Allison Wong 720-934-2647
  Player Rep Briana Carlson 714-679-9444
LMU Coach Lito Coronel 310-849-1961
Directions Player Rep Ashley Boyer  
Occidental College Coach Herbie Huff  
Directions Player Rep Nathalie Morison 603-801-4816
  Player Rep Emily Phillips 425-765-3029
Pepperdine “B” Coach Juliet Mittleman (310) 570-5328
Directions Player Rep    
UC Irvine Coach    
Directions Player Rep Nicole Wheatley  
UCLA “B” Coach Shanta Loeker 847-334-1240
Directions Player Rep Hannah Jorgensen 949-584-1278
SDSU “B” Coach Megan Brydges 619-244-8556
Directions Player Rep Jen Ferrer 619-850-3719
  Player Rep Drea Soriana 619-253-8187